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Engagements and Marriages/Weddings

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Jan 18, 2010
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For some reason only 3rd party users are seeing the rings effects, I'm using MapleBlade/KyraMS. Anyone has any idea where I should start looking for making it so the groom and the bride will be able to see it aswell?

1st = addRingInfo
2nd/3rd = spawnPlayerMapobject.

Oh, and I'm not sure if this is what fixed Marriage Rings or not, but I for some reason did this with my GW_ItemSlotBase::RawEncode (in Odin I think its addItemData or something like that). For some reason if your item is a ring and it's not marriage you add a SN; except in most/all sources, you give it a cash SN anyways. This could just be something I did for some other reason, but either way I thought I'd share.

public static void RawEncode(MaplePacketLittleEndianWriter mplew, IItem item) {
        boolean ring = false;
        IEquip equip = null;
        if (item != null) {
            if (item.getType() == IItem.EQUIP) {
                equip = (IEquip) item;
                ring = equip.getRingId() > -1 && (equip.getItemId() != 1112803 && equip.getItemId() != 1112806 && equip.getItemId() != 1112807 && equip.getItemId() != 1112809);
            mplew.writeInt(item.getItemId()); // nItemID
            mplew.write(ItemInfo.IsCashItem(item.getItemId()) ? 1 : 0); // liCashItemSN > 0
            if (ItemInfo.IsCashItem(item.getItemId())) {
                mplew.writeLong(item.getPetId() > -1 ? item.getPetId() : ring && equip != null ? equip.getRingId() : item.getCashId()); // liCashItemSN
            mplew.write(Utilities.getByteArrayFromHexString("00 80 05 BB 46 E6 17 02")); // dateExpire
Not open for further replies.