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Dance Groove Online Server files?

Feb 28, 2012
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Now, I'm probably, if not already, going to sound like a crazy bat for asking for these.
But does ANYONE have the server files or even client files for Dance Groove Online.
Recently, after the shutdown of Outspark/transfer to Gamigo, the subject has come on the tip of my tongue.
Dance Groove Online sadly never event went into open beta, and I believe it was developed by Outspark, not carried over from a foreign country. (Proof: They posted videos of the Cinemato motions done for the game.)
But does anyone have the files?
The game happened in about 2009.
Link to gameplay for reference:
In the short time I played this game, I had a massive amount of fun and found it quite enjoyable and unique. The music for the game was also very fun to play along too.
Many thanks in advance.

Edit: Turns out the game had a korean version and also went by Debut Online.
It was delevoped by EA.
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