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Do you ever have like a really great idea, but don't have the knowledge for it?

Sep 10, 2003
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I do right now...

I have this amazingly good idea for a flash movie, but i don't know jack about flash.

Here i'll describe it to you

Opening screen:
"Horney productions proudly presents:

Help GohanSSJ jack off

Click here to read the rules and start the game!

Every image and ideas used on this site is copyrighted by Horney Productions, to be able to use these images or ideas you have to send me a nude picture of a nice girl, failure of doing this will be followed that you have to bend over and let me do my thing, if you are a guy then a couple of friends of mine will have a little gang bang with you"

Rules screen:
"It's upto you to help GohanSSJ, you can do this by showing him the right images, there are 8 images at the bottom, and if you show a good image then his penis will go up, and if show a bad image it will go down
If you choose all the 4 right then there will be a little surprise"

Play screen:
Well you will see there a willy, 8 images where there are 4 images of girls, and 4 of guys.
4 good ones would get you a "score" of +4, 4 bad ones would be -4, 3 good ones and 1 bad one would be 2 points.

Here would be my responses
+4: Ahhhhh yessssss
+2: Well you got me horney now, you better finish it!!!
0: Alright... why are you showing me these pictures, i liked 2 of them, but the others just disgusted me
-2: Ah, please go away, i don't like this
-4: Do i like gay to you? Because i'm not gay, do you know what gay is? Because i don't think you do!!!

And yes i'm extremely bored, i thought of this 1 when i was on the toilet... and that while i was only there for like 5 minutes...

EDIT: messed up with the forums... and then i even moved it with a re-direct. >.<
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Junior Spellweaver
Sep 14, 2003
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Vinzer Hiroshi said:
Is it just more or should he be banned.....permanently.

ur an idiot if u didnt notice hes a mod titfuck, So doubt hes gonna get banned ^_~

Also get a sense of humor fucktard :)
*still exists*
Loyal Member
Feb 18, 2003
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AsherD_22 said:
ur an idiot if u didnt notice hes a mod titfuck, So doubt hes gonna get banned ^_~

Also get a sense of humor fucktard :)

He used to be a mod as well actually. Guess he really doesent like gohan anymore tho. And your the fucktard lol. All it looks like to me is your sucking up to gohan coz hes a mod..... Sooooo why dont you leave the forums and go away forever yeah? :D

Will send ya a few piccys of me to get ya off gohan :D lol. Seriously tho u must be bored to duck. I havent made a random post like that for........ OMG IVE GOTA DO ONE NOW!