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Elrios Rift - Elsword Private Server

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Jan 21, 2023
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Elrios Rift (www.elsrift.to)

9iBea5 - Elrios Rift - Elsword Private Server - RaGEZONE Forums

Elrios Rift is a new Elsword private server that has just launched today.
The server is now live, you can download and play right away!

Link: https://www.elsrift.to/about
Location: Europe
Time: UTC
Language: English
Rates: x3 EXP, x2 Drop Rate
Donation Rates: x3 ~ x4.5 K-Ching
FREE Job Advancements, Skill Unlocks and more!
All characters up to and including Noah & Rena's 4th Path - Prophetess
All regions up to and including Magmelia & Tirnog
Latest Pruinaum Raid: Savage White-Ghost's Castle & Altar of Invocation
Latest Giant Boss: Plegas's Labyrinth
Former Void Elsword Staff (GM Yata)

6 servers
- AMD EPYC 7371 16-Core 3.10GHz
- 256GB RAM
- 1Gbit network
- 3 game channels available, more can be added if needed

There is an ongoing event for the first month, where we give out free +10 raid weapon/gear, IB set and much more.
This server has been built with the support and advisory of a former Void Elsword GM.
He has guided us through building a lot of internal systems and processes that unlock better custom content capabilities.
We also hope to prevent repeating some of the mistakes that occured on Void.
We are currently only 5 to 6 months behind NA content, and will continue releasing big version updates with official content over time.

For more detailed information and pleasant reading,
please read our official news post.

For any bug reports or technical support,
please visit our Discord or contact support.

See you all in-game!


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Jan 21, 2023
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Updated thread to point to our newer introduction news post - https://www.elsrift.to/about

Lots of things have happened since we first posted here, highly recommended read for a quick intro!
Some of the more recent features include significant PvP/Ereda and Raid reworks, a daily mini event system and a permanent weekly level jump that lets you get an instant level 99!
There are also some very significant ones, such as: Nono's Lotto (chance to win 1,000 KChing every hour), our initial FoJ +10 and Rigo gear event became a permanent feature, trading is tax free, dance costumes that don't exist (up to Noah) on official servers and much much more!

We are now working towards a big version update in the summer which will bring all of the remaining 4th paths and more.
We hope to see you soon!