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L2J Editing Texture Issue

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Jan 18, 2007
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I've tried everything I can think of or have been able to find elsewhere; I'm trying to add a texture or replace per se, in my NakedF.utx file . The only one I'm having problems with is , I've tried saving as both a DXT1 and a DXT3, neither of which seem to have any different affect. When you import it into UnrealEd I set it to DXT3 and don't check Masked, because from what I've heard it is broken. (I've tried that way, either way -- it doesn't work regardless.) So, once it's there I go to properties, then Surface, bAlphaTexture set to False, bMasked texture set to True, bTwoSided set to false. From there I save, and theoretically it should work -- it doesn't.

I obviously crypt it with l2decrypt after I save, using version 121. The link above actually is the crypted version, you should be able to decrypt it with l2decrypt using 121 to open it in UnrealEd or l2tool/o if needed.

If anyone can test it and see why it doesn't work and tell me, or just fix it and upload the fixed NakedF.utx file for me then... I'd love you forever.

Oh, by the way... I have everything done needed to make the changes actually work, it's just that one dds that's causing me problems. If I load the texture in l2toolo set to 0B (iirc) and set it to that it works; however, it is not masked. My problem is, I want the texture masked. I'm trying to get the grotesque black belt thing to go away, not really having an easy time doing it either.

My only other theory is that it has something to do with the chargrp.dat file that possibly defines FFighter_m000_t1000_l.dds as a DXT1 instead of a DXT3, so it makes it impossible to mask and not crash... But, then again... If you use the lingerie patch thing it is masked, so that's why I assume that it's the chargrp.dat possibly. (I'm using the v3 C5 one from if that helps. I don't even know how to decrypt it properly to even see if that could be what's causing the problem, so... :'(

Edit: FIXED. I wasn't encrypting properly, talked to DStuff... Encrypted with l2encdec instead of l2decrypt and everything worked perfectly.
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