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Edit/update v83 UI.wz

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Jul 8, 2014
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Quick question(s). Is it possible to change the v83 UI and login screen from a newer version (v97+)?

I've had no problem exporting new maps mobs, items, etc (such as CokeTown) into my v83 server, HaRepacker and WzRepacker are a charm. If it is possible, what files would I need to export/dump? Or is there a cutoff point to where a newer version would no longer be compatible with v83? I know to convert BMS to GMS, etc, but after what version would it not work?

Last question. Can you edit the version number in the top right corner of the login screen? I'd love to make it say v83 rev 116 or something.

Thanks in advanced for the help!

Edit: This is posted here because there isn't a help section under wz editing.
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Jan 18, 2010
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Login screen. Yes, ANY version login screen can be put on v83, just realize that it can't shift origin. (Meaning, the new gMS v97 login box in the center, will be positioned on the right instead). You can change the images, but i'm pretty sure when I put the v97 loginbox on my v83, you had to stretch the login box because it was smaller than v83's. Any version image can be put on the login (even your own), just again, realize size differences. For the revision/version part, in STREDIT you can change this.

EDIT: The loginscreen is in Map.wz/Back/login, Map.wz/Obj/login, and UI.wz/Login.
The UI bars are just in UI.wz everywhere, but are not hard to find.

Just an example of how you can pretty much change the entire login:

ySZZlo5 - Edit/update v83 UI.wz - RaGEZONE Forums


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