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Fixing your Private Server Start Errors!

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Feb 12, 2013
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Hello everybody! A small month ago, I started making a private server for myself (just to mess around with, no intention of making it public) I've encountered many issues while doing so and manged to solve every single one of them so far. In this topic I'll do my best to fix your problems (the most known ones) If you are desperate, or if you're a lazy leecher who doesn't know Google, this is your help.

Some 101's on this thread:
  1. Everything you do & everything you change is at your own risk, I'm not responsible for your screwups and failures
  2. I will NOT reply to fixing problems concerning your MS source, build or whatsoever, this is just to get your server up and running
  3. Most of these errors have been fixed in the past and I'll give credit to those who fixed it before me.
  4. If you have 0 experience in: Programming, Setting up a local network or editing java files, then you shouldn't even consider making a private server
  5. I have knowledge in Java, C#, SQL, XML, Python, ASP.NET & VB.NET, however I am not an expert and there are far more brighter people on this forum than myself, so there might be some problems I can't fix.

Table of contents:
  • Hamachi/wamp errors
  • Navicat/Database software problems
  • Netbeans/eclipse problems
  • Executable problems

Are you encountering problems while setting up your HAMACHI or your WAMP? Then the problem is most likely Skype. Since Skype is using the same ports as apache, it'll result in a conflict. A fix for this is very simple:
mrvdb - Fixing your Private Server Start Errors! - RaGEZONE Forums

Untick the top checkbox (here it's in Dutch, but it would say something like: use port 80 ...)

That will resolve the conflict between wamp & skype & apache.
Then just do:
mrvdb - Fixing your Private Server Start Errors! - RaGEZONE Forums

Test & instal service.
If you get a green W, you're good to go!

2.Database issues
Be sure to have you WAMP, HAMACHI or whatever you're using, up and running. No orange or red lights. Green is good! So if you're getting an error while establishing an database connection with navicat or whatever, it's probably because of that.

3. Netbeans:
Always compile, add test files & source files. Make sure your JDK is uptodate (currently 7 if I'm not mistaken)

4. Ok this is the part why I made this topic, up to here you should have almost no mentionable errors or you were unable to follow the great tutorials that are posted on this forum.

mrvdb - Fixing your Private Server Start Errors! - RaGEZONE Forums

This error is easily fixed. Leave the Maplestory.exe & all the other files in your folder.
Here is my folder for example:
mrvdb - Fixing your Private Server Start Errors! - RaGEZONE Forums

It will fix the problem. Should it not fix it: http://forum.ragezone.com/f566/fuckms-ps-problem-concerning-launcher-911397/#post7475382 This post made by @Super Sonic will fix the rest.

Help, when I launch LEN v116 it says: Blabla Blocked by firewall or server check.
Again this problem is solved easily if you google a bit, but whatever.
If you are using Hamachi, make sure to have your hamachi network adaptor ON (not off like a zillion people say, why would you put that off >.>)
like this:
mrvdb - Fixing your Private Server Start Errors! - RaGEZONE Forums

If the problem keeps persisting, add it as an exception to your firewall/antivirus. Or disable your firewall, but why would anybody do that :?:

Now, that's it for me so far, i'll reply to questions, BUT NO BUGS RELATED OR CODE RELATED THINGS!!!!
Many people released GREAT sources & tutorials, don't be a leecher your entire life, LEARN something by doing it yourself.
I have successfully started the following sources: MoopleDev, Lithiumv111, Fuckms 117, sourcedev. In every one of them I encountered problems, but they were all fixable.
Here are the tutorials I learned from. Credit given to these people as they are great in what they did:

SilentThief: http://forum.ragezone.com/f428/make-v116-sourcedev-private-server-893883/
but he missed in this part (it'll cause the error of couldn't find):

Install MapleStory using the download provided. Its a very straight foward installation, just follow the instructions.
After installing, DO NOT update/run the game using the client it comes with.
Delete the following files/folders from the C:/MapleStoryV116 folder if they exist.

  • MapleStory.exe
  • Patcher.exe
  • GameLauncher.exe
  • HShield (folder)

cobbbg1998: http://forum.ragezone.com/f428/make-maplestory-v111-lithium-based-865468/
This worked PERFECT for me the first time

Xerixe: http://forum.ragezone.com/f428/setting-server-client-website-version-691153/
Helped me understand some things

Hope I helped some people & gave credit to the right people (if not lemme know i'll edit)

Bon Anyways,
Goodday everybody


PS: post your problems :)
Initiate Mage
Oct 30, 2013
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i can create my server and im having trouble logging on but i get this error instead its like i connect to server but then i dc immediately without getting to the log in screen this is the error please help...