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FM Spawns v117?

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Mar 13, 2010
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Hello everyone,

Well I have a high rate server.
But I can't spawn mobs in FM rooms?
When I use !pmob 100100 1 for example. They're shown up in the database. but not on the map.
After !reloadcustomlife, server restart, !reloadmap . Everything. They won't show up.

Any explaination and known how to fix?
Its reallly important.

And already tried to put the mobs manual in the map:
<imgdir name="20">
      <string name="type" value="m" />
      <string name="id" value="100100" />
      <int name="x" value="561" />
      <int name="y" value="34" />
      <int name="mobTime" value="1" />
      <int name="f" value="0" />
      <int name="hide" value="0" />
      <int name="fh" value="50" />
      <int name="cy" value="34" />
      <int name="rx0" value="561" />
      <int name="rx1" value="561" />
But still it won't shoow up

Oh, in some maps they spawn in some mapas they don't.
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