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Exclamation's Drinking Logic

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Apr 2, 2003
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Maka's party's coming. Here's the plan:

[23:19:30] [CsR]Exclama: oo btw wud u be able to wait till october for
next rageparty? the 1 at makas i mean
[23:19:36] [CsR]Exclama: so cap n kitten n more ppl can com
[23:19:53] (B) Speedhor: lol I'll w8 as long as u want
[23:20:04] (B) Speedhor: good that actually coz means Kyle can come
[23:20:53] [CsR]Exclama: kool ^__^ if we make it like the 2nd saturday
every1 shud be able 2 go and its 2 days b4 i leave to go
for the world championships :D
[23:20:56] [CsR]Exclama: lol
[23:21:07] (B) Speedhor: lol
[23:21:07] [CsR]Exclama: so i cant afford 2 die at the party
[23:21:13] [CsR]Exclama: or get lost on way back
[23:21:26] (B) Speedhor: don't worry I won't make u drink much
[23:21:32] (B) Speedhor: honestly :evilfire:
[23:21:38] [CsR]Exclama: :D
[23:22:02] [CsR]Exclama: didnt do to bad after the last party tho :D
so im thinkin drink loads an pass out again i shud win
[23:22:08] [CsR]Exclama: if my maths is correct anyway
[23:22:44] (B) Speedhor: lmao
[23:22:48] (B) Speedhor: seems logical
[23:26:43] [CsR]Exclama: lots of drink = fun
too much fun = hangover
hangover + water = feel better
win fight after lots of drink + fun = good
lots of drink + fun = hangover + water = win
so if i divide by water i get,

drink + fun win
-------- = hangover = -----
water water
so really i dont know wtf im talking about, id best just
get really fookin drunk and fall over
[23:27:16] (B) Speedhor: win/water= YES
[23:27:19] (B) Speedhor: solution
[23:27:25] (B) Speedhor: DRINK LOADS
[23:27:26] (B) Speedhor: (y)
[23:27:40] (B) Speedhor: man we are so clever

I'll drink 2 that :beerpals:
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