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Dedicated Forum Section/Subsection for Granado Espada Development

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Oct 4, 2017
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Greetings RageZone users and staff!

First, I'd like to thank you all for all the years, so far, as well as those to come, of game development resources and tools that I've used to develop many of my own projects. The skills that I learned here have taught me so, very much, about game development, as well as hardware, networking, programming, and the interactions between software and various hardware. A few years back, I had the privilege of using many of those skills to work on, the now shut down, Renaissance Granado Espada private server. Luckily, during this time, I was able to learn everything I needed to know from the server's owner and administrator known as "bit" or "rndbit" back in the IRC days. During my time there, everything was kept private, meaning that there were only a few people oustide of IMCGames who knew anything, at all, about GE development. Without the skills I learned here, as well as the skills I had to learn to make things work correctly on my own, and what I learned from bit, I would not have been able to perform my duties as a developer, nor would I have, likely, ever had the chance to work with the game in a development role, as I did, for now, almost 10 years (6-7 years at rGE, and nearly 2 on my own since the shut down).

Once it had become clear that rGE was likely to shut down, I suggested and requested that we publicly release the server files so that GE could be immortalized through private servers and that development could continue on after the death of the rGE server. Bit, graciously, agreed to release the server files, as well as many of the tools he had developed over the years and posted them here on RageZone. After, now, almost 2 years, there still doesn't exist a place for people to share GE development resources, and while I have my own website, I think that a widely used forum would be a much better option so that people can more easily locate those resources and learn, just like I did, how to set up the server and work with the files, as well as share their own contributions of ideas, tools, and anything else that they feel could further the community's development capabilities for Granado Espada.

So, with all of that being said, I would like to forumally - (ha ha) request a dedicated section be created for Granado Espada Development. I have no preference as to whether it falls under the MMO Server Developments section, or simply as a sub-forum under Legacy MMORPG Zone. As long as it's got a couple sub-forums such as Releases, Tutorials, Requests/Help, and Developments, to itself to keep things organized, that'd be great. If it's too much to ask of existing forum mods, I'd also be willing to help with moderation of this specific forum section to keep it tidy.

Anyways, once again, thank you RageZone users and staff for all the resources and tools that have been shared here and made available to the public so that all of us can continually learn and become better developers. If there's any questions or concerns regarding this request, please do not hesitate to reach out to me here or via a direct message. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to many years to come of game development resources here at RageZone.

rGE Dev Solidus
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