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Everquest problem :(

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Mar 5, 2003
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This is offtopic.. but hey peeps I wanna know if any of you have played EQ(Everquest)..

I play the game and during it while im pking and just walking down the corridors in hhk(high hold keep) there is a physical memory dump or a Game Error that just shuts EQ down..

I use EQ Windows.. this is my brothers computer.. and he has a 9XXXX Radeon Pro with Driver the newest driver on the eq.live.st*****.com AMD anthlon 2100+ ,1.73GHz ,512MB of RAM and its a 80GB computer but is split into 2.. it has 18 and 58.5 on the other (thats supposed to be 80..... lolz it says 80) well the EQ is on the 18 and the 18 on has 1GIG left on it.. Well anyweyz I have no Idea what is causin this problem its supposed to be the driver that supports all the other drivers, but the game usta work really well. Now if any of you guys can help me... that would be great :) .. hehe thats alot :rolleyes: for a game some of you have never played before :eek: I hate readin that much :ehwatever

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Feb 19, 2003
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if it worked b4 and its since u updated the driver, then do a driver rollback and go back to the old 1s,

ati = poop drivers
n vidia = good drivers

thats how i see it :p