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CS Source Beta Starts Today!

Nov 19, 2003
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cs source closed beta starts today. ne0n and I are both in the test, so we'll soon make some gameplay videos for you.

i myself have already played cs source for hours, but in servers where there were only 2 or 3 people and they were noobs, so I didnt want to get videos of that.
some things i will get shots of are:

- I dunno if you can juggle knives now, that was in the leak I played. If not, I'll just juggle my weapons.

- I'll get a shot of the new physics system at work, and prove to you guys its for the good (gets ready to roll a barrel over the bomb so its hard to reach)

- I'll show you what happens when you throw a grenade at a guy whos almost dead and the body goes ragdoll.

the beta only has one map, de_dust_css, unless they update it (i'd like to see aztec). you have to have an ATI Voucher or a legal copy of CZ to play.
Sep 30, 2003
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i should b downloading ir atm, i left it d/l it dunno how much % cause i'm at work, i had that ati cupon thingy wich came with my ati9600. tbh i wanna go home and try it it just looks awsome :O and it came in gd time to try my new mx510 :D :D