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Eternal Sin - Introduction

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Apr 11, 2023
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default_npc - Eternal Sin - Introduction - RaGEZONE Forums

Greetings to all Lineage 2 fans!

I am sure that many of you know the legendary server Eternal Sin C4 which brought us a lot of pleasant moments. A lot of time has passed since those moments and we all grew up and gained life experiences. So why am I saying this?
I noticed that some people are trying to open this server in order to bring back the old times and feelings. It is very commendable that people still have not forgotten this server. But due to obvious reasons, they quickly close and cannot continue to work. Even with ready-made material in their hands, they all try to change something in the server and break the whole ES-L2 mechanics and prevent people from playing it the way it should be. Someone is changing the farming system and its complexity. Someone adds new things or maps that no one needs. They think that changing what they have will bring them more players or I don't know maybe more money. You all must understand that the ES-L2 must remain as it was and is. Because the developer Oreo had a basic understanding of this project and he alone knows what this project might be like in the future.

Now I'll tell you about us and our plans.

We are a development team from Canada. Also former Eternal Sin players. We plan to open this server based on the original files. Make our efforts only to develop the technical side of this server and leave the gameplay itself as it was, as it should be. We want to present this server to all the true players of the ES-L2 on a professional level.

What do we promise?
- Retail Scions of Destiny (CH4) server based on ES-L2 scripts.
- Same gameplay, items, systems.
- Not quantity but quality.
- Long-life server.
- Not any changes in gameplay. (If you think that we can't? We can, but we consider it unnecessary)
- No fast farming.
- Not any corruption.
- 0 tolerance for all violations.


Is this the original server of C4 Eternal Sin?

A: It is based on original ES-L2 C4 files which was upgraded and polished by our developers but not maintaining by former team.

Q: Is this a downgrade from Interlude to C4?

A: No it's not. We are using Retail C4 Server binaries with our own designed extender.

Q: Can I use Interlude Client in order to play?

A: No you cannot. This is the original Scions of Destiny Chronicles on 656 protocol.

Q: Is this server will be any different than old Eternal Sin server?

A: Our goal is to maintain a stable and qualified ES-L2 server based on retail settings. We are not planning to do such changes.

We do not ask anyone for anything and do everything on our own strength and finances. Therefore, we do not owe anything to anyone and do it all on a volunteer basis. We invite everyone to play on our server. This is a long journey to prepare everything so we are waiting for everyone who even never tried ES-L2 server before to give a one shot. Stay with us!

I have created a discord server where we can stay together until the grand opening and when everything will be ready, we will create a new topic on server previews.

Discord: https://discord.gg/es-l2

Thank to all users of this forum and RZ Staff.

Kind regards!

Eternal Sin Team
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