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FFX-2 best ending

Feb 19, 2003
Reaction score
after the good ending a+b u get a bonus ending for the perfect enging, tidus and yuna stood in zankerkand ruins

Perfect Ending

* See this after the Good Ending after you see the credits

[ Tidus and Yuna are standing in the deserted Zanarkand Ruins ]

Tidus: I got a theory.
Tidus: I think the fayth gathered up my thoughts and put 'em
together to bring me back.
Tidus: Maybe. Something like that.

Tidus: Or maybe.. I'm still a dream.
Yuna: Wait! so you'll dissapear?
Tidus: Cherish me, Yuna. And I'll cherish you.
Tidus: All right? We gotta stay together. That's what we have to do.

[ Yuna runs up and holds Tidus from behind ]

Yuna: Is that what the Fayth told you?
Tidus: Nah. But I like it.

[ Yuna and Tidus laugh then Yuna pushes Tidus into the water ]

Tidus: That's not cherishing!
Yuna: You didn't disappear.

[ Yuna smiles ]
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