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Enabling Treasure Trove: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jun 27, 2010
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On LobbyDB.RandomStoreInitializationSchedule you can set the start date.

On server side replace expandrandomstoredata.xml and randomstoredata.xml

settings on randomstoredata.xml
To enable key trove on alias="RandomStore" replace Cash_Grocery_Key_0014 by Cash_Grocery_RandomStore_0001, change random-store-enable="n" to y, set min usable level limit-level="1", on default-slot-count="2" change to 8

If you don't want to enable gold trove tab on alias="goldRandomstore" on random-store-enable="y" change to n you also will need to change datafile_186.xml for the client side.

On cliente side
Download this unpack datafile.bin replace datafile_073.xml and datafile_186.xml repack rename the new created file "datafile_new.bin" to "datafile.bin" replace the one you have unpacked on "xml.dat.files" and repack the "xml.dat".

on datafile_186.xml
this disable gold trove tab
this enable gold trove tab

unpack config.dat
edit system.config2.xml
<option name="use-random-store" value="true" />

unpack xml.dat
On client.config2.xml
To enable/disable gold trove tab enable this option.
<option name="use-ui-type-tencent-random-store" value="y" />
Here you can set the min level to use trove.
<option name="min-level-for-use-random-store" value="1" />

Item Id for Instant Treasure Trove Key 20001
Item Id for Old Winter Treasure Trove Expansion 20002

The Default trove looks like this

and if you enable the gold tab will look like this

Files for Client/Server: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g8q2zd5lklx5hsl/trove.7z/file

Original guide found here.
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Initiate Mage
Dec 21, 2021
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your latest BNS tool does not seem to support repacking .dat files. Am I missing something?