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Crazy new years party idea

Jan 1, 2003
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ok guys and gals this is my latest crazy insane idea

for those of you who cant actually make it to the rage party (poor souls i feel your pain) im gonna ring you :D and scream happy new year ragezone styleee or something when im pissed outa my mind lol

no i dont recommend putting ur mobile number on the open forum unless your cool with it. personally i dont care who has my mobile number i liked getting pranked (gives me a hard on).

so all of you who would like to be wished happy new year from everyone who attends the rage party pm me your mob number or txt me it :)

my number is:
(prank away)

i think itll be cool lol well different at least, if you would like me to use ur number for this and this only let me know and ill delete it after ive used it ^_^
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Mar 19, 2003
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Lol I'll ring you first witch :p

I txt0red you! I rock :D

No credit?? So when I claimed my undying love for you via text it was all a waste!! I feel so rejected :(
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