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Forestia Online [KOR: 포레스티아 이야기]

Libre Software Dev
Sep 25, 2012
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So yeah, the entire Forestia Online section was deleted prior to the move to Xenforo.
You can use this link to view the section as it was before deletion.

Use that link to get the backstory of each release file, this post will be too long if I have to add them here.
TLDR: Basically I worked really hard to re-obtain the release files for that section a couple years ago.

Oh and before you ask, I haven't had time to setup and run the server myself yet. I'm a busy guy.
When I do find time to do it though, I'll release the VM backup of my Forestia server. Don't wait for it.
I do know these files work, because they were used to make a Korean private server.


Forestia Online 2004 Server + Tools (6.0MB):
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From what I've read the website doesn't really work well so just go ahead and rewrite it in PHP.

Forestia Online Beta Server (2.1MB):
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My Beta Server Text-encoding Fix (UTF8):
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Forestia Online Client 2003 (111.5MB):
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Forestia Open Beta Patches (6.5MB):
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A 1st-round Closed Beta Patch (359.2KB):
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Some tools written by me as part of my effort to make an open-source clone of Forestia Online:
Forestia Online BMP Tool: https://github.com/ForestiaOnline/FOBT
Forestia Online Sprite Tool: https://github.com/ForestiaOnline/FOST
Eventually more tools & a server/client clone will be found at: creamph.com (github.com/ForestiaOnline)

Attention KOREAN RZ Members,
Please contact everyone at the following sites and ask them to upload their CDs & other software to https://archive.org or upload them somewhere and send the links to me.

I'll send $50 via paypal to anyone who can send me a Creamph client (크림프 게임 파일을).

Happy Hacking,
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Libre Software Dev
Sep 25, 2012
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xlw00tlx That's subjective, best thing I can compare it to is Bug's Life or Ants.
Lots of screenshots in the first Naver Blog link.
Libre Software Dev
Sep 25, 2012
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What you need: forestia server and client, SQL SERVER (2005 or later. I run in 2019), frontend.sof editor
(The file is in this forum. Web folder is for account signup, but I don't know if it works.
Added: database restore file and frontend.sof editor attached)

1. Restore both backup files to SQL Server. (Backup files uploaded to this forum on the 2019 server do not work. Uploaded separately.
You can change the database name, but if possible, do not.)
2. Create two forebilling and forenew (changeable. When changing, you need to change the file in the server) in ODBC. ODBC account as 'Windows Integration'. Default database: same, Other : do not touch
3. Go to the game server folder (game_server)

Then, edit fabric_serverinfo.ini.

ADDR=(Your server ip)

FabreDSN=forenew(Change if you changed it in step 2.)
FabricUID=(SQL Server Account)
FabrePWD=(SQL Server Password)

Do not edit any other items.

Then, edit ServerList.ini.

Change or enter the IP of the server after 1= in
(Perhaps is written.)
Again, please do not edit other items.

4. Enter the gateway server (gw_server).

Then, edit fabric_serverinfo.ini.
(Pretty same as above)

Add :

;Charging record storage DB connection String (probably a foreign language...)
Log_Con_String=dsn=Forebilling (or changed above, this is different from the forenew database);uid=(SQL Server Account);pwd=(SQL Server Password)

;account DB connection String (probably alien language...)
User_Con_String=dsn=Forebilling(same as above);uid=(SQL Server Account);pwd=(SQL Server Password)

Edit this too.

Edit ServerList.ini as well.

Add :
;0=ARAIDC , 1=GASH , 2=GAME , 3=FORE , -1=EMPTY
If you write this down, an account will be created with client login without a separate signup site.
(It is usually written like this.)

5. fabreserv.exe in the game server folder and
Run GateServ.exe in the gateway server folder.
(If the above settings are correct, no error occurs.
If an error occurs, recheck the above)

First: Gateway
Second: game
(The order doesn't seem to matter, but just in case...
It is possible to run both at the same time)

Addition: Other than fabreserv.exe or GateServ.exe
Do not run any other programs.
An error occurred.

6. The server is ready.

7. Edit frontend.sof in the client folder.
(This should not be done. Use the separately attached file.)

Use denglu.exe (this program has been translated and edited separately)
How to use... Please use while looking at it. (Sorry)

8. Done

How to enter game : ForeMain.exe

Database : [look at post above]
denglu.exe : [look at post above]

P.S. google translate.

Plus tip : How to Window mode(?)

1. Download dxwnd
2. Run this in admin mode
3. Click Add
Name: Forestia (can be changed)
ForeMain.exe in Path (click the ... button next to it)
press OK
4. Click File - Save above
5. Double-click the created Forestia
(When in windowed mode, the area around the window becomes black,
This is normal. Click on the desktop and click the game again to return

Although frontend.sof has windowed mode in settings
This is a continuous crash.)

Plus :
The program with the M logo in the screenshot is gmtools\SofMon.exe in the server file, but I don't know what it is used for.
I just opened it because this program existed...

If you want to take a look, open this program and select the server IP after the lightning icon and 4101 after that and click the lightning icon
You mean this post? I happened to have saved it to a text file.
I'm a bit of a data hoarder. ;)