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DynastyMu | Season 6.3 Advanced |FREE2PLAY | Hard| Official opening 25.2.21

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Feb 14, 2021
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Wbesite : http://MuDynasty.co.il
: DynastyMu Online
: Login • Instagram
Click here for regular updates

Before I Start telling you all about my server I would like you to know some things.
It's important for me that you know that a lot of time has been spent to find as many solutions as possible for all the things that exist on the MU server so that players can not beat any option that exists of course if we find more things later it will be fixed at that moment. It is important to me that every detail will be perfect on the server of course it isn't easy to get into that point but we work on everything and go over every detail.

It is also important for me to note that the server files along with the storage and everything started on
10.10.20 which means that the server was under construction and testing and thoughts for a nice period of 4 months and something else that must be noted is that the server was constantly active in testing and the server worked
perfectly without crashes or things like that.

The server was built on season 6.3 files
What does that mean you ask?
So that way, anyone who knows the season, be ready for very interesting additions whether it's dozens of new events, new systems, new objects, or weekly and monthly updates.
The server is going to focus mainly on the difficulty in obtaining objects, and of course, the server is based on play2win significantly.
In the "X" store, there will be no wings, weapons, sets, etc. I mean it when I say you'll get them completely on your own.
In the "X" store There will only be objects that will help you progress on the server in terms of XP, drop-ups, and all sorts of event objects.
You can get credits completely free, and also, there will be an option that you can purchase credits to redeem them at the X / VIP store.

Wbesite : http://MuDynasty.co.il

Server Information DynastyMu:
Season 6.3 (Renewed)
EXP :150
MasterExp: 30
Max MasterLVL: 400
Drop : 30%
Jewel Drop: 20%
Max Stats: 32767

Then I will start telling you about the systems on the Dynasty server:

The server is protected by PS SISTEMS, best AntiHack in the market right now .
Its important to me to block cheats from my server that everyone would enjoy a clean server i'l try my best to protect from cheats.


Let's not forget that MU is a game that focuses on PVP and let me tell you an important detail, the balance is arranged 100% by external professionals who sat and worked on it for a long time.
So for me the balance of the battles and how to get excitement out of quality battles and bombs and all the love of the wars was very important because let's talk for real MU is about 80% battles of all there is so for me it was very important to think of the balance.
So how does the balance work on the MU service server:
Let's start by saying that every character on the server has a combo!
And now for the next part, all the players on the server are equal What do you mean equal?
Any player
BK , SM , ELF , MG , DL , SUM , RF each of these players can kill the other no one is "the strongest".
I had a thought in my head if a player likes Amgy but he can't fight with him in battles he can train with him what does that worth? I want to enjoy the character I love with its skills.
So, on my server like I said all the characters are equal and every player can enjoy each character in every possible option on the server.
Of course, the battle can change according to the buffs that the player gets, let's say BKi with the buffs of ELF, a cool bonus of power and defense and so the same with the other characters but surely going through your head the buffs will not destroy the balance of the battles? So plain and simple not ELLF with buffs against Summoner with Buff. The buffs won't interfere but yes there will be a slight change like I said if a player has more buffs of other characters on him then he will get more bonuses of defense power, Reflect, and every player and additions to his buffs.

Of course, PVE battles against monsters and bosses the model of the characters is a bit different but you could say it is worth it. of course, it changes along with the buffs and objects that are on the character which is one of the important things.

Party system:
We don't want the players to be "lone wolf"
And the server encourages teams to improve the gaming EXP.
The party system will reward you for anyone who joins the party with 3% extra XP
(no matter what character it is).
A full party? 15% extra XP!

On the server, the Gens system is 100% active. Collect points for your personal and group gens. everything is registered for you on the server / on the server's website.
Along with unique gens missions that give you the option to get jewels and items to help you progress.
On the server, you will see maps that have "Battle" written on their right side in these maps the rivalry between Gens is allowed 100% but why would there be an option to kill Gens?
This option allows you to collect points for Gens and help you progress in your personal Gens ranks (more detailed in the guide).
The more points you earn, the more you will advance in the rank of your gens and will develop better missions with more better prizes!


The server has a VIP 1 system called VIP Max.
So, what's so special about VIP Max you're probably asking yourself.
VIP Max gives the following extras:
-30% standard XP.
-50% XP Master.
-30% normal drop.
-20% drop jewels.
-5-10% for Chaos Machine. Why only between 5-10%? because on the server there are rare objects (more detailed in the guide) that are harder to get and there the percentages are lower but VIP Max has its own bonus.
-the command Reset will leave you in the same place where you are at level 1 and from there you can continue and will not be sent to Lorencia.
- You will receive an additional order (/ WARE) for 4 more banks!
- You will receive an additional order to open a bank (/ OPENWARE) wherever you are!
- You will receive a roll in Discord Member VIP Max.
-You can participate in lotteries, auctions, and other interesting things at Discord for our VIP Max players.
* Something very important for me to note the VIP Max system takes up for a full user, this means that if you have more players in the user, you can take advantage of the VIP Max with them on the add-ons.

DynastyMu Events:

Our new events will provide you with an amazing gaming EXP, as well as a large part to progress and get objects on the server.
So, let's give you a little peek at what's going on the server.

Standard events that are active on the server:
Chaos Castle:
Blood Castle:
Devil Square:
Illusion Temple:

Let's not forget that MU is a game that focuses on PVP and let me tell you an important detail, the balance is arranged 100% by external professionals who sat and worked on it for a long time.
In addition to this, you can enjoy several super unique and interesting events that can be seen and impressed on the server.
Here's a small taste:


What happens at this event is like this:
The NPC located in Lorencia called "Battle Royal" will send you to the arena in the arena (famous football) with many other players when they all start With nothing without objects at all and only full stat you get.
The event will give you about 5 minutes until all the players join, and once the event starts, objects will start falling and you will have to pick up objects that are appropriate for your character which means: Skills and Weapons
And at the same time, when you pick up objects other players can attack you at any time from the moment the event started and you will have to be nimble and lucky to get the objects that are right for you and that you can fight.
the last survivor in Battle Royale will be the winner!


In the excellent fighting event, all participating players are sent to the waiting room after which the system draws a raffle between the participants and randomly chooses who against whom I mean this event is a 1-on-1 battle tournament which grills between the participants each time. after the event made the raffle and choose who against whom, 2 fighters will be sent to the map, the arena that no player will be able to disturb during the battle!
So, what happens in every battle?
In each battle, there are 3 rounds that in total there are 3 minutes to finish the 3 rounds!
The system will take care of launching you to the beginning of the battle so that each player will be 100% ready! And for launch: 3! 2! 1! GOOOO!!!
Enjoy a quality battle tournament without interruptions!
So how do I win?
The player who defeats all the competitors will be the winner of our battle tournament!



New maps:
The server has maps from season 7 to the last season 16.
Along with the monsters of each map and including the bosses of the new maps that I will talk about later in the cluster.
Of course, all the new maps already have ready-made spots for the server community.
List of new maps added to the server:
"Nixies Lake"
"Swamp Of Darkness"
"Deep Dungeon"
"Abyss Atlans"
"Kubra Mine"
"Scotch Canton"
These are the new maps added to the service server.


And how is it possible without new bosses from whom a variety of items can be obtained,
Strong bosses that are launched according to a certain time, you will have a monitor with a schedule where all the times of each boss/event will appear on the server.

Lord Silvester

Ferea Lord

God of water

God of darkness

On the server, the boss system is "advanced".
But what does "advanced" mean?
The new bosses have Evolution in 2 or 3 mode Transformation as soon as you kill a boss for example the powerful boss on the God of Water server the same boss will make a transformation and the boss will come back in a new way and with a new name "God Of Darkness" the real and most powerful boss on the server All the buffs should be able to kill and survive and get the drop of this boss, of course, his drop is very special which will strengthen a player!


The server has a large number of animals that will give you unique additions to the player whether it is power, speed, life, EXP, and money.


Small animals chasing the player is nice, but is there anything crazier than animals you can ride?


The server has a lot of new objects such as sets of weapons that protect wings and various objects.
same as:
Frost Blueye Soul
Dynasty (a costume set for all the characters including a wing and weapons named about the server name!).
And lots of other special skin additions added to the server!
You can get them from
Rare Ticket 1-11.
Ore will be available from any random falling ticket. (What is Ore? Below the cluster you will see an orderly explanation).


The images are a very small part of what exists on the server. with time, of course, we will be adding things and you will be able to get everything for free because like I said the server is 100% Free2Win.

Quest system:
The Dynasty server has a task window which, as you progress on the server, will open tasks for you.
There are about 200 tasks in the server's task system! I mean 200 awards!
So, how does it work?
Each task has a level + Reset requirement as you progress in resets so more missions will be open i.e. Task 1 per reset 1.
You will be listed exactly on each mission which monsters need to kill is all it takes is to kill monsters and win prizes from the server's mission system.
Like I said as you progress through the quests the more equal prizes are then a bit about some nice prizes that players will be very happy to receive:
- Extra bank!
-Addition of an X2 bag (you can get this item twice, adds about 2 bags in total).

Jewels Bank system:

"Again, I was stuck without a place with all the jewels. The bank is full of jewels and there is no place."
You will not hear these sentences on our server!
I am happy to inform you that jewels/refineries of all types can be stored "at the Jewels Bank"
You can enter it by pressing the "J" button and add any jewel you want by pressing the "CRTL" key
And long press with the right mouse button.

The dynasty server has interesting additions, for example, let's talk about wings. There is a wing. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 What everyone knows, but what about bringing some additions that exist but are not seen in a lot of servers?
So that's how it is on the server, you could say that it's an addition to the original Season 6 Wing Level 2.5 along with the objects that can be created in the Chaos Machine!

Of course, that's not all so there is a level 2.5 wing but what else?
The server has another season 13 system! Creating an original webzan level 4 wing This means that it is also possible to create a level 4 wing in a chaos machine for any character!

So, you thought that was it?
The server has other interesting things that will open up over time.
But that's not all of course how is it possible without giving another bonus to the server's dynasty wings!

X store:
So like I said at the beginning the server is 100% Free2Play I do not intend to sell players sets of weapons Wings Rings players Wrists Static points or Master Level and all this I do not intend to serve such I am looking for love and pleasure from MU shop X Store will focus on objects I mean to move forward? In different noses for different times according to your choice, additions of energy, agility, life, critical and more ... Of course, there are other objects such as Seal Of Ascension, an extra 50% EXP or a Talisman Of Chaos Assembly object that keeps you in the chaos machine To +15.
When the server opens you will see all the items that can be purchased from the credit store.

"Ron explained everything is good and beautiful so far but from what we understood in store X is that there will not be an option to buy items + everything so how do we get there?"
So that's how the server has an Ore & Crystal system that I will detail now!

Ore & Crystal:
At Dynasty MU the new Jewels are called crystals:

Crystal of Excellent
Makes the object Exc
ellent + adds option 1.

Crystal of Ancient
Makes the object antique.

Crystal of Socket
Adds Socket Slot

Crystal of Level
Enhances the object by +1 each use.

Crystal of Wings
Adds option 1 to wings only.

Crystal of Luck
Adds a lucky option.

Crystal of Option
Adds a full life option.

Crystal of Skill
Adds a skill option.

Now how do you get these special crystals?
On the server, there are new bosses (detailed at the top of the cluster) now in the drop of the bosses according to the strength of the boss fall objects called Rare Ticket 1-11.
Through these objects, you can obtain the object ORE which comes out of a rare object from the drop of this card.

Ore list:
Ore of Excellent

Ore Of Ancient

Ore Of Socket

Ore Of Level

Ears Of Wings

Ore Of Luck

Ore Of Option

Ore Of Skill

Once you get one of the OREs from the list you will have to go to the Chaos Machine and create the Crystal!
Each Ore has its recipe according to the level of value of the object. After you put all the parts of the recipe together with the ORE, you get Crystal.
Of course, each Crystal has a certain percentage of success of course VIP Max players get an extra percentage of success so good luck!

AntiLag system:

A system that will support computers that are no longer modern and will significantly reduce the number of lags in the game.
To use the system, press the ESC key >> Option, then you will reach the following window:

Small extras you will find on the server:
-Game graphics can reach 1920 X1200 * Recommended * + FPS 30 (FPS automatic).

- A crazy 3D camera can be turned on and off by the F10 key, and F11 returns to its original state.

- Effects that can be seen on objects, swords, riding animals, etc ...

- Combo adapted to each character on the server.

Maps + new objects of season 15. (There is something to look forward to).

Website : http://MuDynasty.co.il

Before I finish with all the talk about the server it is very important to me that you understand that the server is 100%
This is a server whose direction is to last for a very long period of course in the success of the server I of course give of myself here 100% for the server for giving enjoyment of its quality and MU server.
I need to emphasize such details. It is worthwhile for Dynasty players to know that this is a very long-term server and that a lot of time and money has been invested in a server that is Play2Win with commitment!

Lets talk about the opening?
After a serious dig of what is inside the server (partially reflects what is there you will see many more surprises later!).
Let's talk about an opening date!
After 4 months of nonstop work on the server files, it's time to open Dynasty MU!

Opening date: 25.2.21
So, what will happen these days until the server opens You are probably asking yourself why pull more?
So, first of all, all players are welcome to join the server's discord (through the site).
At this time there will be very strong advertising in the forums + Facebook Instagram and everything knows, of course, an ad on Google aims to attract a large number of players to enjoy and of course everyone's favorite competition Who Will Be The first Full?!?!?!
So good luck to you from me admin server Ron looking forward to seeing you

Server opening time:
Brazil : 3:00 PM
Peru : 1:00 PM
Vietnam : 1:00 PM (26.2.21)
USA : 1:00 PM
UK : 6:00 PM
Real time in Israel : 20:00 (8:00PM)

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Jun 5, 2012
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Re: DynastyMu | Season 6.3 Advanced |FREE2PLAY | Hard| Official opening 25.2.21 (Toda

I will be there
Looking awesome!!
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Feb 14, 2021
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Re: DynastyMu | Season 6.3 Advanced |FREE2PLAY | Hard| Official opening 25.2.21 (Toda

* Important update:Alternate website
Click Here
the official website is restored, you can just register and download :)
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Feb 25, 2021
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Re: DynastyMu | Season 6.3 Advanced |FREE2PLAY | Hard| Official opening 25.2.21 (Toda

Keep stats or burn after reset?
Edit: keep stats

Dynasty MU real website.

Also game is crashing a lot due to terrain error, please fix asap or server will die first day of launch.

Nice settings by the way, seems like a nice server. Good job, just fix the issue.
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Feb 14, 2021
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Re: DynastyMu | Season 6.3 Advanced |FREE2PLAY | Hard| Official opening 25.2.21 (Toda

Keep stats or burn after reset?
Edit: keep stats

Dynasty MU real website.

Also game is crashing a lot due to terrain error, please fix asap or server will die first day of launch.

Nice settings by the way, seems like a nice server. Good job, just fix the issue.

The problem has been fixed, if you have a problem, feel free to contact the server owner on the discord server, thanks for the compliments :)
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Sep 20, 2014
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Re: DynastyMu | Season 6.3 Advanced |FREE2PLAY | Hard| Official opening 25.2.21 (Toda

No point to try play, server has been "down" all the time, new players cant connect.
Close the server and make a new fresh start when its fixet.
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Feb 14, 2021
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Re: DynastyMu | Season 6.3 Advanced |FREE2PLAY | Hard| Official opening 25.2.21 (Toda

In the meantime, the server has been updated to fix a problem with the server files,For quick updates, you can log in to the Discord server

Discord: Click here for regular updates
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Feb 14, 2021
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The server has returned to full activity,there is a new download on the site that must be downloaded.
Good luck to everyone I love you:blushing:
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Jun 5, 2012
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So many kind people
spots are everywhere!
great server thanks admin
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Jun 5, 2012
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Join the server discord
150+ online in the server!
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