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Day 3 Of Gay Brother

Everybody loves DTB
Feb 18, 2003
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Day 3

Day 3 Of Gay Brother House.

After Failing To Entertain The Inmates, The Clown Formerly Known As Nik-C Was Punished By Being Thrown Into The House And Being Forced To Share The Same Bed As Steely.

Steely: Oh So You Noticed Did You, First Guy Ever o_O
Nik-C: Oh Ok, I Thought It Was A Snake, Proceed Steely.
*Bumming Noice Picked Up By Gay Brother Microphone*


DTB: Friggin Hell I'm Knackered!
*Cap Walks Out Using A Rather Peculiar Walk*
Morph: Hey Wait A Minute...
MasterD: Told You He Was Big, I Mean Gay Didn't I!?
*DTB Runs Into The Corner Where He Proceeds To Chew His Big Toe*

Exclamatio: Mauhaha, We Drank The House Dry Last Night Didn't We Boys... And Girls =D
SIC: Ex, Hydra Called You Gay.
Hydra: WTF?!!?!

*Exclamatio Turns Bruce Lee On Hydra*

Exclamatio: You Will Regret That You Will!!!
*Flying Kicks Hydra In The Teeth*
Exclamatio: Not So Fast Now Are You hottie Puppy?!?!" Huh
*Hydra Lays In A Pool Of His Own Blood*

!!!This Is Gay Brother, Would Exclamatio Please Proceed To The Gay Orgy Room!!!!

Exclamatio: I'M SICK OF THIS poop!!!!!
*He Walks Into The Orgy Room*
Bazi: Whats Stuck Up His butt??
MasterD: DTB =D
*Everyone Laughs Except DTB Who Shifts Uncomfortably In The Corner*
Neosparky: Poor DTB Awww, Every1 Picking On Him....
EvilKitten: Yeah!! Leave The Little Queer Alone.
Everyone Else: Sorry

Everyone: WTF?
*Gay Orgy Room Door Open's*
Exclamatio: I Told You Don't Diss The Hair You Shower Of Bastards!
Tupac: Whooaaa!!
Bazi: WOWWW!!
Steely: Ooooooooooooooooo!
MasterD: Ahhhhh
Neosparky + EvilKitten: Childish...

Nik-C Has Finally Emerged From His Room Stinking Of Sweat And Salt.
Steely Eye's Him Up, And So Does DTB.

Capricorn: Cha'mone Mutha Fuckers, Some Kiss Me Teeth.
Morph: Okay!
*Cap And Morph Get There Freaky Geordie poop On*
*Tupac Leg Drop's Em Both*
Bazi: YAH!
*Bazi PowerBombs Cap*
Steely: Yeaaaaaaaaaahhh!
*Steely GirlySlaps Morph*
Morph: WTF?!!
*Morph Proceeds To Kick The GallStones Outta Steely's Bladder*

MasterD: Haha Steely And DTB Are Gay.
*DTB Runs Over To MasterD While Whipping A Used Condom Out Of His Pocket*
DTB: JohnySlap HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
*Slaps MasterD Very Hard With Johny*

Add More Coz I Can't Be Assed :cry:
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