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Error converting data type numeric to int

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Dec 10, 2009
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So my roomie and I finally got our lil server up using SerusUriel repack. Started up fine and our friends could log on but then suddenly i couldn't use /sys message command or /say anyone in game. So i logged off and tried to re log and couldn't log in.

So i checked the CQuery-LogFile and noticed i came up with this error:?:

query:LOG_STR 'L1',@im_idPlayer='0000005',@iserverindex='01',@im_nExp1=2449828000,@im_nLevel=121,@im_nJob=25,@im_nJobLv=0,@im_nFlightLv=1,@im_nStr=15,@im_nDex=15,@im_nInt=15,@im_nSta=15,@im_nRemainGP=301,@im_nRemainLP=0,@iState='O',@idwWorldID=0,@ikilled_m_szName='(null)',@im_vPos_x=0.000000,@im_vPos_y=0.000000,@im_vPos_z=0.000000,@iattackPower=880447954,@imax_HP=0,@im_GetszName='(null)',@im_dwGold=0,@im_nRemainGold=0,@iItem_UniqueNo=0,@iItem_Name='',@iItem_durability=0,@iItem_count=0,@iItem_AddLv=0,@iStart_Time='(null)',@iTotalPlayTime=0,@iremoteIP='(null)',@iQuest_Index=0,@ikilled_m_idPlayer='0000000'
SQLSTATE:42000 error:[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Error converting data type numeric to int.

Restarted the servers up and was able to log in and function fine. Left it on for like 10mins or so and ended up having the same problem again with the chatting and then i couldn't log back in when i re loged and came up with the same error.:scared:

Hope someone has a idea whats happening because google isn't helping me much :*:

======= figured it out lol, nvm ========
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