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EP8 GM Tools

Mar 22, 2009
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Hello guys,

Since ep8 has been leaked finally, I think we need a new GM Tool to make the job a lot easier.
What I need to know is if there are enough requests to start working on a such tool. The language I'm thinking to write would be C#.
I'm open to suggestions and feel free to post any functionalities you would want to see in the new tool.

Requirements: This app requires Net framework 4 but don't worry if you don't have it, the app will be self downloading the dependencies it needs.

Any help would also be kindly appreciated.

EDIT: I just started on the app and did a few things already.
Here is a screen
View attachment 122087

Added another screen
new - EP8 GM Tools - RaGEZONE Forums
stage2 - EP8 GM Tools - RaGEZONE Forums


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Dec 14, 2009
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Maybe its possible to add:

Server Tools
# Character List (Online / Offline / all - character search function)

# Broadcast Tool (Yama Iris)

# Send Mail to: Server/Channel/Account/Character/Online Characters/Nation/Guild (Item/Alz/Text Message)

# Server / Channel Control (turn on/off/restart)

# CashShop Manager

# Bot Report Panel

Other functions:
# Character Editor (Title, Rank, Aura, BM1-3, Skill Rank, Skill, WEXP, AXP, Stats, Nation, Inventory, Equip & Bank)

# Ban(timeban) / Kick (List -> All Banned Accounts and all Accounts which ever kicked)

# Item Manager (Craft, Slot, Upgrade+15, Account/Character Bind, Acc/Char Bind if equip)

# AH Manager (add stuff - remove stuff - edit stuff)

# Pet Manager (slot, level, name)

# Add costume Items/Pets/Title - That you be able to modify the GM-Tool easy

# Edit New Char Data (Beginner Stats, Set, SP, Rank, Nation etc.)

# GameMaster Management - add/remove InGame GM credits to Extornia

# Guild Manager (Edit Guild -Level,Name,GuildBoard etc.)
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Sep 25, 2009
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All functions from Iris Broadcast, chumpy's GMTools, BinaryMass-Release, CabalTools.

My favorite and most used tool was and is BalQs java CabalTools.

I request a GM tool! :thumbup:
Initiate Mage
Sep 18, 2011
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I agree with schneeman you should be able to have a flexible item and AH manager too. well everything he said would be nice in it.
Im req. one too ;) Good thing emi :D
Mar 22, 2009
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I just update my first post.Unfortunately I work on this on my spare time which is not great lately, but I hope it's enough.
A beta version will be out soon. I am going to make a self updating tool, so if I add something new, the app will auto update to the newest version.
I know the design isn't great but I'm focusing mainly on functionalities rather than designing.

More functionalities of this app will be implemented soon.
Mar 14, 2011
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Good luck to you with the GM tool, its nice to know and see that more people are getting involved with the cabal scene. I have no suggestions other than the ones that schneemann101 listed.
Mar 22, 2009
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Ok, I know, it's late and I'm tired(see the mistake I did with the transcender misspell), but this is what I've been working for the last hour or so.It's not much though.I added a few messages for people who don't know what certain stuff means(Like when you click Rank the message in screen shows up).
I'll add tomorrow the button to save the data the user changes to the char. I'm also going to add more features to char edit, like titles(btw If anyone has the title idx and their names, that would be nice)

Soon a beta test will launch, although with a lot of missing functionalities . I know most of you want to get this as soon as possible to edit your chars in your servers. I also know some of you want the item creator on its feet but you have to wait.
I hope you like it.

stage2 - EP8 GM Tools - RaGEZONE Forums

Thank you.


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Elite Diviner
Aug 23, 2012
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Sir Emi,

When are you going to post your finished project with EP8 GM Tools?
Junior Spellweaver
Jun 2, 2011
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I'm also going to add more features to char edit, like titles(btw If anyone has the title idx and their names, that would be nice)
unpack cabal_msq.enc ep8 and find them.
Mar 22, 2009
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I knew that and if I had time I would have done that by now.Can't you just help a little?Is it so hard, after all I am not doing this for me.
Is bad enough that I have to check the whole db for char data, don't need replies like your:"Go and do that". If I ask for something try to help me directly not divert.

By the way, I added the SAVE button as promised and for another half and hour so I will be adding more char editing features, like DP(Dungeon Points),WEXP and more.

Thank you.
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Sep 25, 2009
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Are those the right ones?
<msg id="title_name0001-01" cont="Vagabond" />

		<msg id="title_name0001-01" cont="Vagabond" />
		<msg id="title_name0001-02" cont="Praetor" />
		<msg id="title_name0001-03" cont="Knight" />
		<msg id="title_name0001-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0002-01" cont="Disciple" />
		<msg id="title_name0002-02" cont="Praetor of Silence" />
		<msg id="title_name0002-03" cont="Knight of Dawn" />
		<msg id="title_name0002-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0003-01" cont="Ascetic" />
		<msg id="title_name0003-02" cont="Praetor of Insight" />
		<msg id="title_name0003-03" cont="Knight of Fighting Spirit" />
		<msg id="title_name0003-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0004-01" cont="Ascetic" />
		<msg id="title_name0004-02" cont="Praetor of Tolerance" />
		<msg id="title_name0004-03" cont="Knight of Passion" />
		<msg id="title_name0004-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0005-01" cont="Ascetic" />
		<msg id="title_name0005-02" cont="Praetor of Glory" />
		<msg id="title_name0005-03" cont="Knight of Protection" />
		<msg id="title_name0005-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0006-01" cont="Ascetic" />
		<msg id="title_name0006-02" cont="Praetor of Faith" />
		<msg id="title_name0006-03" cont="Knight of Valor" />
		<msg id="title_name0006-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0007-01" cont="Ascetic" />
		<msg id="title_name0007-02" cont="Praetor of Will" />
		<msg id="title_name0007-03" cont="Knight of Devotion" />
		<msg id="title_name0007-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0008-01" cont="Ascetic" />
		<msg id="title_name0008-02" cont="Praetor of Truth" />
		<msg id="title_name0008-03" cont="Knight of Judgement" />
		<msg id="title_name0008-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0009-01" cont="Ascetic" />
		<msg id="title_name0009-02" cont="Praetor of Brilliance" />
		<msg id="title_name0009-03" cont="Knight of Tempest" />
		<msg id="title_name0009-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0010-01" cont="The Conquerer" />
		<msg id="title_name0010-02" cont="The Quaestor" />
		<msg id="title_name0010-03" cont="The Sovereign" />
		<msg id="title_name0010-04" cont="CABAL GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0011-01" cont="Luminosity Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0011-02" cont="Storm Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0012-01" cont="Luminosity Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0012-02" cont="Storm Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0013-01" cont="Luminosity Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0013-02" cont="Storm Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0014-01" cont="Luminosity Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0014-02" cont="Storm Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0015-01" cont="Luminosity Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0015-02" cont="Storm Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0016-01" cont="Luminosity Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0016-02" cont="Storm Bringer" />
		<msg id="title_name0017-01" cont="Luminosity Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0017-02" cont="Storm Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0018-01" cont="Luminosity Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0018-02" cont="Storm Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0019-01" cont="Luminosity Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0019-02" cont="Storm Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0020-01" cont="Luminosity Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0020-02" cont="Storm Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0021-01" cont="Luminosity Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0021-02" cont="Storm Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0022-01" cont="Luminosity Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0022-02" cont="Storm Guardian" />
		<msg id="title_name0023-01" cont="One who knocked GM down" />
		<msg id="title_name0023-02" cont="One who knocked GM down" />
		<msg id="title_name0023-03" cont="One who knocked GM down" />
		<msg id="title_name0024-01" cont="Knocked GM down with bare hands" />
		<msg id="title_name0024-02" cont="Knocked GM down with bare hands" />
		<msg id="title_name0024-03" cont="Knocked GM down with bare hands" />
		<msg id="title_name0025-01" cont="Everlasting Sun" />
		<msg id="title_name0025-02" cont="Everlasting Sun" />
		<msg id="title_name0025-03" cont="Everlasting Sun" />
		<msg id="title_name0026-01" cont="Wind for new world" />
		<msg id="title_name0026-02" cont="Wind for new world" />
		<msg id="title_name0026-03" cont="Wind for new world" />
		<msg id="title_name0027-01" cont="Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0027-02" cont="Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0027-03" cont="Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0028-01" cont="Novice Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0028-02" cont="Novice Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0028-03" cont="Novice Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0029-01" cont="Adept Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0029-02" cont="Adept Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0029-03" cont="Adept Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0030-01" cont="Expert Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0030-02" cont="Expert Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0030-03" cont="Expert Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0031-01" cont="Master Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0031-02" cont="Master Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0031-03" cont="Master Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0032-01" cont="Famed Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0032-02" cont="Famed Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0032-03" cont="Famed Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0033-01" cont="Fantastic Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0033-02" cont="Fantastic Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0033-03" cont="Fantastic Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0034-01" cont="Genius Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0034-02" cont="Genius Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0034-03" cont="Genius Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0035-01" cont="Legendary Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0035-02" cont="Legendary Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0035-03" cont="Legendary Cauda Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0036-01" cont="Cauda's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0036-02" cont="Cauda's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0036-03" cont="Cauda's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0037-01" cont="Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0037-02" cont="Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0037-03" cont="Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0038-01" cont="Novice Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0038-02" cont="Novice Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0038-03" cont="Novice Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0039-01" cont="Adept Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0039-02" cont="Adept Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0039-03" cont="Adept Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0040-01" cont="Expert Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0040-02" cont="Expert Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0040-03" cont="Expert Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0041-01" cont="Master Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0041-02" cont="Master Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0041-03" cont="Master Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0042-01" cont="Famed Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0042-02" cont="Famed Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0042-03" cont="Famed Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0043-01" cont="Fantastic Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0043-02" cont="Fantastic Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0043-03" cont="Fantastic Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0044-01" cont="Genius Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0044-02" cont="Genius Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0044-03" cont="Genius Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0045-01" cont="Legendary Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0045-02" cont="Legendary Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0045-03" cont="Legendary Cockatrice Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0046-01" cont="Cockatrice's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0046-02" cont="Cockatrice's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0046-03" cont="Cockatrice's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0047-01" cont="Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0047-02" cont="Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0047-03" cont="Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0048-01" cont="Novice Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0048-02" cont="Novice Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0048-03" cont="Novice Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0049-01" cont="Adept Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0049-02" cont="Adept Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0049-03" cont="Adept Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0050-01" cont="Expert Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0050-02" cont="Expert Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0050-03" cont="Expert Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0051-01" cont="Master Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0051-02" cont="Master Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0051-03" cont="Master Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0052-01" cont="Famed Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0052-02" cont="Famed Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0052-03" cont="Famed Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0053-01" cont="Fantastic Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0053-02" cont="Fantastic Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0053-03" cont="Fantastic Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0054-01" cont="Genius Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0054-02" cont="Genius Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0054-03" cont="Genius Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0055-01" cont="Legendary Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0055-02" cont="Legendary Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0055-03" cont="Legendary Mongrel Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0056-01" cont="Mongrel's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0056-02" cont="Mongrel's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0056-03" cont="Mongrel's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0057-01" cont="Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0057-02" cont="Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0057-03" cont="Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0058-01" cont="Novice Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0058-02" cont="Novice Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0058-03" cont="Novice Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0059-01" cont="Adept Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0059-02" cont="Adept Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0059-03" cont="Adept Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0060-01" cont="Expert Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0060-02" cont="Expert Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0060-03" cont="Expert Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0061-01" cont="Master Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0061-02" cont="Master Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0061-03" cont="Master Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0062-01" cont="Famed Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0062-02" cont="Famed Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0062-03" cont="Famed Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0063-01" cont="Fantastic Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0063-02" cont="Fantastic Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0063-03" cont="Fantastic Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0064-01" cont="Genius Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0064-02" cont="Genius Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0064-03" cont="Genius Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0065-01" cont="Legendary Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0065-02" cont="Legendary Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0065-03" cont="Legendary Karion Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0066-01" cont="Karion's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0066-02" cont="Karion's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0066-03" cont="Karion's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0067-01" cont="Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0067-02" cont="Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0067-03" cont="Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0068-01" cont="Novice Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0068-02" cont="Novice Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0068-03" cont="Novice Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0069-01" cont="Adept Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0069-02" cont="Adept Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0069-03" cont="Adept Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0070-01" cont="Expert Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0070-02" cont="Expert Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0070-03" cont="Expert Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0071-01" cont="Master Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0071-02" cont="Master Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0071-03" cont="Master Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0072-01" cont="Famed Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0072-02" cont="Famed Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0072-03" cont="Famed Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0073-01" cont="Fantastic Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0073-02" cont="Fantastic Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0073-03" cont="Fantastic Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0074-01" cont="Genius Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0074-02" cont="Genius Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0074-03" cont="Genius Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0075-01" cont="Legendary Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0075-02" cont="Legendary Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0075-03" cont="Legendary Faello Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0076-01" cont="Faello's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0076-02" cont="Faello's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0076-03" cont="Faello's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0077-01" cont="Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0077-02" cont="Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0077-03" cont="Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0078-01" cont="Novice Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0078-02" cont="Novice Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0078-03" cont="Novice Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0079-01" cont="Adept Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0079-02" cont="Adept Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0079-03" cont="Adept Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0080-01" cont="Expert Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0080-02" cont="Expert Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0080-03" cont="Expert Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0081-01" cont="Master Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0081-02" cont="Master Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0081-03" cont="Master Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0082-01" cont="Famed Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0082-02" cont="Famed Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0082-03" cont="Famed Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0083-01" cont="Fantastic Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0083-02" cont="Fantastic Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0083-03" cont="Fantastic Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0084-01" cont="Genius Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0084-02" cont="Genius Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0084-03" cont="Genius Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0085-01" cont="Legendary Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0085-02" cont="Legendary Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0085-03" cont="Legendary Quadra Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0086-01" cont="Quadra's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0086-02" cont="Quadra's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0086-03" cont="Quadra's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0087-01" cont="Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0087-02" cont="Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0087-03" cont="Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0088-01" cont="Novice Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0088-02" cont="Novice Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0088-03" cont="Novice Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0089-01" cont="Adept Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0089-02" cont="Adept Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0089-03" cont="Adept Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0090-01" cont="Expert Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0090-02" cont="Expert Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0090-03" cont="Expert Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0091-01" cont="Master Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0091-02" cont="Master Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0091-03" cont="Master Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0092-01" cont="Famed Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0092-02" cont="Famed Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0092-03" cont="Famed Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0093-01" cont="Fantastic Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0093-02" cont="Fantastic Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0093-03" cont="Fantastic Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0094-01" cont="Genius Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0094-02" cont="Genius Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0094-03" cont="Genius Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0095-01" cont="Legendary Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0095-02" cont="Legendary Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0095-03" cont="Legendary Rota Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0096-01" cont="Rota's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0096-02" cont="Rota's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0096-03" cont="Rota's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0097-01" cont="Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0097-02" cont="Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0097-03" cont="Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0098-01" cont="Novice Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0098-02" cont="Novice Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0098-03" cont="Novice Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0099-01" cont="Adept Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0099-02" cont="Adept Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0099-03" cont="Adept Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0100-01" cont="Expert Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0100-02" cont="Expert Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0100-03" cont="Expert Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0101-01" cont="Master Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0101-02" cont="Master Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0101-03" cont="Master Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0102-01" cont="Famed Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0102-02" cont="Famed Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0102-03" cont="Famed Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0103-01" cont="Fantastic Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0103-02" cont="Fantastic Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0103-03" cont="Fantastic Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0104-01" cont="Genius Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0104-02" cont="Genius Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0104-03" cont="Genius Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0105-01" cont="Legendary Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0105-02" cont="Legendary Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0105-03" cont="Legendary Pluma Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0106-01" cont="Pluma's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0106-02" cont="Pluma's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0106-03" cont="Pluma's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0107-01" cont="Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0107-02" cont="Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0107-03" cont="Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0108-01" cont="Novice Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0108-02" cont="Novice Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0108-03" cont="Novice Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0109-01" cont="Adept Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0109-02" cont="Adept Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0109-03" cont="Adept Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0110-01" cont="Expert Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0110-02" cont="Expert Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0110-03" cont="Expert Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0111-01" cont="Master Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0111-02" cont="Master Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0111-03" cont="Master Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0112-01" cont="Famed Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0112-02" cont="Famed Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0112-03" cont="Famed Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0113-01" cont="Fantastic Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0113-02" cont="Fantastic Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0113-03" cont="Fantastic Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0114-01" cont="Genius Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0114-02" cont="Genius Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0114-03" cont="Genius Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0115-01" cont="Legendary Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0115-02" cont="Legendary Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0115-03" cont="Legendary Penna Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0116-01" cont="Penna's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0116-02" cont="Penna's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0116-03" cont="Penna's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0117-01" cont="Supporter T Is Watching You" />
		<msg id="title_name0117-02" cont="Supporter T Is Watching You" />
		<msg id="title_name0117-03" cont="Supporter T Is Watching You" />
		<msg id="title_name0118-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(L) Hunter Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0118-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(L) Hunter Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0119-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(L) Hunter Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0119-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(L) Hunter Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0120-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(L) Hunter Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0120-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(L) Hunter Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0121-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(M) Hunter Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0121-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(M) Hunter Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0122-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(M) Hunter Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0122-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(M) Hunter Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0123-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(M) Hunter Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0123-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(M) Hunter Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0124-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(S) Hunter Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0124-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(S) Hunter Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0125-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(S) Hunter Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0125-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(S) Hunter Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0126-01" cont="Legacy Guardian(S) Hunter Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0126-02" cont="Legacy Guardian(S) Hunter Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0127-01" cont="Sage's Ensign Destroyer Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0127-02" cont="Sage's Ensign Destroyer Lv. 1" />
		<msg id="title_name0128-01" cont="Sage's Ensign Destroyer Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0128-02" cont="Sage's Ensign Destroyer Lv. 2" />
		<msg id="title_name0129-01" cont="Sage's Ensign Destroyer Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0129-02" cont="Sage's Ensign Destroyer Lv. 3" />
		<msg id="title_name0130-01" cont="Craftman of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0130-02" cont="Craftman of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0130-03" cont="Craftman of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0131-01" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0131-02" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0131-03" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0132-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0132-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0132-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0133-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0133-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0133-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0134-01" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0134-02" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0134-03" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0135-01" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0135-02" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0135-03" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0136-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0136-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0136-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0137-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0137-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0137-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0138-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0138-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0138-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0139-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0139-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0139-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0140-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0140-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0140-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0141-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0141-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0141-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0142-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0142-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0142-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0143-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0143-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0143-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0144-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0144-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0144-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0145-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0145-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0145-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0146-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0146-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0146-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0147-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0147-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0147-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0148-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0148-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0148-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0149-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0149-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0149-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0150-01" cont="Artisan of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0150-02" cont="Artisan of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0150-03" cont="Artisan of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0151-01" cont="Artisan of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0151-02" cont="Artisan of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0151-03" cont="Artisan of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0152-01" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0152-02" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0152-03" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0153-01" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0153-02" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0153-03" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0154-01" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0154-02" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0154-03" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0155-01" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0155-02" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0155-03" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0156-01" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0156-02" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0156-03" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0157-01" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0157-02" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0157-03" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0158-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0158-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0158-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0159-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0159-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0159-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0160-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0160-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0160-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0161-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0161-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0161-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0162-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0162-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0162-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0163-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0163-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0163-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0164-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0164-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0164-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0165-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0165-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0165-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0166-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0166-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0166-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0167-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0167-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0167-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0168-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0168-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0168-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (1H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0169-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0169-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0169-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (2H Sword)" />
		<msg id="title_name0170-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0170-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0170-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0171-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0171-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0171-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0172-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0172-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0172-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0173-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0173-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0173-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0174-01" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0174-02" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0174-03" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0175-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0175-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0175-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0176-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0176-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0176-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0177-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0177-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0177-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0178-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0178-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0178-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0179-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0179-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0179-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0180-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0180-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0180-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0181-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0181-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0181-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0182-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0182-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0182-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0183-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0183-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0183-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0184-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0184-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0184-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0185-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0185-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0185-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0186-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0186-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0186-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0187-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0187-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0187-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0188-01" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0188-02" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0188-03" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0189-01" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0189-02" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0189-03" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0190-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0190-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0190-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0191-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0191-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0191-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0192-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0192-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0192-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0193-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0193-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0193-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0194-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0194-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0194-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0195-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0195-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0195-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0196-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0196-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0196-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0197-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0197-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0197-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Gauntlet)" />
		<msg id="title_name0198-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0198-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0198-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0199-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0199-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0199-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0200-01" cont="Craftsman of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0200-02" cont="Craftsman of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0200-03" cont="Craftsman of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0201-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0201-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0201-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0202-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0202-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0202-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0203-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0203-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0203-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0204-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0204-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0204-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0205-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0205-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0205-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0206-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0206-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0206-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0207-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0207-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0207-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0208-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0208-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0208-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0209-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0209-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0209-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0210-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0210-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0210-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0211-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0211-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0211-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0212-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0212-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0212-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0213-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0213-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0213-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0214-01" cont="Artisan of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0214-02" cont="Artisan of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0214-03" cont="Artisan of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0215-01" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0215-02" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0215-03" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0216-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0216-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0216-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0217-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0217-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0217-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0218-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0218-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0218-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0219-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0219-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0219-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0220-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0220-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0220-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0221-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0221-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0221-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0222-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0222-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0222-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0223-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0223-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0223-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0224-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0224-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0224-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0225-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0225-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0225-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Greaves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0226-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0226-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0226-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0227-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0227-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0227-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0228-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0228-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0228-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0229-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0229-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0229-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0230-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0230-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0230-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0231-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0231-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0231-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0232-01" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0232-02" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0232-03" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0233-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0233-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0233-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0234-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0234-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0234-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0235-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0235-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0235-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0236-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0236-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0236-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0237-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0237-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0237-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0238-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0238-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0238-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0239-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0239-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0239-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0240-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0240-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0240-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0241-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0241-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0241-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0242-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0242-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0242-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0243-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0243-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0243-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0244-01" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0244-02" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0244-03" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0245-01" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0245-02" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0245-03" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0246-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0246-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0246-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0247-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0247-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0247-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0248-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0248-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0248-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0249-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0249-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0249-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Visor)" />
		<msg id="title_name0250-01" cont="Craftsman of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0250-02" cont="Craftsman of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0250-03" cont="Craftsman of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0251-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0251-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0251-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0252-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0252-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0252-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0253-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0253-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0253-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0254-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0254-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0254-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0255-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0255-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0255-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0256-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0256-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0256-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0257-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0257-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0257-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0258-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0258-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0258-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0259-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0259-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0259-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0260-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0260-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0260-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0261-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0261-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0261-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0262-01" cont="Artisan of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0262-02" cont="Artisan of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0262-03" cont="Artisan of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0263-01" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0263-02" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0263-03" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0264-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0264-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0264-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0265-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0265-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0265-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0266-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0266-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0266-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0267-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0267-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0267-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0268-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0268-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0268-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0269-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0269-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0269-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0270-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0270-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0270-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0271-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0271-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0271-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0272-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0272-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0272-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0273-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0273-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0273-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Plate)" />
		<msg id="title_name0274-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0274-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0274-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0275-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0275-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0275-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0276-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0276-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0276-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0277-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0277-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0277-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0278-01" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0278-02" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0278-03" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0279-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0279-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0279-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0280-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0280-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0280-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0281-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0281-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0281-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0282-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0282-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0282-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0283-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0283-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0283-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0284-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0284-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0284-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0285-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0285-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0285-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0286-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0286-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0286-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0287-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0287-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0287-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0288-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0288-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0288-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0289-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0289-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0289-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0290-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0290-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0290-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0291-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0291-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0291-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0292-01" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0292-02" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0292-03" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0293-01" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0293-02" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0293-03" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0294-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0294-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0294-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0295-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0295-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0295-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0296-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0296-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0296-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0297-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0297-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0297-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0298-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0298-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0298-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0299-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0299-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0299-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0300-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0300-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0300-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0301-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0301-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0301-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Gloves)" />
		<msg id="title_name0302-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0302-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0302-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0303-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0303-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0303-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0304-01" cont="Craftsman of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0304-02" cont="Craftsman of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0304-03" cont="Craftsman of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0305-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0305-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0305-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0306-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0306-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0306-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0307-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0307-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0307-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0308-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0308-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0308-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0309-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0309-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0309-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0310-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0310-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0310-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0311-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0311-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0311-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0312-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0312-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0312-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0313-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0313-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0313-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0314-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0314-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0314-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0315-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0315-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0315-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0316-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0316-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0316-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0317-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0317-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0317-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0318-01" cont="Artisan of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0318-02" cont="Artisan of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0318-03" cont="Artisan of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0319-01" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0319-02" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0319-03" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0320-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0320-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0320-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0321-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0321-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0321-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0322-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0322-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0322-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0323-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0323-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0323-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0324-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0324-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0324-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0325-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0325-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0325-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0326-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0326-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0326-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0327-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0327-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0327-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0328-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0328-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0328-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0329-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0329-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0329-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Boots)" />
		<msg id="title_name0330-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0330-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0330-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0331-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0331-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0331-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0332-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0332-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0332-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0333-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0333-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0333-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0334-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0334-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0334-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0335-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0335-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0335-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0336-01" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0336-02" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0336-03" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0337-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0337-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0337-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0338-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0338-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0338-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0339-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0339-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0339-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0340-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0340-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0340-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0341-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0341-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0341-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0342-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0342-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0342-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0343-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0343-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0343-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0344-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0344-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0344-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0345-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0345-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0345-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0346-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0346-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0346-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0347-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0347-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0347-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0348-01" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0348-02" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0348-03" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0349-01" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0349-02" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0349-03" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0350-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0350-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0350-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0351-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0351-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0351-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0352-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0352-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0352-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0353-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0353-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0353-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Headgear)" />
		<msg id="title_name0354-01" cont="Craftsman of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0354-02" cont="Craftsman of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0354-03" cont="Craftsman of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0355-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0355-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0355-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0356-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0356-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0356-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0357-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0357-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0357-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0358-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0358-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0358-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0359-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0359-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0359-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0360-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0360-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0360-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0361-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0361-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0361-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0362-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0362-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0362-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0363-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0363-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0363-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0364-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0364-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0364-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0365-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0365-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0365-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0366-01" cont="Artisan of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0366-02" cont="Artisan of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0366-03" cont="Artisan of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0367-01" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0367-02" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0367-03" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0368-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0368-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0368-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0369-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0369-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0369-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0370-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0370-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0370-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0371-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0371-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0371-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0372-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0372-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0372-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0373-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0373-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0373-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0374-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0374-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0374-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0375-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0375-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0375-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0376-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0376-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0376-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0377-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0377-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0377-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Coat)" />
		<msg id="title_name0378-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0378-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0378-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0379-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0379-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0379-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0380-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0380-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0380-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0381-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0381-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0381-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0382-01" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0382-02" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0382-03" cont="Craftsman of Destruction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0383-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0383-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0383-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Destruction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0384-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0384-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0384-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0385-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0385-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0385-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0386-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0386-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0386-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0387-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0387-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0387-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0388-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0388-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0388-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0389-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0389-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0389-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0390-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0390-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0390-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0391-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0391-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0391-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0392-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0392-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0392-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0393-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0393-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0393-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0394-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0394-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0394-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0395-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0395-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0395-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0396-01" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0396-02" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0396-03" cont="Artisan of Desturction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0397-01" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0397-02" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0397-03" cont="Master Artisan of Desturction (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0398-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0398-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0398-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0399-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0399-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0399-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0400-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0400-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0400-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0401-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0401-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0401-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0402-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0402-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0402-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0403-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0403-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0403-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0404-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0404-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0404-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0405-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0405-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0405-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Hands)" />
		<msg id="title_name0406-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0406-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0406-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0407-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0407-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0407-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0408-01" cont="Craftsman of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0408-02" cont="Craftsman of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0408-03" cont="Craftsman of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0409-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0409-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0409-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0410-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0410-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0410-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0411-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0411-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0411-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0412-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0412-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0412-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0413-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0413-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0413-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0414-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0414-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0414-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0415-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0415-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0415-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0416-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0416-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0416-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0417-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0417-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0417-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0418-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0418-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0418-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0419-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0419-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0419-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0420-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0420-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0420-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0421-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0421-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0421-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0422-01" cont="Artisan of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0422-02" cont="Artisan of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0422-03" cont="Artisan of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0423-01" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0423-02" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0423-03" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0424-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0424-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0424-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0425-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0425-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0425-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0426-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0426-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0426-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0427-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0427-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0427-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0428-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0428-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0428-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0429-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0429-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0429-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0430-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0430-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0430-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0431-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0431-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0431-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0432-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0432-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0432-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0433-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0433-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0433-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Shoes)" />
		<msg id="title_name0434-01" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0434-02" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0434-03" cont="Craftsman of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0435-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0435-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0435-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0436-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0436-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0436-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0437-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0437-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0437-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0438-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0438-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0438-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0439-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0439-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0439-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0440-01" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0440-02" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0440-03" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0441-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0441-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0441-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0442-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0442-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0442-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0443-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0443-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0443-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0444-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0444-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0444-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0445-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0445-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0445-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0446-01" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0446-02" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0446-03" cont="Artisan of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0447-01" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0447-02" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0447-03" cont="Master Artisan of Vampire (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0448-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0448-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0448-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0449-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0449-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0449-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0450-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0450-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0450-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0451-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0451-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0451-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0452-01" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0452-02" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0452-03" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0453-01" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0453-02" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0453-03" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0454-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0454-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0454-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0455-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0455-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0455-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0456-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0456-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0456-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0457-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0457-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0457-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Headpiece)" />
		<msg id="title_name0458-01" cont="Craftsman of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0458-02" cont="Craftsman of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0458-03" cont="Craftsman of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0459-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0459-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0459-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0460-01" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0460-02" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0460-03" cont="Craftsman of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0461-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0461-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0461-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0462-01" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0462-02" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0462-03" cont="Craftsman of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0463-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0463-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0463-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0464-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0464-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0464-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0465-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0465-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0465-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0466-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0466-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0466-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0467-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0467-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0467-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0468-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0468-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0468-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0469-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0469-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0469-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0470-01" cont="Artisan of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0470-02" cont="Artisan of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0470-03" cont="Artisan of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0471-01" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0471-02" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0471-03" cont="Master Artisan of Will (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0472-01" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0472-02" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0472-03" cont="Artisan of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0473-01" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0473-02" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0473-03" cont="Master Artisan of Restoration (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0474-01" cont="Artisan of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0474-02" cont="Artisan of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0474-03" cont="Artisan of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0475-01" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0475-02" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0475-03" cont="Master Artisan of Guard (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0476-01" cont="Artisan of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0476-02" cont="Artisan of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0476-03" cont="Artisan of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0477-01" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0477-02" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0477-03" cont="Master Artisan of Luck (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0478-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0478-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0478-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0479-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0479-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0479-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0480-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0480-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0480-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0481-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0481-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0481-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Suit)" />
		<msg id="title_name0482-01" cont="Craftman of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0482-02" cont="Craftman of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0482-03" cont="Craftman of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0483-01" cont="Master Craftman of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0483-02" cont="Master Craftman of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0483-03" cont="Master Craftman of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0484-01" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0484-02" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0484-03" cont="Craftsman of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0485-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0485-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0485-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0486-01" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0486-02" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0486-03" cont="Craftsman of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0487-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0487-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0487-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0488-01" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0488-02" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0488-03" cont="Craftsman of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0489-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0489-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0489-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0490-01" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0490-02" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0490-03" cont="Craftsman of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0491-01" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0491-02" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0491-03" cont="Master Craftsman of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0492-01" cont="Artisan of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0492-02" cont="Artisan of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0492-03" cont="Artisan of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0493-01" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0493-02" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0493-03" cont="Master Artisan of Destruction (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0494-01" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0494-02" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0494-03" cont="Artisan of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0495-01" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0495-02" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0495-03" cont="Master Artisan of Deathblow (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0496-01" cont="Luck Artisan of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0496-02" cont="Luck Artisan of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0496-03" cont="Luck Artisan of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0497-01" cont="Master Luck Artisan of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0497-02" cont="Master Luck Artisan of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0497-03" cont="Master Luck Artisan of Luck (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0498-01" cont="Artisan of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0498-02" cont="Artisan of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0498-03" cont="Artisan of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0499-01" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0499-02" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0499-03" cont="Master Artisan of Adept (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0500-01" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0500-02" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0500-03" cont="Artisan of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0501-01" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0501-02" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0501-03" cont="Master Artisan of Amp. (Orb, Crystal)" />
		<msg id="title_name0502-01" cont="Force Absorb Ring Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0502-02" cont="Force Absorb Ring Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0502-03" cont="Force Absorb Ring Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0503-01" cont="Force Absorb Ring Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0503-02" cont="Force Absorb Ring Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0503-03" cont="Force Absorb Ring Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0504-01" cont="Ring Of Seven Coins Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0504-02" cont="Ring Of Seven Coins Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0504-03" cont="Ring Of Seven Coins Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0505-01" cont="Ring Of Seven Coins Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0505-02" cont="Ring Of Seven Coins Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0505-03" cont="Ring Of Seven Coins Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0506-01" cont="Ring of Fighter Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0506-02" cont="Ring of Fighter Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0506-03" cont="Ring of Fighter Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0507-01" cont="Ring of Fighter Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0507-02" cont="Ring of Fighter Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0507-03" cont="Ring of Fighter Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0508-01" cont="Ring of Sage Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0508-02" cont="Ring of Sage Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0508-03" cont="Ring of Sage Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0509-01" cont="Ring of Sage Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0509-02" cont="Ring of Sage Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0509-03" cont="Ring of Sage Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0510-01" cont="Ring of Champion Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0510-02" cont="Ring of Champion Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0510-03" cont="Ring of Champion Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0511-01" cont="Ring of Champion Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0511-02" cont="Ring of Champion Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0511-03" cont="Ring of Champion Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0512-01" cont="Extortion Ring Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0512-02" cont="Extortion Ring Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0512-03" cont="Extortion Ring Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0513-01" cont="Extortion Ring Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0513-02" cont="Extortion Ring Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0513-03" cont="Extortion Ring Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0514-01" cont="Vampiric Amulet Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0514-02" cont="Vampiric Amulet Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0514-03" cont="Vampiric Amulet Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0515-01" cont="Vampiric Amulet Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0515-02" cont="Vampiric Amulet Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0515-03" cont="Vampiric Amulet Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0516-01" cont="Amulet Of Seven Coins Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0516-02" cont="Amulet Of Seven Coins Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0516-03" cont="Amulet Of Seven Coins Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0517-01" cont="Amulet Of Seven Coins Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0517-02" cont="Amulet Of Seven Coins Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0517-03" cont="Amulet Of Seven Coins Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0518-01" cont="Amulet Of Battler Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0518-02" cont="Amulet Of Battler Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0518-03" cont="Amulet Of Battler Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0519-01" cont="Amulet Of Battler Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0519-02" cont="Amulet Of Battler Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0519-03" cont="Amulet Of Battler Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0520-01" cont="Force Regeneration Amulet Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0520-02" cont="Force Regeneration Amulet Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0520-03" cont="Force Regeneration Amulet Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0521-01" cont="Force Regeneration Amulet Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0521-02" cont="Force Regeneration Amulet Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0521-03" cont="Force Regeneration Amulet Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0522-01" cont="Amulet Of Guard Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0522-02" cont="Amulet Of Guard Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0522-03" cont="Amulet Of Guard Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0523-01" cont="Amulet Of Guard Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0523-02" cont="Amulet Of Guard Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0523-03" cont="Amulet Of Guard Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0524-01" cont="Amulet Of Pain Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0524-02" cont="Amulet Of Pain Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0524-03" cont="Amulet Of Pain Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0525-01" cont="Amulet of Pain Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0525-02" cont="Amulet of Pain Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0525-03" cont="Amulet of Pain Master Artisan" />
		<msg id="title_name0526-01" cont="Novice Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0526-02" cont="Novice Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0526-03" cont="Novice Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0527-01" cont="Adept Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0527-02" cont="Adept Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0527-03" cont="Adept Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0528-01" cont="Expert Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0528-02" cont="Expert Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0528-03" cont="Expert Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0529-01" cont="Master Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0529-02" cont="Master Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0529-03" cont="Master Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0530-01" cont="Famed Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0530-02" cont="Famed Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0530-03" cont="Famed Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0531-01" cont="Fantastic Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0531-02" cont="Fantastic Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0531-03" cont="Fantastic Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0532-01" cont="Genius Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0532-02" cont="Genius Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0532-03" cont="Genius Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0533-01" cont="Legendary Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0533-02" cont="Legendary Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0533-03" cont="Legendary Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0534-01" cont="Novice Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0534-02" cont="Novice Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0534-03" cont="Novice Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0535-01" cont="Adept Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0535-02" cont="Adept Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0535-03" cont="Adept Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0536-01" cont="Expert Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0536-02" cont="Expert Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0536-03" cont="Expert Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0537-01" cont="Master Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0537-02" cont="Master Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0537-03" cont="Master Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0538-01" cont="Famed Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0538-02" cont="Famed Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0538-03" cont="Famed Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0539-01" cont="Fantastic Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0539-02" cont="Fantastic Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0539-03" cont="Fantastic Katana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0540-01" cont="Novice Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0540-02" cont="Novice Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0540-03" cont="Novice Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0541-01" cont="Adept Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0541-02" cont="Adept Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0541-03" cont="Adept Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0542-01" cont="Expert Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0542-02" cont="Expert Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0542-03" cont="Expert Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0543-01" cont="Master Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0543-02" cont="Master Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0543-03" cont="Master Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0544-01" cont="Famed Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0544-02" cont="Famed Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0544-03" cont="Famed Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0545-01" cont="Fantastic Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0545-02" cont="Fantastic Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0545-03" cont="Fantastic Gauntlet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0546-01" cont="Novice gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0546-02" cont="Novice gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0546-03" cont="Novice gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0547-01" cont="Adept gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0547-02" cont="Adept gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0547-03" cont="Adept gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0548-01" cont="Expert gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0548-02" cont="Expert gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0548-03" cont="Expert gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0549-01" cont="Master gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0549-02" cont="Master gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0549-03" cont="Master gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0550-01" cont="Famed gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0550-02" cont="Famed gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0550-03" cont="Famed gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0551-01" cont="Fantastic gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0551-02" cont="Fantastic gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0551-03" cont="Fantastic gloves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0552-01" cont="Novice Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0552-02" cont="Novice Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0552-03" cont="Novice Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0553-01" cont="Adept Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0553-02" cont="Adept Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0553-03" cont="Adept Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0554-01" cont="Expert Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0554-02" cont="Expert Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0554-03" cont="Expert Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0555-01" cont="Master Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0555-02" cont="Master Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0555-03" cont="Master Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0556-01" cont="Famed Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0556-02" cont="Famed Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0556-03" cont="Famed Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0557-01" cont="Fantastic Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0557-02" cont="Fantastic Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0557-03" cont="Fantastic Hands Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0558-01" cont="Novice Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0558-02" cont="Novice Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0558-03" cont="Novice Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0559-01" cont="Adept Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0559-02" cont="Adept Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0559-03" cont="Adept Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0560-01" cont="Expert Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0560-02" cont="Expert Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0560-03" cont="Expert Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0561-01" cont="Master Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0561-02" cont="Master Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0561-03" cont="Master Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0562-01" cont="Famed Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0562-02" cont="Famed Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0562-03" cont="Famed Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0563-01" cont="Fantastic Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0563-02" cont="Fantastic Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0563-03" cont="Fantastic Orb Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0564-01" cont="Novice Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0564-02" cont="Novice Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0564-03" cont="Novice Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0565-01" cont="Adept Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0565-02" cont="Adept Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0565-03" cont="Adept Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0566-01" cont="Expert Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0566-02" cont="Expert Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0566-03" cont="Expert Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0567-01" cont="Master Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0567-02" cont="Master Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0567-03" cont="Master Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0568-01" cont="Famed Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0568-02" cont="Famed Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0568-03" cont="Famed Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0569-01" cont="Fantastic Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0569-02" cont="Fantastic Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0569-03" cont="Fantastic Blade Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0570-01" cont="Novice Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0570-02" cont="Novice Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0570-03" cont="Novice Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0571-01" cont="Adept Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0571-02" cont="Adept Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0571-03" cont="Adept Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0572-01" cont="Expert Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0572-02" cont="Expert Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0572-03" cont="Expert Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0573-01" cont="Master Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0573-02" cont="Master Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0573-03" cont="Master Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0574-01" cont="Famed Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0574-02" cont="Famed Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0574-03" cont="Famed Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0575-01" cont="Fantastic Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0575-02" cont="Fantastic Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0575-03" cont="Fantastic Greaves Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0576-01" cont="Novice Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0576-02" cont="Novice Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0576-03" cont="Novice Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0577-01" cont="Adept Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0577-02" cont="Adept Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0577-03" cont="Adept Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0578-01" cont="Expert Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0578-02" cont="Expert Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0578-03" cont="Expert Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0579-01" cont="Master Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0579-02" cont="Master Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0579-03" cont="Master Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0580-01" cont="Famed Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0580-02" cont="Famed Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0580-03" cont="Famed Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0581-01" cont="Fantastic Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0581-02" cont="Fantastic Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0581-03" cont="Fantastic Boots Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0582-01" cont="Novice Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0582-02" cont="Novice Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0582-03" cont="Novice Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0583-01" cont="Adept Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0583-02" cont="Adept Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0583-03" cont="Adept Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0584-01" cont="Expert Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0584-02" cont="Expert Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0584-03" cont="Expert Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0585-01" cont="Master Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0585-02" cont="Master Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0585-03" cont="Master Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0586-01" cont="Famed Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0586-02" cont="Famed Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0586-03" cont="Famed Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0587-01" cont="Fantastic Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0587-02" cont="Fantastic Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0587-03" cont="Fantastic Shoes Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0588-01" cont="Novice Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0588-02" cont="Novice Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0588-03" cont="Novice Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0589-01" cont="Adept Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0589-02" cont="Adept Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0589-03" cont="Adept Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0590-01" cont="Expert Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0590-02" cont="Expert Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0590-03" cont="Expert Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0591-01" cont="Master Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0591-02" cont="Master Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0591-03" cont="Master Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0592-01" cont="Famed Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0592-02" cont="Famed Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0592-03" cont="Famed Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0593-01" cont="Fantastic Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0593-02" cont="Fantastic Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0593-03" cont="Fantastic Crystal Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0594-01" cont="Novice Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0594-02" cont="Novice Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0594-03" cont="Novice Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0595-01" cont="Adept Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0595-02" cont="Adept Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0595-03" cont="Adept Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0596-01" cont="Expert Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0596-02" cont="Expert Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0596-03" cont="Expert Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0597-01" cont="Master Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0597-02" cont="Master Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0597-03" cont="Master Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0598-01" cont="Famed Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0598-02" cont="Famed Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0598-03" cont="Famed Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0599-01" cont="Fantastic Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0599-02" cont="Fantastic Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0599-03" cont="Fantastic Daikatana Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0600-01" cont="Novice Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0600-02" cont="Novice Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0600-03" cont="Novice Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0601-01" cont="Adept Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0601-02" cont="Adept Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0601-03" cont="Adept Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0602-01" cont="Expert Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0602-02" cont="Expert Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0602-03" cont="Expert Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0603-01" cont="Master Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0603-02" cont="Master Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0603-03" cont="Master Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0604-01" cont="Famed Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0604-02" cont="Famed Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0604-03" cont="Famed Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0605-01" cont="Fantastic Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0605-02" cont="Fantastic Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0605-03" cont="Fantastic Visor Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0606-01" cont="Novice Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0606-02" cont="Novice Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0606-03" cont="Novice Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0607-01" cont="Adept Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0607-02" cont="Adept Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0607-03" cont="Adept Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0608-01" cont="Expert Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0608-02" cont="Expert Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0608-03" cont="Expert Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0609-01" cont="Master Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0609-02" cont="Master Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0609-03" cont="Master Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0610-01" cont="Famed Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0610-02" cont="Famed Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0610-03" cont="Famed Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0611-01" cont="Fantastic Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0611-02" cont="Fantastic Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0611-03" cont="Fantastic Headgear Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0612-01" cont="Novice Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0612-02" cont="Novice Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0612-03" cont="Novice Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0613-01" cont="Adept Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0613-02" cont="Adept Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0613-03" cont="Adept Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0614-01" cont="Expert Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0614-02" cont="Expert Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0614-03" cont="Expert Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0615-01" cont="Master Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0615-02" cont="Master Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0615-03" cont="Master Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0616-01" cont="Famed Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0616-02" cont="Famed Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0616-03" cont="Famed Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0617-01" cont="Fantastic Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0617-02" cont="Fantastic Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0617-03" cont="Fantastic Headpiece Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0618-01" cont="Novice Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0618-02" cont="Novice Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0618-03" cont="Novice Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0619-01" cont="Adept Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0619-02" cont="Adept Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0619-03" cont="Adept Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0620-01" cont="Expert Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0620-02" cont="Expert Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0620-03" cont="Expert Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0621-01" cont="Master Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0621-02" cont="Master Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0621-03" cont="Master Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0622-01" cont="Famed Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0622-02" cont="Famed Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0622-03" cont="Famed Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0623-01" cont="Fantastic Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0623-02" cont="Fantastic Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0623-03" cont="Fantastic Ring Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0624-01" cont="Novice Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0624-02" cont="Novice Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0624-03" cont="Novice Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0625-01" cont="Adept Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0625-02" cont="Adept Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0625-03" cont="Adept Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0626-01" cont="Expert Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0626-02" cont="Expert Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0626-03" cont="Expert Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0627-01" cont="Master Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0627-02" cont="Master Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0627-03" cont="Master Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0628-01" cont="Famed Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0628-02" cont="Famed Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0628-03" cont="Famed Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0629-01" cont="Fantastic Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0629-02" cont="Fantastic Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0629-03" cont="Fantastic Great Sword Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0630-01" cont="Novice Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0630-02" cont="Novice Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0630-03" cont="Novice Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0631-01" cont="Adept Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0631-02" cont="Adept Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0631-03" cont="Adept Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0632-01" cont="Expert Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0632-02" cont="Expert Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0632-03" cont="Expert Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0633-01" cont="Master Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0633-02" cont="Master Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0633-03" cont="Master Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0634-01" cont="Famed Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0634-02" cont="Famed Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0634-03" cont="Famed Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0635-01" cont="Fantastic Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0635-02" cont="Fantastic Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0635-03" cont="Fantastic Plate Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0636-01" cont="Novice Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0636-02" cont="Novice Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0636-03" cont="Novice Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0637-01" cont="Adept Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0637-02" cont="Adept Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0637-03" cont="Adept Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0638-01" cont="Expert Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0638-02" cont="Expert Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0638-03" cont="Expert Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0639-01" cont="Master Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0639-02" cont="Master Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0639-03" cont="Master Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0640-01" cont="Famed Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0640-02" cont="Famed Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0640-03" cont="Famed Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0641-01" cont="Fantastic Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0641-02" cont="Fantastic Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0641-03" cont="Fantastic Coat Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0642-01" cont="Novice Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0642-02" cont="Novice Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0642-03" cont="Novice Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0643-01" cont="Adept Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0643-02" cont="Adept Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0643-03" cont="Adept Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0644-01" cont="Expert Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0644-02" cont="Expert Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0644-03" cont="Expert Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0645-01" cont="Master Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0645-02" cont="Master Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0645-03" cont="Master Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0646-01" cont="Famed Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0646-02" cont="Famed Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0646-03" cont="Famed Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0647-01" cont="Fantastic Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0647-02" cont="Fantastic Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0647-03" cont="Fantastic Suit Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0648-01" cont="Novice Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0648-02" cont="Novice Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0648-03" cont="Novice Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0649-01" cont="Adept Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0649-02" cont="Adept Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0649-03" cont="Adept Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0650-01" cont="Expert Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0650-02" cont="Expert Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0650-03" cont="Expert Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0651-01" cont="Master Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0651-02" cont="Master Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0651-03" cont="Master Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0652-01" cont="Famed Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0652-02" cont="Famed Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0652-03" cont="Famed Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0653-01" cont="Fantastic Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0653-02" cont="Fantastic Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0653-03" cont="Fantastic Amulet Craftsman" />
		<msg id="title_name0654-01" cont="Nevareth Frontier" />
		<msg id="title_name0654-02" cont="Nevareth Frontier" />
		<msg id="title_name0654-03" cont="Nevareth Frontier" />
		<msg id="title_name0655-01" cont="Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0655-02" cont="Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0655-03" cont="Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0656-01" cont="10 Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0656-02" cont="10 Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0656-03" cont="10 Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0657-01" cont="50 Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0657-02" cont="50 Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0657-03" cont="50 Billionaire" />
		<msg id="title_name0658-01" cont="Colony Trainee" />
		<msg id="title_name0658-02" cont="Colony Trainee" />
		<msg id="title_name0658-03" cont="Colony Trainee" />
		<msg id="title_name0659-01" cont="Beginning of The True Human Age" />
		<msg id="title_name0659-02" cont="Beginning of The True Human Age" />
		<msg id="title_name0659-03" cont="Beginning of The True Human Age" />
		<msg id="title_name0660-01" cont="Colony Graduate" />
		<msg id="title_name0660-02" cont="Colony Graduate" />
		<msg id="title_name0660-03" cont="Colony Graduate" />
		<msg id="title_name0661-01" cont="Warrior of Knight Star" />
		<msg id="title_name0661-02" cont="Warrior of Knight Star" />
		<msg id="title_name0661-03" cont="Warrior of Knight Star" />
		<msg id="title_name0662-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0662-02" cont="Luminous Gladiator" />
		<msg id="title_name0662-03" cont="Stormy Gladiator" />
		<msg id="title_name0663-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0663-02" cont="Luminous Great Gladiator" />
		<msg id="title_name0663-03" cont="Stormy Great Gladiator" />
		<msg id="title_name0664-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0664-02" cont="Luminous Supreme Gladiator" />
		<msg id="title_name0664-03" cont="Stormy Supreme Gladiator" />
		<msg id="title_name0665-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0665-02" cont="Luminous Officer" />
		<msg id="title_name0665-03" cont="Stormy Officer" />
		<msg id="title_name0666-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0666-02" cont="Luminous Great Officer" />
		<msg id="title_name0666-03" cont="Stormy Great Officer" />
		<msg id="title_name0667-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0667-02" cont="Luminous Supreme Officer" />
		<msg id="title_name0667-03" cont="Stormy Supreme Officer" />
		<msg id="title_name0668-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0668-02" cont="Luminous Captain" />
		<msg id="title_name0668-03" cont="Stormy Captain" />
		<msg id="title_name0669-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0669-02" cont="Luminous General" />
		<msg id="title_name0669-03" cont="Stormy General" />
		<msg id="title_name0670-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0670-02" cont="Luminous Commander" />
		<msg id="title_name0670-03" cont="Stormy Commander" />
		<msg id="title_name0671-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0671-02" cont="Luminous Hero" />
		<msg id="title_name0671-03" cont="Stormy Hero" />
		<msg id="title_name0672-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0672-02" cont="Luminous Legend" />
		<msg id="title_name0672-03" cont="Stormy Legend" />
		<msg id="title_name0673-01" cont="Class " />
		<msg id="title_name0673-02" cont="Luminous God" />
		<msg id="title_name0673-03" cont="Stormy God" />
		<msg id="title_name0674-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake I" />
		<msg id="title_name0674-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake I" />
		<msg id="title_name0674-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake I" />
		<msg id="title_name0675-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake II" />
		<msg id="title_name0675-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake II" />
		<msg id="title_name0675-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake II" />
		<msg id="title_name0676-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake III" />
		<msg id="title_name0676-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake III" />
		<msg id="title_name0676-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake III" />
		<msg id="title_name0677-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0677-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0677-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0678-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake V" />
		<msg id="title_name0678-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake V" />
		<msg id="title_name0678-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake V" />
		<msg id="title_name0679-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0679-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0679-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0680-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0680-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0680-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0681-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0681-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0681-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0682-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0682-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0682-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0683-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake X" />
		<msg id="title_name0683-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake X" />
		<msg id="title_name0683-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake X" />
		<msg id="title_name0684-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0684-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0684-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0685-01" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0685-02" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0685-03" cont="Ripplet of the Dusk Lake XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0686-01" cont="Disaster of the Dusk Lake" />
		<msg id="title_name0686-02" cont="Disaster of the Dusk Lake" />
		<msg id="title_name0686-03" cont="Disaster of the Dusk Lake" />
		<msg id="title_name0687-01" cont="Old Station Conductor I" />
		<msg id="title_name0687-02" cont="Old Station Conductor I" />
		<msg id="title_name0687-03" cont="Old Station Conductor I" />
		<msg id="title_name0688-01" cont="Old Station Conductor II" />
		<msg id="title_name0688-02" cont="Old Station Conductor II" />
		<msg id="title_name0688-03" cont="Old Station Conductor II" />
		<msg id="title_name0689-01" cont="Old Station Conductor III" />
		<msg id="title_name0689-02" cont="Old Station Conductor III" />
		<msg id="title_name0689-03" cont="Old Station Conductor III" />
		<msg id="title_name0690-01" cont="Old Station Conductor IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0690-02" cont="Old Station Conductor IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0690-03" cont="Old Station Conductor IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0691-01" cont="Old Station Conductor V" />
		<msg id="title_name0691-02" cont="Old Station Conductor V" />
		<msg id="title_name0691-03" cont="Old Station Conductor V" />
		<msg id="title_name0692-01" cont="Old Station Conductor VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0692-02" cont="Old Station Conductor VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0692-03" cont="Old Station Conductor VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0693-01" cont="Old Station Conductor VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0693-02" cont="Old Station Conductor VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0693-03" cont="Old Station Conductor VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0694-01" cont="Old Station Conductor VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0694-02" cont="Old Station Conductor VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0694-03" cont="Old Station Conductor VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0695-01" cont="Old Station Conductor IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0695-02" cont="Old Station Conductor IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0695-03" cont="Old Station Conductor IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0696-01" cont="Old Station Conductor X" />
		<msg id="title_name0696-02" cont="Old Station Conductor X" />
		<msg id="title_name0696-03" cont="Old Station Conductor X" />
		<msg id="title_name0697-01" cont="Old Station Conductor XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0697-02" cont="Old Station Conductor XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0697-03" cont="Old Station Conductor XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0698-01" cont="Old Station Conductor XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0698-02" cont="Old Station Conductor XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0698-03" cont="Old Station Conductor XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0699-01" cont="Diligent Old Station Conductor" />
		<msg id="title_name0699-02" cont="Diligent Old Station Conductor" />
		<msg id="title_name0699-03" cont="Diligent Old Station Conductor" />
		<msg id="title_name0700-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits I" />
		<msg id="title_name0700-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits I" />
		<msg id="title_name0700-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits I" />
		<msg id="title_name0701-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits II" />
		<msg id="title_name0701-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits II" />
		<msg id="title_name0701-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits II" />
		<msg id="title_name0702-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits III" />
		<msg id="title_name0702-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits III" />
		<msg id="title_name0702-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits III" />
		<msg id="title_name0703-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0703-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0703-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0704-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits V" />
		<msg id="title_name0704-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits V" />
		<msg id="title_name0704-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits V" />
		<msg id="title_name0705-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0705-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0705-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0706-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0706-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0706-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0707-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0707-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0707-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0708-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0708-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0708-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0709-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits X" />
		<msg id="title_name0709-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits X" />
		<msg id="title_name0709-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits X" />
		<msg id="title_name0710-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0710-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0710-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0711-01" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0711-02" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0711-03" cont="Shelter of Earth-Bound Spirits XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0712-01" cont="Haven of Earth-Bound Spirits" />
		<msg id="title_name0712-02" cont="Haven of Earth-Bound Spirits" />
		<msg id="title_name0712-03" cont="Haven of Earth-Bound Spirits" />
		<msg id="title_name0713-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0713-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0713-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0714-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0714-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0714-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0715-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0715-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0715-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0716-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0716-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0716-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0717-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0717-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0717-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0718-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0718-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0718-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0719-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0719-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0719-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0720-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0720-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0720-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0721-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0721-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0721-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0722-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0722-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0722-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0723-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0723-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0723-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0724-01" cont="Lava Cave Explorer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0724-02" cont="Lava Cave Explorer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0724-03" cont="Lava Cave Explorer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0725-01" cont="Reliable Lava Cave Explorer" />
		<msg id="title_name0725-02" cont="Reliable Lava Cave Explorer" />
		<msg id="title_name0725-03" cont="Reliable Lava Cave Explorer" />
		<msg id="title_name0726-01" cont="Immortality Seeker I" />
		<msg id="title_name0726-02" cont="Immortality Seeker I" />
		<msg id="title_name0726-03" cont="Immortality Seeker I" />
		<msg id="title_name0727-01" cont="Immortality Seeker II" />
		<msg id="title_name0727-02" cont="Immortality Seeker II" />
		<msg id="title_name0727-03" cont="Immortality Seeker II" />
		<msg id="title_name0728-01" cont="Immortality Seeker III" />
		<msg id="title_name0728-02" cont="Immortality Seeker III" />
		<msg id="title_name0728-03" cont="Immortality Seeker III" />
		<msg id="title_name0729-01" cont="Immortality Seeker IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0729-02" cont="Immortality Seeker IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0729-03" cont="Immortality Seeker IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0730-01" cont="Immortality Seeker V" />
		<msg id="title_name0730-02" cont="Immortality Seeker V" />
		<msg id="title_name0730-03" cont="Immortality Seeker V" />
		<msg id="title_name0731-01" cont="Immortality Seeker VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0731-02" cont="Immortality Seeker VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0731-03" cont="Immortality Seeker VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0732-01" cont="Immortality Seeker VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0732-02" cont="Immortality Seeker VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0732-03" cont="Immortality Seeker VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0733-01" cont="Immortality Seeker VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0733-02" cont="Immortality Seeker VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0733-03" cont="Immortality Seeker VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0734-01" cont="Immortality Seeker IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0734-02" cont="Immortality Seeker IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0734-03" cont="Immortality Seeker IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0735-01" cont="Immortality Seeker X" />
		<msg id="title_name0735-02" cont="Immortality Seeker X" />
		<msg id="title_name0735-03" cont="Immortality Seeker X" />
		<msg id="title_name0736-01" cont="Immortality Seeker XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0736-02" cont="Immortality Seeker XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0736-03" cont="Immortality Seeker XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0737-01" cont="Immortality Seeker XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0737-02" cont="Immortality Seeker XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0737-03" cont="Immortality Seeker XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0738-01" cont="Respectful Immortality Seeker" />
		<msg id="title_name0738-02" cont="Respectful Immortality Seeker" />
		<msg id="title_name0738-03" cont="Respectful Immortality Seeker" />
		<msg id="title_name0739-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0739-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0739-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0740-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0740-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0740-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0741-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0741-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0741-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0742-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0742-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0742-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0743-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0743-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0743-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0744-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0744-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0744-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0745-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0745-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0745-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0746-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0746-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0746-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0747-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0747-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0747-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0748-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0748-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0748-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0749-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0749-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0749-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0750-01" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0750-02" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0750-03" cont="Mutant Life Discoverer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0751-01" cont="Lucky Mutant Life Discoverer" />
		<msg id="title_name0751-02" cont="Lucky Mutant Life Discoverer" />
		<msg id="title_name0751-03" cont="Lucky Mutant Life Discoverer" />
		<msg id="title_name0752-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0752-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0752-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0753-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0753-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0753-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0754-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0754-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0754-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0755-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0755-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0755-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0756-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0756-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0756-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0757-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0757-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0757-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0758-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0758-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0758-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0759-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0759-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0759-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0760-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0760-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0760-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0761-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0761-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0761-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0762-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0762-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0762-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0763-01" cont="Secret Test Obstructer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0763-02" cont="Secret Test Obstructer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0763-03" cont="Secret Test Obstructer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0764-01" cont="Persistent Secret Test Obstructer" />
		<msg id="title_name0764-02" cont="Persistent Secret Test Obstructer" />
		<msg id="title_name0764-03" cont="Persistent Secret Test Obstructer" />
		<msg id="title_name0765-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0765-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0765-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0766-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0766-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0766-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0767-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0767-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0767-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0768-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0768-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0768-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0769-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0769-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0769-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0770-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0770-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0770-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0771-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0771-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0771-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0772-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0772-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0772-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0773-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0773-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0773-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0774-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0774-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0774-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0775-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0775-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0775-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0776-01" cont="Lost World Pioneer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0776-02" cont="Lost World Pioneer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0776-03" cont="Lost World Pioneer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0777-01" cont="Brave Lost World Pioneer" />
		<msg id="title_name0777-02" cont="Brave Lost World Pioneer" />
		<msg id="title_name0777-03" cont="Brave Lost World Pioneer" />
		<msg id="title_name0778-01" cont="First Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0778-02" cont="First Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0778-03" cont="First Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0779-01" cont="Second Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0779-02" cont="Second Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0779-03" cont="Second Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0780-01" cont="Third Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0780-02" cont="Third Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0780-03" cont="Third Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0781-01" cont="Fourth Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0781-02" cont="Fourth Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0781-03" cont="Fourth Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0782-01" cont="Last Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0782-02" cont="Last Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0782-03" cont="Last Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0783-01" cont="Beyond Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0783-02" cont="Beyond Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0783-03" cont="Beyond Chaos Boundary" />
		<msg id="title_name0784-01" cont="The New Beginning of Chaos" />
		<msg id="title_name0784-02" cont="The New Beginning of Chaos" />
		<msg id="title_name0784-03" cont="The New Beginning of Chaos" />
		<msg id="title_name0785-01" cont="Master Sword Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0785-02" cont="Master Sword Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0785-03" cont="Master Sword Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0786-01" cont="Master Armor Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0786-02" cont="Master Armor Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0786-03" cont="Master Armor Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0787-01" cont="Master Battle Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0787-02" cont="Master Battle Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0787-03" cont="Master Battle Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0788-01" cont="Master Martial Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0788-02" cont="Master Martial Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0788-03" cont="Master Martial Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0789-01" cont="Master Artifact Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0789-02" cont="Master Artifact Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0789-03" cont="Master Artifact Smith" />
		<msg id="title_name0790-01" cont="Accomplishment of Sublime Revolution " />
		<msg id="title_name0790-02" cont="Accomplishment of Sublime Revolution " />
		<msg id="title_name0790-03" cont="Accomplishment of Sublime Revolution " />
		<msg id="title_name0791-01" cont="Vanguard of Sublime Revolution" />
		<msg id="title_name0791-02" cont="Vanguard of Sublime Revolution" />
		<msg id="title_name0791-03" cont="Vanguard of Sublime Revolution" />
		<msg id="title_name0792-01" cont="Nevareth Squadron" />
		<msg id="title_name0792-02" cont="Nevareth Squadron" />
		<msg id="title_name0792-03" cont="Nevareth Squadron" />
		<msg id="title_name0793-01" cont="Nevareth Regiment" />
		<msg id="title_name0793-02" cont="Nevareth Regiment" />
		<msg id="title_name0793-03" cont="Nevareth Regiment" />
		<msg id="title_name0794-01" cont="Nevareth Division" />
		<msg id="title_name0794-02" cont="Nevareth Division" />
		<msg id="title_name0794-03" cont="Nevareth Division" />
		<msg id="title_name0795-01" cont="Contamination Curer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0795-02" cont="Contamination Curer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0795-03" cont="Contamination Curer I" />
		<msg id="title_name0796-01" cont="Contamination Curer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0796-02" cont="Contamination Curer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0796-03" cont="Contamination Curer II" />
		<msg id="title_name0797-01" cont="Contamination Curer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0797-02" cont="Contamination Curer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0797-03" cont="Contamination Curer III" />
		<msg id="title_name0798-01" cont="Contamination Curer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0798-02" cont="Contamination Curer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0798-03" cont="Contamination Curer IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0799-01" cont="Contamination Curer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0799-02" cont="Contamination Curer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0799-03" cont="Contamination Curer V" />
		<msg id="title_name0800-01" cont="Contamination Curer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0800-02" cont="Contamination Curer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0800-03" cont="Contamination Curer VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0801-01" cont="Contamination Curer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0801-02" cont="Contamination Curer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0801-03" cont="Contamination Curer VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0802-01" cont="Contamination Curer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0802-02" cont="Contamination Curer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0802-03" cont="Contamination Curer VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0803-01" cont="Contamination Curer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0803-02" cont="Contamination Curer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0803-03" cont="Contamination Curer IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0804-01" cont="Contamination Curer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0804-02" cont="Contamination Curer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0804-03" cont="Contamination Curer X" />
		<msg id="title_name0805-01" cont="Contamination Curer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0805-02" cont="Contamination Curer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0805-03" cont="Contamination Curer XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0806-01" cont="Contamination Curer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0806-02" cont="Contamination Curer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0806-03" cont="Contamination Curer XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0807-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge I" />
		<msg id="title_name0807-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge I" />
		<msg id="title_name0807-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge I" />
		<msg id="title_name0808-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge II" />
		<msg id="title_name0808-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge II" />
		<msg id="title_name0808-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge II" />
		<msg id="title_name0809-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge III" />
		<msg id="title_name0809-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge III" />
		<msg id="title_name0809-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge III" />
		<msg id="title_name0810-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0810-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0810-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0811-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge V" />
		<msg id="title_name0811-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge V" />
		<msg id="title_name0811-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge V" />
		<msg id="title_name0812-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0812-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0812-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0813-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0813-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0813-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0814-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0814-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0814-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0815-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0815-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0815-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0816-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge X" />
		<msg id="title_name0816-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge X" />
		<msg id="title_name0816-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge X" />
		<msg id="title_name0817-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0817-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0817-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0818-01" cont="Rotten Seed Judge XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0818-02" cont="Rotten Seed Judge XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0818-03" cont="Rotten Seed Judge XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0819-01" cont="Fascinated by Twilight I" />
		<msg id="title_name0819-02" cont="Fascinated by Twilight I" />
		<msg id="title_name0819-03" cont="Fascinated by Twilight I" />
		<msg id="title_name0820-01" cont="Fascinated by Twilight II" />
		<msg id="title_name0820-02" cont="Fascinated by Twilight II" />
		<msg id="title_name0820-03" cont="Fascinated by Twilight II" />
		<msg id="title_name0821-01" cont="Fascinated by Twilight III" />
		<msg id="title_name0821-02" cont="Fascinated by Twilight III" />
		<msg id="title_name0821-03" cont="Fascinated by Twilight III" />
		<msg id="title_name0822-01" cont="Visitor of Old Station I" />
		<msg id="title_name0822-02" cont="Visitor of Old Station I" />
		<msg id="title_name0822-03" cont="Visitor of Old Station I" />
		<msg id="title_name0823-01" cont="Visitor of Old Station II" />
		<msg id="title_name0823-02" cont="Visitor of Old Station II" />
		<msg id="title_name0823-03" cont="Visitor of Old Station II" />
		<msg id="title_name0824-01" cont="Visitor of Old Station III" />
		<msg id="title_name0824-02" cont="Visitor of Old Station III" />
		<msg id="title_name0824-03" cont="Visitor of Old Station III" />
		<msg id="title_name0825-01" cont="Spirit Facers I" />
		<msg id="title_name0825-02" cont="Spirit Facers I" />
		<msg id="title_name0825-03" cont="Spirit Facers I" />
		<msg id="title_name0826-01" cont="Spirit Facers II" />
		<msg id="title_name0826-02" cont="Spirit Facers II" />
		<msg id="title_name0826-03" cont="Spirit Facers II" />
		<msg id="title_name0827-01" cont="Spirit Facers III" />
		<msg id="title_name0827-02" cont="Spirit Facers III" />
		<msg id="title_name0827-03" cont="Spirit Facers III" />
		<msg id="title_name0828-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History I" />
		<msg id="title_name0828-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History I" />
		<msg id="title_name0828-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History I" />
		<msg id="title_name0829-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History II" />
		<msg id="title_name0829-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History II" />
		<msg id="title_name0829-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History II" />
		<msg id="title_name0830-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History III" />
		<msg id="title_name0830-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History III" />
		<msg id="title_name0830-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History III" />
		<msg id="title_name0831-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0831-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0831-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0832-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History V" />
		<msg id="title_name0832-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History V" />
		<msg id="title_name0832-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History V" />
		<msg id="title_name0833-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0833-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0833-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0834-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0834-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0834-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0835-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0835-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0835-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0836-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0836-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0836-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0837-01" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History X" />
		<msg id="title_name0837-02" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History X" />
		<msg id="title_name0837-03" cont="The Heir of Nevareth History X" />
		<msg id="title_name0838-01" cont="Fed by GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0838-02" cont="Fed by GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0838-03" cont="Fed by GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0839-01" cont="Could have been fed by GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0839-02" cont="Could have been fed by GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0839-03" cont="Could have been fed by GM" />
		<msg id="title_name0840-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior I" />
		<msg id="title_name0840-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior I" />
		<msg id="title_name0840-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior I" />
		<msg id="title_name0841-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior II" />
		<msg id="title_name0841-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior II" />
		<msg id="title_name0841-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior II" />
		<msg id="title_name0842-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior III" />
		<msg id="title_name0842-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior III" />
		<msg id="title_name0842-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior III" />
		<msg id="title_name0843-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0843-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0843-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0844-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior V" />
		<msg id="title_name0844-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior V" />
		<msg id="title_name0844-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior V" />
		<msg id="title_name0845-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0845-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0845-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0846-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0846-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0846-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0847-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0847-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0847-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0848-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0848-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0848-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0849-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior X" />
		<msg id="title_name0849-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior X" />
		<msg id="title_name0849-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior X" />
		<msg id="title_name0850-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0850-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0850-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0851-01" cont="Distorted Soul Savior XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0851-02" cont="Distorted Soul Savior XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0851-03" cont="Distorted Soul Savior XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0852-01" cont="The Member of the Nevareth Resolutionary Party" />
		<msg id="title_name0852-02" cont="The Member of the Nevareth Resolutionary Party" />
		<msg id="title_name0852-03" cont="The Member of the Nevareth Resolutionary Party" />
		<msg id="title_name0853-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert I" />
		<msg id="title_name0853-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert I" />
		<msg id="title_name0853-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert I" />
		<msg id="title_name0854-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert II" />
		<msg id="title_name0854-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert II" />
		<msg id="title_name0854-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert II" />
		<msg id="title_name0855-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert III" />
		<msg id="title_name0855-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert III" />
		<msg id="title_name0855-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert III" />
		<msg id="title_name0856-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0856-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0856-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0857-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert V" />
		<msg id="title_name0857-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert V" />
		<msg id="title_name0857-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert V" />
		<msg id="title_name0858-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0858-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0858-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0859-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0859-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0859-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0860-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0860-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0860-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0861-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0861-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0861-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0862-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert X" />
		<msg id="title_name0862-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert X" />
		<msg id="title_name0862-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert X" />
		<msg id="title_name0863-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0863-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0863-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert XI" />
		<msg id="title_name0864-01" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0864-02" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0864-03" cont="Phantasmal Origin Expert XII" />
		<msg id="title_name0865-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos I" />
		<msg id="title_name0865-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos I" />
		<msg id="title_name0865-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos I" />
		<msg id="title_name0866-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos II" />
		<msg id="title_name0866-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos II" />
		<msg id="title_name0866-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos II" />
		<msg id="title_name0867-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos III" />
		<msg id="title_name0867-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos III" />
		<msg id="title_name0867-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos III" />
		<msg id="title_name0868-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0868-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0868-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos IV" />
		<msg id="title_name0869-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos V" />
		<msg id="title_name0869-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos V" />
		<msg id="title_name0869-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos V" />
		<msg id="title_name0870-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0870-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0870-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VI" />
		<msg id="title_name0871-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0871-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0871-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VII" />
		<msg id="title_name0872-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0872-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0872-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos VIII" />
		<msg id="title_name0873-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0873-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0873-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos IX" />
		<msg id="title_name0874-01" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos X" />
		<msg id="title_name0874-02" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos X" />
		<msg id="title_name0874-03" cont="The Peacemaker in Chaos X" />
		<msg id="title_name0875-01" cont="Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0875-02" cont="Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0875-03" cont="Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0876-01" cont="Novice Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0876-02" cont="Novice Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0876-03" cont="Novice Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0877-01" cont="Adept Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0877-02" cont="Adept Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0877-03" cont="Adept Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0878-01" cont="Expert Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0878-02" cont="Expert Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0878-03" cont="Expert Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0879-01" cont="Master Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0879-02" cont="Master Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0879-03" cont="Master Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0880-01" cont="Famed Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0880-02" cont="Famed Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0880-03" cont="Famed Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0881-01" cont="Fantastic Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0881-02" cont="Fantastic Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0881-03" cont="Fantastic Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0882-01" cont="Genius Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0882-02" cont="Genius Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0882-03" cont="Genius Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0883-01" cont="Legendary Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0883-02" cont="Legendary Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0883-03" cont="Legendary Manticore Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0884-01" cont="Manticore's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0884-02" cont="Manticore's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0884-03" cont="Manticore's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0885-01" cont="Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0885-02" cont="Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0885-03" cont="Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0886-01" cont="Novice Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0886-02" cont="Novice Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0886-03" cont="Novice Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0887-01" cont="Adept Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0887-02" cont="Adept Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0887-03" cont="Adept Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0888-01" cont="Expert Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0888-02" cont="Expert Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0888-03" cont="Expert Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0889-01" cont="Master Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0889-02" cont="Master Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0889-03" cont="Master Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0890-01" cont="Famed Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0890-02" cont="Famed Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0890-03" cont="Famed Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0891-01" cont="Fantastic Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0891-02" cont="Fantastic Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0891-03" cont="Fantastic Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0892-01" cont="Genius Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0892-02" cont="Genius Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0892-03" cont="Genius Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0893-01" cont="Legendary Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0893-02" cont="Legendary Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0893-03" cont="Legendary Kimzark Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0894-01" cont="Kimzark's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0894-02" cont="Kimzark's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0894-03" cont="Kimzark's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0895-01" cont="Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0895-02" cont="Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0895-03" cont="Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0896-01" cont="Novice Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0896-02" cont="Novice Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0896-03" cont="Novice Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0897-01" cont="Adept Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0897-02" cont="Adept Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0897-03" cont="Adept Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0898-01" cont="Expert Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0898-02" cont="Expert Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0898-03" cont="Expert Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0899-01" cont="Master Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0899-02" cont="Master Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0899-03" cont="Master Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0900-01" cont="Famed Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0900-02" cont="Famed Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0900-03" cont="Famed Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0901-01" cont="Fantastic Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0901-02" cont="Fantastic Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0901-03" cont="Fantastic Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0902-01" cont="Genius Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0902-02" cont="Genius Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0902-03" cont="Genius Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0903-01" cont="Legendary Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0903-02" cont="Legendary Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0903-03" cont="Legendary Minisha Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0904-01" cont="Minisha's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0904-02" cont="Minisha's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0904-03" cont="Minisha's Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0905-01" cont="Chief Obstructer" />
		<msg id="title_name0905-02" cont="Chief Obstructer" />
		<msg id="title_name0905-03" cont="Chief Obstructer" />
		<msg id="title_name0906-01" cont="Chief Chaser" />
		<msg id="title_name0906-02" cont="Chief Chaser" />
		<msg id="title_name0906-03" cont="Chief Chaser" />
		<msg id="title_name0907-01" cont="Chief Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0907-02" cont="Chief Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0907-03" cont="Chief Hunter" />
		<msg id="title_name0908-01" cont="Chief Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0908-02" cont="Chief Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0908-03" cont="Chief Nemesis" />
		<msg id="title_name0909-01" cont="Chief Sovereign" />
		<msg id="title_name0909-02" cont="Chief Sovereign" />
		<msg id="title_name0909-03" cont="Chief Sovereign" />
		<msg id="title_name0910-01" cont="The 1st Hero of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0910-02" cont="The 1st Hero of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0910-03" cont="The 1st Hero of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0911-01" cont="The 1st Knight of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0911-02" cont="The 1st Knight of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0911-03" cont="The 1st Knight of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0912-01" cont="The 1st Leader of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0912-02" cont="The 1st Leader of Nevareth" />
		<msg id="title_name0912-03" cont="The 1st Leader of Nevareth" />