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[FAQ]Quick RO Q/A Thread

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Apr 23, 2005
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About: this thread will help you start a server and fix some problems, yes you can add your own faq's, NO you cannot ask for help in this thread.

Please read this post before you ask something !
(just use CTRL+F to search for something your looking an answer for)

Ah well, here we go!


1: Where can I set the rates?
-go to your eathena folder /config / battle / exp.txt , in this file you can set your rates
(// Rate at which exp. is given. (Note 2) (Note 3)
base_exp_rate: <-- 100 = 1x rate, 1000 = 10x rates , etc )

2: Where can I turn multi level up on?
-Its in the same file as the rates, right under the job exp rates,
you'll see a line like this: multi_level_up: no
change it to multi_level_up: yes

3: I want to put off the exp penalties ! what to do?
-go to your eathena folder / config / battle / exp.txt , scroll a bit down till you find this line:
// When a player dies, how should we penalize them?
// 0 = No penalty.
// 1 = Lose % of current level when killed.
// 2 = Lose % of total experience when killed.
death_penalty_type: 1 <change this to 0 for no penalty.


1: Where can I change the drop rates?
-go to your eathenafolder/config/battle/drops folder, in this file you can set your drop rates.
just search till you find this line:
// The rate the common items are dropped (Items that are in the ETC tab, besides card)
item_rate_common: 100 <-- 100 = 1x drop rate, 1000 = 10x drop rate, etc)
item_rate_common_boss: 100 <--- drop rate for bosses
item_drop_common_min: 1 <--- minimal drop rate
item_drop_common_max: 10000 <--- maximum drop rate.
In the same file you can set up the card drop rate, healing drop rate, gear droprate, etc.

2: How can I make my luk affect my drop rate ?
its in the same file as the drop rates, just scroll totally down till you see this line;
/Alternate System: Your luk affects the drop rates on a relative basis.
//Setting to 100 means each luk adds 1% chance to find items
//(So at 100 luk, everything will have double chance of dropping).
drops_by_luk2: 0 <-- (100 = e.a luk = 1%, 1000 = 10%, etc)

3: How can I make so that the server announces when someone finds a rare item?
Just like the drop rate and the luk affect, its in the same folder !
Search for these lines:
// Make broadcast ** Player1 won Pupa's Pupa Card (chance 0.01%) ***
// Note: It also announces STEAL skill usage with rare items
// 0 = don't show announces at all
// 1 = show announces for 0.01% drop chance items
// 333 = show announces for 3.33% or lower drop chance items
// 10000 = show announces for all items
rare_drop_announce: 0 <-- setting this to 1 or 333, not 10000, cause it will announce EVERY item you find, so that would be a total chaos.


1:I want to use all the skills as a GM !
-Go to your eathenafolder/conf/battle/gm.txt, and you'll see this line:
// [GM] Can use all skills? (No or mimimum GM level)
gm_all_skill: no <-- just type yes instead of no and the GM can use ALL the skills available in RO!
Alot of other things about a GM can be changed here, like that your GM can put on everything (like a mirror shield with an archer.)

2: where can I set my GM account?
-go to your eathenafolder/conf/GM_account.txt,
and put in your account ID.
(if you are using SQL, you have to edit it in the query browser to (go to "login", and click on your account and change the "level" to 99 (wich is normally 0 ) )

3: Where can I find the GM commands?
-The GM commands can be found in the files help.txt and help2.txt in your eathenafolder/conf folder.

FAQ: @ commands

1:eek:mfg I want to set my @ commands, but where must I look?!
-go to your eathenafolder/conf/atcommand_athena, open it and just look for the @commands you want to enable for normal players.
when you find them, change the number to 0 (for normal players) if you want normal players to be able to use them.


1: Where are the NPC's located?
-The NPC folder is located at eathenafolder/npc .
There are alot of folders in there in wich are all different NPC's, according to the folder names, so all Kafras are stored in the folder called Kafra.

2: I want a custom warper!!!!!
-In the NPC folder, go look for the file scripts_custom.txt,
after that go look for the warper:
// -- City and Dungeon Warper
//npc: npc/custom/warper/warper.txt

Just unlock it, by removed the "//" from the line //npc: npc/custom/warper/warper.txt.

so it will look like this:
// -- City and Dungeon Warper
npc: npc/custom/warper/warper.txt

If you want to enable other custom npc's,
just unlock them !

3: I want to add my own custom npc, but how do I do that?
make a new folder in your Npc folder, and call it whatever you like, and put your npc txt file in there.
after that, go to scripts_custom, and add in this:

// --------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------- Custom ---------------------------
// ------------------------- My own custom NPC's -------------------------
npc: npc/"your npc custom folder name"/"the name of the txt file"
npc: npc/kinotocustom/sexywarper.txt

FAQ: Dyes and Hairstyles

1: Where can I add in more dyes and hairstyles?
-you can change them in your aethenafolder/conf/battle/client.txt,
and you'll see these lines:

// valid range of dye's and styles on the client
min_hair_style: 0
max_hair_style: 23 < set it to 23 or more !
min_hair_color: 0
max_hair_color: 251 < set it to 251 or more!
min_cloth_color: 0
max_cloth_color: 77 < 77 or more !

After you've done this, just make a special dye npc, wich supports all the dyes and hairstyles !

FAQ: Server announcements

1: How can to change the Wisp name that announces the server announcements?
-please go to your eathenafolder/conf/char_athena.txt,
You'll see this line:
// Wisp name for server: used to send wisp from server to players (between 4 to 23 characters)
wisp_server_name: YourRO announcement <-- change this to your servername !

2: where can I set the MOTD? (message of the day)
-just open eathenafolder/conf/motd.txt , and change your MOTD to your likings
(when you lock them ( // ) , that line will not be shown in the MOTD ingame. )

3:(ingame) Whats the difference between /b and /lb?
-the difference is that /b (broadcast) will be all over the server, and /lb (local broadcast) will only be shown at the map you are on atm
Here are some different broadcast types:
/b (broadcast over the server)
/nb (nameless broadcast over the server, without your GM character name)
/lb (local broadcast, will only broadcast on the map you are on)
/nlb (nameless local broadcast , will only broadcast on the map you are on, without your GM's character name)

FAQ: Banning

1: How can I ban someone?
-Go to your eathenafolder/conf/login_athena.txt, and look for the following line:
// Indicate the IP that the server refuse.
// Add as many IP's as you wish, as long as you put deny: before it.
deny: <-- dont forget to unlock them (delete the // )
p.s , this ip is from an server hacker that I caught when he tried to overflood everything. so you can also put this ip in there ! xP

Credits: Kinoto-chan

Okay. Here are the basic way to protect your system from intruders/hackers from getting in/hacking your system.

1. Get the best firewalls in the web today.
- This is the first step in protecting your system from unwanted attacks. But just placing the firewall is just lame. So, to use some ports for eA, allow ports 6900,6121 and 5121(The default) or the ports you use for eA to accept incoming and outgoing connections, since this is a server. Close unneeded ports for security reasons. I recommend Norton System works or Norton Internet Security. They both have an antivirus and a Firewall but both have some missing components that the other has. Configure your firewall as you please. And please, always update it so that you get the latest protection from hackers.

2. Monitor your eA Server for unusual activity.
- Second on the list. Monitoring the server will help you on figuring out if you are already being hacked. If you see something unusual and can't figure it out immediately, check it in game. Then try to figure out what's happening. If you still can't find it out immediately, shutdown the server for a while. Then turn it on again. If that happens again, recheck again. Repeat the process to find out who and what's hacking you.

3. Constantly monitor your SQL DB's of your server, if you are using SQL, or the files in the /save folder in your eA Server folder, if you are using TXT.
- This is an alternative for checking what/who is hacking you. Constantly check for unusual inputs in an account. This helps especially when the hacker tried to duplicate zennies or something like that.

4. Record the logs of your server, if you can.
- Recording the logs may help in resolving the problem. I know some Server Managers that saves all the logs of the server. IP's are recorded in the logs. So, if you see that an IP just done an unusual thing, check it. If this is confirmed and had made something really bad, ban the IP.

5. Update your OS as well.
- Updating is a good way to protect your system. The updates usually contains security fixes, which is helpful in protecting the system. The Windows XP OS is, i think, the most vulnerable OS when attacked. That's why Microsoft is always issuing Security Fixes as well. So updating the OS is helpful as well.

6. Use Linux as much as possible...
- Linux is gaining popularity nowadays. It's also stable for server use than Windows. Therefore, Linux is best for Servers, which includes eA. So if you are going to start a server, better learn how to use linux! tongue.gif

Credits: Lazarus, Kurt (Cleaned it up a bit)
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May 16, 2006
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project freya installation guide:
eA unofficial mirror: (great for downloading basically ANYTHING related to privy server stuff :D)
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Jun 12, 2005
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Updated GM Commands

GM Commands

@h/@help - display this help guide.
@h2/@help2 - displays the second help guide.

-----------------------------------------------------MESSAGE CMD-----------------------------------------------------
@main [on|off|message] - Turns on or off global chat (@main must be on to see global chat messages)
@noask - Auto rejects Deals/Invites
@gmotd - Broadcasts the Message of The Day file to all players.
@me <message> - Displays normal text as a message in this format: *name message* like /me in mIRC)
@fakename [Name] - Changes your name to your choice temporarly.
@npctalk [NPC Name],[Message] - Forces a NPC to display a message in normal chat.
/b/@broadcast <message> - Broadcasts a GM message with name of the GM (in yellow)
/nb <message>/@kami <message> - Broadcasts a GM message without name of the GM (in yellow)
@kamib <message> - Broadcasts a GM message without name of the GM (in blue)
/lb/@localbroadcast <message> - Broadcasts a GM message with name of the GM (in yellow) ONLY on your map
/nlb <message> - Broadcasts a GM message without name of the GM (in yellow) ONLY on your map

-------------------------------------------------INFORMATION CMD-------------------------------------------------
@commands - Displays a list of commands that you can use.
@rates - Displays the server's current rates.
@uptime - Displays how long the server has been online.
@showdelay - Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after this skill" message.
@exp - Displays current levels and % progress
@mobinfo/@monsterinfo/@mi [Mob ID|Part of monster name] - Shows Monster Info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff)
@iteminfo/@ii [Item ID|Part of item name] - Shows Item info (type, price, etc)
@whodrops [Item ID|Part of item name] - Shows who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rates)
@version - Displays SVN version of the server
@email <actual@email> <new@email> - to change your e-mail (characters protection)
@where [char name] - Tells you the location of a character
@time/@date/@server_date/@serverdate/@server_time/@servertime - Display the date/time of the server
@showexp - Displays/Hides Experience gained.
@showzeny - Displays/Hides Zeny gained.
@mobsearch [Mob ID|Monster Name] - Shows the location of a certain mob on the current map.
@who/@whois/@w [match_text] - Display a listing of who is online and their party/guild.
@who2 [match_text] - Display a listing of who is online and their job.
@who3 [match_text] - Display a listing of who is online and where.
@whomap/@whomap2/@whomap3 [map] - like @who/@who2/@who3 but only for specifical map.
@whogm [match_text] - Like @who+@who2+who3, but only for GM.
@charcartlist <char name> - Displays all items of a player's cart.
@guildspy <guild_name/id> - You will receive all messages of the guild channel (Chat logging must be enabled)
@partyspy <party_name/id> - You will receive all messages of the party channel (Chat logging must be enabled)
@mapinfo [<0-3> [map]] - Give information about a map (general info +: 0: no more, 1: players, 2: NPC, 3: shops/chat).

----------------------------------------------CHANGE GM STATE CMD----------------------------------------------
@die - Kills yourself

@go <number/city_name> - Warps you to a city.
-3: (Memo point 2) 1: morocc 5: izlude 9: yuno 13: niflheim
-2: (Memo point 1) 2: geffen 6: aldebaran 10: amatsu 14: louyang
-1: (Memo point 0) 3: payon 7: xmas (lutie) 11: gonryun 15: start point
0: prontera 4: alberta 8: comodo 12: umbala 16: prison/jail

/shift/@jumpto/@warpto/@goto <char name> - Warps you to selected character
@follow <char_name> - follow a player
@mountpeco - Give/remove you a peco (Class is required, but not skill)
@disguise <monster_name_or_monster_ID> - Change your appearence to other players to a mob.
@undisguise - Restore your normal appearance.
@model <hair ID: 0-17> <hair color: 0-8> <clothes color: 0-4> - Changes your characters appearence.
@size <1-3> Changes your size (1-Smallest 2-Biggest 3-Normal)
/hide/@hide - Makes you character invisible (GM invisibility). Type /hide or@hide again become visible.
@save - Sets respawn point to current spot
@load/@return - Warps you to your save point
/mm//mapmove/@warp/@rura/@mapmove <mapname> <x> <y> - Warps you to the selected position
@jump [x [y]]- Randomly warps you like a flywing.

@job/@jobchange <job ID> - Changes your job
0: Novice 18: Alchemist 4015: Paladin
1: Swordman 19: Bard 4016: Champion
2: Mage 20: Dancer 4017: Professor
3: Archer 23: Super Novice 4018: Stalker
4: Acolyte 4001: High Novice 4019: Creator
5: Merchant 4002: High Swordman 4020: Clown
6: Thief 4003: High Mage 4021: Gypsy
7: Knight 4004: High Archer 4046: Taekwon
8: Priest 4005: High Acolyte 4047: Star Gladiator
9: Wizard 4006: High Merchant 4049: Soul Linker
10: Blacksmith 4007: High Thief 24: Gunslinger
11: Hunter 4008: Lord Knight 25: Ninja
12: Assassin 4009: High Priest
14: Crusader 4010: High Wizard
15: Monk 4011: Whitesmith
16: Sage 4012: Sniper
17: Rogue 4013: Assassin Cross
4023: Baby 4024: Baby Swordman 4025: Baby Mage
4026: Baby Archer 4027: Baby Acolyte 4028: Baby Merchant
4029: Baby Thief 4030: Baby Knight 4031: Baby Priest
4032: Baby Wizard 4033: Baby Blacksmith 4034: Baby Hunter
4035: Baby Assassin 4037: Baby Crusader 4038: Baby Monk
4039: Baby Sage 4040: Baby Rogue 4041: Baby Alchemist
4042: Baby Bard 4043: Baby Dancer 4045: Super Baby

@option <param1> <param2> <param3> - Adds different visual effects on or around your character
<param1> <param2> <p3>(stackable) <param3> <param3>
1 Petrified (stackable) 01 Sight 32 Peco Peco riding 2048 Orc Head
2 Frozen 01 Poison 02 Hide 64 GM Perfect Hide 4096 Wedding Sprites
3 Stunned 02 Cursed 04 Cloak 128 Level 2 Cart 8192 Ruwach
4 Sleeping 04 Silenced 08 Level 1 Cart 256 Level 3 Cart
6 darkness 08 ??? 16 Falcon 512 Level 4 Cart
16 darkness 1024 Level 5 Cart

@heal [<HP> <SP>] - Heals the desired amount of HP and SP. No value specified will
do a full heal.
@dye/@ccolor <clothes color: 0-4> - Changes your characters appearence (only clothes color).
@hairstyle/@hstyle <hair ID: 0-17> - Changes your characters appearence (only hair style).
@haircolor/@hcolor <hair color: 0-8> - Changes your characters appearence (only hair color).
@speed <1-1000> - Changes you walking speed. 1 being the fastest and 1000 the slowest. Default 150.
@effect <effect_id> [flag] - Give an efect to your character.
@dropall - throws all your possession on the ground
@storeall - puts all your possessions in storage
@killable - make your character killable
@memo [memo_position] - set/change a memo location (no position: display memo points).
@spiritball <number: 1-1000> - Gives you "spirit spheres" like from the skill "Call Spirits"
(If the number you use is > 1000, your server may become instable or crash)
@questskill <#> - Gives you the specified quest skill
@lostskill <#> - Takes away the specified quest skill from you
@skillid <name> - look up a skill by name

@useskill <skillid> <skillv> <target> - use a skill on target
Novice Swordsman Thief Merchant
142 = Emergency Care 144 = Moving HP Recovery 149 = Throw Sand 153 = Cart Revolution
143 = Act dead 145 = Attack Weak Point 150 = Back Sliding 154 = Change Cart
Archer 146 = Auto Berserk 151 = Take Stone 155 = Crazy Uproar/Loud Voice
147 = Arrow Creation Acolyte 152 = Stone Throw Magician
148 = Charge Arrows 156 = Holy Light 157 = Energy Coat

@skilltree <
@marry <player1>,<player2> - marry two players
@divorce <player> - divorces the two players (you need just one name of them)
@alive - Revives yourself from death
@lvup/@blevel/@baselvlup <number of levels> - Raises your base level the desired number of levels. The max is 255 (User Defined).
@joblvup/@jlevel/@joblvlup <number of levels> -Raises your job level the desired number of levels. The max is 50 For Basic Classes. For Super Novice and Advanced Classes it is 70.
@allskill/@allskills/@skillall/@skillsall - Give you all skills.
@stpoint <number of points> - Gives you the desired number of stat points.
@skpoint <number of points> - Gives you the desired number of skill points.
@zeny <amount> - Gives you desired amount of Zeny.
@str,@agi,@vit,@int,@dex,@luk <amount> - Adds desired amount to any stat. For example "@str 10" raises your str by 10
@statall/@statsall/@allstats/@allstat [value] - Adds value in all stats (maximum if no value).
@addwarp <map name> <x coord> <y coord>

----------------------------------------------------MONSTERS CMD----------------------------------------------------
@killmonster2 - kill all monsters of your map (without drops)
/monster <monster_name> - Spawns 1 of the desired monster.
@spawn/@monster/@summon <monster_name_or_monster_ID> [<number to spawn> <desired_monster_name> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]]
@monster2 <desired_monster_name> <monster_name_or_monster_ID> [<number to spawn> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]
@spawn/@monster/@summon/@monster2 "desired monster name" <monster_name_or_monster_ID> [<number to spawn> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]
@spawn/@monster/@summon/@monster2 <monster_name_or_monster_ID> "desired monster name" [<number to spawn> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]
Spawns the desired monster with any desired name.
@monstersmall [Mob ID|Mob Name] - Spawns a smaller version of a monster.
@monsterbig [Mob ID|Mob Name] - Spawns a larger version of a monster.
@killmonster [map] - kill all monsters of the map (they drop)

--------------------------------------------------------MISC CMD--------------------------------------------------------
@autoloot [on|off|#] - Makes items go straight into your inventory.
@autotrade/@at - Allows you to vend while you are offline.
@changegm [Player Name] - Changes the leader of your guild (You must be guild leader)
@changeleader [Player Name] - Changes the leader of your party (You must be party leader)
@request [Message] - Sends a message to all connected GMs (via the gm whisper system)
@sound [Path way to file in Data or GRF file] - Plays a sound from the data or grf file located on the client.
@clone [Player Name] - Spawns a supportive clone of the given player.
@slaveclone [Player Name] - Spawns a supportive clone of the given player that follows the creator around.
@evilclone [Player Name] - Spawns an agressive clone of the given player.
@changesex - Changes your gender.

---------------------------------------------------------DUEL CMD---------------------------------------------------------
@duel - Starts a duel.
@invite - Invites a player to a duel.
@accept - Accepts an invitation to a duel.
@reject - Rejects an invitation to a duel.
@leave - Leaves a duel.

--------------------------------------------MAIL SYSTEM (SQL Only)--------------------------------------------
@checkmail - Check # of messages.
@listmail - List all messages.
@listnewmail - List only new mail.
@readmail - Read a message.
@sendmail - Send mail.
@deletemail - Deletes a message.
@sendprioritymail - Sends priority mail (cannot be deleted until read)

-------------------------------------------------------ITEMS CMD-------------------------------------------------------
@storage - Opens storage
@itemreset - Remove all your items.
@gstorage - Opens guild storage
@itemcheck - Check your items with authorised items.
@idsearch <part_of_item_name> - Search all items that name have part_of_item_name
@refine <equip position> <+/- amount>
@produce <equip name or equip ID> <element> <# of very's>
Element: 0=None 1=Ice 2=Earth 3=Fire 4=Wind
You can add up to 3 Star Crumbs and 1 element
@repairall - Repair all items of your inventory
/item <item_name> - Gives you 1 of the desired item.
@item <item name or ID> <quantity> - Gives you the desired item.
@item2 <item name or ID> <quantity> <identified_flag> <refine> <broken_flag> <Card1> <Card2> <Card3> <Card4> - Gives you the desired item.

-------------------------------------------------------PVP CMD-------------------------------------------------------
@pvpon - Turns pvp on on the current map
@pvpoff - Turns pvp off on the current map
@gvgon/@gpvpon - Turns gvg on on the current map
@gvgoff/@gpvpoff - Turns gvg off on the current map
@agitstart - Starts War of Emperium
@agitend - End War of Emperium

-----------------------------------------------------GROUPS CMD-----------------------------------------------------
@party <party_name> - Create a party.
@guild <guild_name> - Create a guild.
@guildlvup/@guildlvlup <# of levels> - Raise Guild by desired number of levels
@guildrecall <guild_name/id> - Warps all online characters of a guild to you.
@partyrecall <party_name/id> - Warps all online characters of a party to you.

---------------------------------------------------------PETS CMD ---------------------------------------------------------
@petrename - Re-enable pet rename
@pettalk [Message] - Makes your pet say a message.
@petfriendly <#> - Set pet friendly amount (0-1000) 1000 = Max
@pethungry <#> - Set pet hungry amount (0-100) 100 = Max
@hatch - Create a pet from your inventory eggs list.
@makeegg <pet_id> - Gives pet egg for monster number in pet DB

---------------------------------------------------REMOTE CHAR CMD---------------------------------------------------
@kick <char name> - Kicks specified character off the server
@charkillable <char name> - make another character killable
@unjail/@discharge <char name> - Discharges specified character/prisoner
@kill <char name> - Kills specified character.
@chardropall <char name> - throws all a chars possession on the ground
@charstoreall <char name> - puts all of anothers charactes possessions in storage
/recall/@recall <char name> - Warps target character to you.
@revive <char name> - Revives target character.
@charblock/@block <char name> - Blocks definitively a account
@charunblock/@unblock <char name> - Unblocks a account
@charban/@ban/@banish/@charbanish <time> <name> - Ban temporarily a account
time usage: adjustement (+/- value) and element (y/a, m, d/j, h, mn, s)
Example: @ban +1m-2mn1s-6y testplayer
@charunban/@unban/@unbanish/@charunbanish <name> - Unban a account
@jail <char name> - Sends specified character in jails
@trade <char name> - Open a trade window with a another player
@recallall - Warps every character online to you.
@doom - Kills all NON GM chars on the server.
@doommap - Kills all non GM characters on the map.
@raise - Resurrects all characters on the server.
@raisemap - Resurrects all characters on the map.

@night - Uses @option 00 16 00 on all characters. All characters are in darkness.
@day - Uses @option 00 00 00 on all characters.
@skillon - turn skills on for a map
@skilloff - turn skills on for a map
@rain - Makes all maps to have the rain weather effect.
@snow - Makes all maps to have the snow weather effect.
@clouds - Makes all maps to have the cloudy weather effect.
@clouds2 - Makes all maps to have another cloudy weather effect.
@fog - Makes all maps to have the fog weather effect.
@fireworks - Makes all maps to have the fireworks weather effect.
@sakura - Makes all maps to have the sakura weather effect.
@leaves - Makes all maps to have the leaves weather effect.

--- ADMIN CMD ---
@monsterignore - Makes monsters ignore you
@shownpc <NPC name> - Enable a NPC
@hidenpc <NPC name> - Disable a NPC
@loadnpc <path to script> - Load script
@unloadnpc <NPC name> - Unload script
@adjgmlvl <level> <char name> - Do a temporary adjustment of the GM level of a player
@adjcmdlvl <level> <command> - Do a temporary adjustment of the GM level of a command
@kickall - Kick all characters off the server
@mapexit - Kick all players and shut down map-server.
@reloaditemdb - Reload item database.
@reloadmobdb - Reload monster database.
@reloadskilldb - Reload skills definition database.
@reloadscript - Reload all scripts.
@reloadgmdb - Reload GM levels.
@gat - For debugging (you inspect around gat)
@packet - For debugging (packet variety)
@nuke <char name> -
@GM <password> - it becomes GM! (password is set in login_athena.conf)
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Jul 8, 2005
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[q&a] Hexing, literally

Here it is. Full credit goes to: KrietoR from ASB Forums (Fusion) where I borrowed this:

Extended Character Slot
Replace 85C07407C605

find again

Replace C05775508B75

Customize Korean Service Type
replace 0085C074227E1183

the find again

replace C074227E1183F80C
and finally

replace C05775508B75

Read msgStringtable
replace 85C0752133C9
then find again

replace C05775508B75
This is a tricky one beware and always rename it to a diferent name while hexing

find the line 000002a8, and on that line u will see something like this(i will mark the spots with (here) were u should start adding the hexing)

after u find the (here) add add this

then find again

replace 0000558BECD94508

find again

replace C05775508B75
and finaly search

replace 8B3DB075620083C9FF33C08D55E4F2AEF7D12BF98BC18BF78BFAC1E902F3A58BC883E103F3A48B
replace C05775508B75

then find again

replace 85C0753D68E4

Disable nProtect
replace C05775508B75

then find again

replace 7407E85B6BF1FFEB0EE8

reading Data Folder
replace C07407C60514

then find again

replace C05775508B75
and find the last

replace 84C00F84AB0000006A00

zoom out

Remove the new Login Packet
replace 66C745CC0402

Fat Font
In order to have a fat font, on RO patcher u must deactivate [customize "korean" Service Type]
after that using ragtxtpr"
to don't have gibberish language while playing.

Custom Aura
while using custom aura u must put the custom aura here --> datatexture then change the name

pikapika2.bmp -> auraring.bmp
ring_blue.tga -> aurafloat.tga

# you have to replace with the same amount of characters. if you have "sclientinfo.xml" and you want to replace it with "info.xml" you have to write like this: search: sclientinfo.xml
replace: info.xml·······
(both are 15 characters)

the · character would be a null char (it's not that one exactily, I used it so you could difference). a null character is a "00" in hex.

# .exe files have headers that address where code is located and where data is located, so if you change the size of the .exe it won't work (that's why the previous point)

# want your exe to read a custom .grf? easy:
search: data.grf / sdata.grf / adata.grf / bdata.grf (the one you want to replace)
replace: (the file name you wantfor your custom .grf)

# want your exe to read another .xml file name? no problem!
search: "data/sclientinfo.xml"
replace: (the file name you want for the .xml)

#. when opoening the exe and in hex mode (togle it with ctrl + H), use the search and you'll understand why I like it ^_-

tha's all for now, I know this stuff isn't THE hexing guide and maybe it's not what you were looking for, but it's still useful for people that don't have thw slightest idea about exe editing
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Sep 12, 2005
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Re:please Help Me Urgently? About My Server Prob.

can u help me about this, why when i run the runserver-sql the charserv-sql.bat has a [warning] it said that?Map-server 0 has NO maps..

and theres a [DEBUG] appear also. said that interserver storage memory intialize....<7212 bytes>

also my logserv-sql.bat has a [warning] it said, that Error syntaxof configuration file conf/subnet_athena.conf in line 6...

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Oct 10, 2006
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This problem has posted before, and have solved already. Try make some search and you will got it.
Second, dun bump a old thread.
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