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Disable Country Ranks (GBWC)

Jun 28, 2006
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Hey guys,

The easiest way to disable country ranks is by modifying the GunBoundServ3.exe files. Open them with a hex editor (HexWorkshop recommended) and search for the following:

"CountryGrade" (12 characters)

Replace with: "TotalGrade " (12 characters, including 2 spaces at the end)

You might have to do this a couple times in the same file.

Save, and reboot server. In-game, whatever your Country Grade is supposed to be should now show your Total Grade instead, so you can use BatchGIS without any extra scripts no problem now. `CountryGrade` column can now be deleted from the table `game`.

For the buddy list, you just need to open settings.txt and change anything that says "CountryGrade" to "TotalGrade", and your buddy list will show their total rank instead too.


You can see how I did it here: (requires a gunbound.ca account)