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Creative Writing Section

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Jun 16, 2006
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Why I am suggesting it:
As I browse the general section more and more I realize that quite a few members have posted their own little short stories for people to give their feedback and help them writing.

How could we use it:
If you're somebody like me, who loves writing, it could be a fun little experiment for us to free-write our mind into short-stories or even show some of your masterpiece novel and get some quick feedback if people would be interested in buying it if it became published. If you get stuck writing, you could post in there and ask for some feedback on where to go next or possibly have somebody ghost write it with you. I've along looked for a website like that, but I never trust the community to put my work out there and expect nobody to steal my ideas. I trust the RaGEZONE community and I'm sure many of you do too and I know for a fact a lot of you have hidden talents that are just waiting to break out.

In my opinion, it's a great idea! We could even expand the idea and have people freelance their writing skills to people who need writing for their MMORPGs. Hoping for some actual feedback, thanks!
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Oct 23, 2005
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Personally I don't think that it would be a popular enough section. Yes in the past few days people have been posting more of their creative writing up in OW, but that is just 2/3 people. Not enough for a whole section!