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Damn :(

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Aug 29, 2003
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Feeling abit down at the moment, couple of weeks ago one of my best mates, Andrew Talbot died,He got hit by a car coming at him at 60MPH. He flew about 20 metres and died instantly, Was going to post this a couple of weeks back, but i didn't want it, Still im feeling really bad and i wish i could of done something about to.

He was going camping and i couldn't go that night, People say he was playing chicken in the road and it pisses me off so much, He was one of the best mates you could ever have, Just like to tell u all and hope hes more happy up there than down here. He taught me MCing and was one of my best drinking partners but now its gone and its really got me down, Not as bad as when his death was but it just isn't the same without him, He brung the spirit to our friday nites!! But now it feels dead sometimes :(:(

Just liked to say, And wish him well up there.

R.I.P China! ! ! ! (his nick name)
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