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Forsaken World

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May 23, 2009
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Hi community , I a making this thread because I need a little bit of help with some of the problems that I am having with Forsaken World.

First of all is that I am trying to setup a GM account , I have followed the guide and If I login in the client I am able to see that I am GM :eek:tt: , but if I press CTRL+J all I get is the shop :closedeyes: , tried poop+J and same :grr: . I have also tried game.exe console:1 but same result :grr:

My second problem is that I would like to edit the gshop.data categories , I have tried hexing but dont seems to be working because all I get is that my client crashes or that shows in Chinese :glare: . It is a concern or gshop.data or pck files? :ehh:

Thanks for any kind of help :thumbup:
Not open for further replies.