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[Evaluation] Developing EP7v2 (gunner) In Windows 8 Enterprise

Apr 15, 2010
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Hello All of RZ member and non-member.
Apologize my bad English.

Now I wanna show You my server that work on windows 8 behind the router.

I'm using:
SQL Server: 2008 MSE :eek:tt1:
Database: EP7v1
Server Files: gunner_server_files_gift_to_all (it must be familiar with You)
Client: RaceRan
GMC: Ep6 GMC by Rosed Project
Connection: Static IP 10Mbps
Port Configuration: I use Mikrotik as Router and have port forward to all needed ports. But still need interceptor. :closedeyes:
Proc: i3

Yeah, i success not fully when make this, my servers working fine. Buth when see the client, i need to go to the toilet. Because very much error there. :eek:tt1:

1. No Loading Screens.
2. When move to another map by using the portals, the client suddenly lost connection (like a disconnected internet).
4. Cannot delete char.
5. And so many error that can makes you go to the toilet too. :*:

EP7Win8 - [Evaluation] Developing EP7v2 (gunner) In Windows 8 Enterprise - RaGEZONE Forums

things i would ask
1. Am I need another client to do this smoothly without go to the toilet?
2. Am I can't use SQL 2008?
3. Am I going to die?

I don't know,
I try Ep7 dev because i've finished my job on Ep6s2 and earlier. Ep7 is much faster on server, really faster on server side. Not like the EP 6 development or earlier.

May be All master can help, or can follow me to go to the toilet.

Warm Regards


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