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design-hack + portfolio

*still exists*
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Feb 18, 2003
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Well it's been a while since i last posted anything in a graphics related section on RZ. Here it is!

Design-Hack is back and running (im working on some updates at the moment + a domain name..... design-hack.com has been bought by someone else, im guessing out of spite). If you want to take a look visit: . My friend is hosting the site at the moment (mental just couldent do it anymore), and concidering the half gig of web space required and the huge bandwidth requirements.... i owe my friend a few beers! You can find plenty of CG backgrounds and a few tutorials on the site so take a look! (+ give me a hand kick starting the forums again please :))

I also just uploaded a few more images to my deviant art account which can be found at:

Cheers for your time :)