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Creating a DB thats close to real thing

Jun 27, 2003
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Im sure a few server hosts would like to have the stats and exp etc closest as possible to the proper MIR3 Pay2Play sort of thing, MIR3 been running on both Korea and China for some time now so you would think there would be loads of guides.

Now to take a exmaple, i downloaded FIVE different set of server files from the chinese, each having a very different database. Lets just take the mobs as a example - i tried to work out if for exmaple they had the right exp but X10 or whatever and this was not the case - so im guessing a lot like us, they too have guessed the numbers on everything, which i found strange as surley there must be one datatbase that has the right exp (even if x10 or whatever) and the stats close as possible to the real thing, as they can actually play on the server and get there info from that, much like we do for mir2.

Now I am using Mirandas guide for at least the exp on the mobs, but have no idea if the stats I have for the mobs are right or just plain wrong. Now there is probably a few people out there who have a database that matches the real thing , at least gets close anyhow. If no use having a mob that is uber easy yet gives you 25000 Exp. Now ive not seen anybody sharing such a database on my travels, but soon MIR3 Euro will come and sooner or later the stats will sort themself out.

I am going through the database with a fine tooth comb and will share but im not sure if that is of any use to anyone - cos the stats i have no idea if they are correct or not to the real thing.
basically what Im asking, if people who play the real MIR3 (korean, chinese or indeed Euro) - do they have a database they wish to share with the world??