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DarkSpace MMORPG

Initiate Mage
Oct 26, 2004
Reaction score
The game was very fun, yes, aside from jumppoint campers. I'd certainly give it a go for free, again, and try to get my clan started in there, help populate it a bit more. It's not true 3D tho, like E&B and EVE are. E&B wasn't even really true 3D... well nor is EVE.

Darkspace only offers 2d movement, despite having 3d models. It can be a bit buggy at times hitting polar spots or buildings on planets when you cant really see them due to curvature. The only place your ship can sit at is the "equatorial" plane.

In EVE you basically only move on a 2D plane tho there is some variation, you move up/down and some solar systems are arranged in a 3D fashion. No real purpose to 3D movement tho, no tactic or strategy to it, except maybe a slight bit of confusion... (against total noobs).

E&B there is some 3D movement allowed, but no purpose to it. Anything within the 180 degree arc of your ship's front is "foreward" and can be hit. All the stargates are on the plane.