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[Dragon Saga] Adept DragonSaga: Elemental Chaos | 5x EXP | 5x GOLD [LAUNCH: 16.06.2023]

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Sep 19, 2015
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DGN_Logo2 - [Dragon Saga] Adept DragonSaga: Elemental Chaos | 5x EXP | 5x GOLD [LAUNCH: 16.06.2023] - RaGEZONE Forums

EXP: 7x Gold: 5x
Release date: June 16th 2023 4 PM UTC+2
Server location: Wisconsin (USA)

image - [Dragon Saga] Adept DragonSaga: Elemental Chaos | 5x EXP | 5x GOLD [LAUNCH: 16.06.2023] - RaGEZONE Forums

Welcome to Adept! Our server is the closest to a natural vanilla you can find without the many annoyances you may find on official. I have designed our progression to cater to both veteran players with experience from other servers, as well as to players who are either new or inexperienced. Stay tuned to our Discord and our Forum.
Join us on our launch event: Hitting milestones within 2 weeks of our launch by having many people connected to the game at the same time will unlock rewards for the entire server and account wide:

50 players online: EXP 5x -> EXP 10x. Gold 5x -> 10x for 1 week
75 players online: Double Enchant failover success rate for 2 weeks
100 players online: 7 days Premium + 50 normal enchant scrolls + 25 advanced enchant scrolls
150 players online: 2000 gold, 1000 weapon/armor dust, 10x 9999 souls

Full changelist: https://adeptgamer.com/threads/adept-dragonsaga-full-changelist-updated-12-06-2023.7447/

Our features:

Account Quests

We have added account wide quests so that players will be rewarded for first time completions once per account, as well as pity quests for rare items such as Paris Wings or Elga Weapon. You are also able to complete daily account quests instead of grinding every character for rewards.

Enchant Pity

We have made it so that enchanting has a maximum number of failures until you are guaranteed to succeed. Not only that, failing will increase your next success rate to a certain extent.

Reworked Elements

We have reworked the element system to work in PvE by scaling it off of your attack and defense percentually rather than adding damage per attack.

Extended Drop System

I have added a drop system on top of the existing one, so mobs can drop gold and items directly into your inventory. In addition, rare items have a more accurate drop rate in this system. This enables you to safely farm with guaranteed drops for all party members for gold in Verglas Ridge or Chaotic Metal Dust from Drakos (2x per person) as well as many other implementations.
wingspity - [Dragon Saga] Adept DragonSaga: Elemental Chaos | 5x EXP | 5x GOLD [LAUNCH: 16.06.2023] - RaGEZONE Forums

pity - [Dragon Saga] Adept DragonSaga: Elemental Chaos | 5x EXP | 5x GOLD [LAUNCH: 16.06.2023] - RaGEZONE Forums
We have been investing a lot of time and effort into working on our source code foundation and experimenting with new concepts and features. What we currently have is only a part of what we have planned and are looking at enhancing the gameplay further and adding new content.

Here is a list of some of the other features and changes that we have added:
  • Job changes are not connected to long quest lines anymore. You can simply reach the level and complete a few quests to get it done. Check out the forum guides for more info!
    Fellowship Entry test begins prequest is removed. Requires Lv. 20 to accept
    Farrell's diary second part prequest is removed. Requires Lv. 40
    Where the traces point to (Ash mist - baron) prequest was removed. Requires Lv. 60
    Top of Drakos prequest removed. Requires Lv. 70
    Fight Black Dragon Lord Elga prequest was changed to Top of Drakos.
  • Master Mode (currently limited to Drakos): This is similar to Expert Mode, but with restrictions on usage of items and increased reward rates and rewards exclusive to Master Mode. Some example restrictions are limited number or revives and specific level potions only.
  • Bounty System: Our previous bounty system was basically a group of quests available daily for each character, but it ended up adding to player fatigue. The new bounty system consists of daily account quests up to 4 a day. You may redeem rewards on characters of your choice.
  • Easier Elga Farming: Every mini boss and Elga give you a set number of materials, and 4 random materials and guaranteed gold for everyone.
  • True Scaling: All of our skills use true scaling, so that the damage percentage shown scales off of your characters attack, rather than off of the weapon.
  • Stat Rework: Stats are now scaling linearly and regeneration is now a percentage of your HP/MP. Every class has approximately the same conversions, but still benefits from their specific stat. (https://adeptgamer.com/threads/patch-notes-stat-reworks-and-new-balance-concepts-patch.6514/).
  • Soulcraft Effects: I have reworked and added to the soulcraft system so that you can get new effects and get effects up to 4 times on the same equipment.
  • Catch Up Experience: Characters below your highest-level characters level will get a experience bonus while leveling.
  • Instant Level 20 + Job Change
  • Fixed Skill Passives that now scale off entire character stats.
  • F7 is re-enabled (rokko only) and unlocked account wide through a quest. Bonus bombs are 1-hit and can be killed through tower. No fatigue. 10 second stage timer instead of 60.
  • Obtainable enchant scrolls through daily account quests, F5 completion quests, 1st time completion quests, purchasable from NPC and bounty tokens.

Although a lot changes have been listed here, these are not all. I will release a change list on Adept's forums summarizing a lot of changes in detail soon.

First steps joining the server:
Notice: Registration is closed at the moment, it will open very soon. Join our discord for updates regarding events, changes and registration! AdeptGamer Discord


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Dragonica Guy
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May 4, 2014
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As a player who has previously played Dragon Saga Adept in the past, i can with confidence said that the server is in good hands, and always have been, the staff is active, they are very transparant about everything related to the game, and very commited to fix the game and improve it as much as possible!

I am therefore very much looking forward for this release! šŸ˜ :bird:
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Sep 19, 2015
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Added a changelist with all/most changes on the server: