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Funniest Post You Seen?

Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 15, 2004
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This Ones Mine:

Day 4 Of Gay Brother

*As The Inmates Slept, A Lone Samurai Named Rannie Snook Into The Gay Brother House, The Next Task Gay Brother Sets The Clan Is To Defeat Rannie And Make Her Eat Turtle poop*

Nik-C: Zzzzzz
Capricorn: *Mumbles* But I Don't Wanna Ride The Pony

*Ex Is Sat In The Lotus Posistion In The Corner, Meditating*


*Neosparky Is The First To Awaken*

Neosparky: Tee Hee Hee *cough* Hee Hee
*Neo Quickly Runs Over To MasterD And Proceeds To Fart In His Face*


DonTonberry Awakens Next

DTB: Lo Neo
Neosparky: Hey Hun, What's Up?
DTB: Nelt Much
*Neosparky Looks Down*
Neosparky: Your Telling Me The Truth, Ickle Donneh!
DTB: Stop :'(
Neosparky: kk, For Now =P

The Rest Of The RZ Pissheads Awaken, Ex Does 14 Somersaults And 24 Backflips And Lands On the Settee. SIC Walks In Scratching His Nuts, Then Sniffing His Fingers.

SIC: Yo Don, Watch This!
*SIC Picks Up A Peanut And Throws It At Ex*
*Ex Turns Round And Catches It*
Exclamatio: You Little Bastard, Why I Outta...!
*Wait Whats This?!?! Exclamatio Refrains Himself!*
SIC: Phew, Was Scared That Bald Bastard Was Gonna Kick Me Again
*SIC Slumps To The Floor*

This Is Gay Brother, Ex We Are Sorry, Carry On With Your Business.....Sir

Neosparky: Hey Ex, Teach Me That!
*Exclamatio Judo Chops Neo, She Slumps To The Floor*


EvilKitten Goes Into The Pool To Cool Down When....

EvilKitten: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!111
*Everybody Runs Out, Except Exclamatio Who Backflips Out, On His Head*
*neo wakes up*
Everyone: Whats Up?!?!!?
EvilKitten: Some Weird Girl Just Touched My Boob!
*Cap Looks Ashamed*
Capricorn: That Was 3 Hours Ago Evil....
EvilKitten: Not You, Pillock, Some Girl Dressed In Black With A Fat Arse.
Tupac: Using My Extensive Knowledge Of Girls, I Find The Culprit Non Other To Be Than Rannie!
Everyone: How?!?!!?
Tupac: Because She's Hiding In The Corner!
Exclamatio: [thick japanese accent] Who are you to trespass on our lands!?
Rannie: [cute anime voice] im your next challange boys
Neo + Kitten: hey! we arn't all lads ya know
Rannie: [cute anime voice] your challenge is to defeat me in combat and make me eat turtle poop
Tupac: wtf this is some crazy poop
Sic: ahh my fuckin head.... *rubs head and walks to fridge to get a beer*
*breaking open the beer sic looks down in disgust*
Sic: man i gotta lay off this hippy crap, gay brother wont even give us real beer..

Exclamatio: [thick japanese accent] you have no chance against me rannie!
*Ex charges forwards brandishing a large gun that appeared from nowhere with flashy lights and a cool guitar solo in the background*
Rannie: HAH! *ran jumps back and turns into a giant mech lady wearing nothing but a tiny bikini*
Rannie: Take this weakling! *rann kicks ex right through the nearest wall and right past sic whos enjoying his beer*
Sic: WTF!?!? *looks outside* HOLY poop A BIG Ducking ROBOT!
*distracted by sics big mouth ranns magic laser eyes shoot him right in the chest*
Sic: u made me drop my beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111131341!!!!
*sic goes into his hoody front pocket and pulls a real beer from nowhere at all and proceds to down it all in 0.07 seconds*
Sic ..... i... wont let u... get away with this..... i wont let you *grits teeth* GET AWAY WITH THIS!! AAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!111111 *sic dives out of the window screaming like a maniac with a strange yellow aura and mad butt gold hair*


*meanwhile upstairs gohan is knocking one off in the bathroom*

Gohan: i sense a disturbance in the force! no... it cant be...... her.... !!! *close up on eyes*
*gohan quickly runs to mental who is busy making everyone look like retards with photoshop*
Mental: duck off
Gohan: we need your help
Mental: look i guessed youd say that and i said duck off before you asked.
Mental: so duck off
*gohan goes to cry in the corner*


*back in the guarden for no apparent reason everyone has got huge anime style eyes the girls have very revealing clothing on and the guys have huge rippling muscles especially Exclamatio who is still cold out in a pile of bricks and his own blood*

Rannie: All your base are belong to us!

steely walks out into the garden*
Steely: wtf
Rannie: LMAO a pink shirt! *lips and sound totaly seperate*
Steely: Im man enought wear pink *whilst crying like a witch*, now get out of my garden before i bum you to death!
*Rannie Flicks Steelys Nose Steely Does 15 sumersaults and lands on Ex in sexy way *

DTB: you crazy mofo! GO TUPAC I CHOOSE YOU!
*tupac suddenly jumps out of a small red ball right at rannie*
Rannie: WTF?
Tupac: PIKACHUUU!!!!!
Everyone: ......
*long pause*
*rannie flys into the air and lets tupac fly past and hit the full steel chrome plated shed*
Tupac: my beautiful face!!!!!!!! *cries*
DTB: uhh im all out, neo kitten its up to you now!
Neo: what about sic surely hes powered up by now!
Kitten: uhh look! *points*
Sic: RRRAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH AAAAARR AAAAARRRRR aaaaarrrr rarrrrrr AAAARRRRR ..... i think... im getting a hernia... urgh
*sic collapes on the floor in pain holding his stomach*
KIitten: uhh we'd best run for it, these slimline bikinis wont do much against Rannie MKII!!
Rannie: you will never make me eat turtle poop!!! NEVER!!!!!!
*rannie starts to fire random laser all around causing neo and kitten to faint in fear*

Sic: urrgghhhhh my hernia urrgghhh
Exclamatio: ........
Neo: ......
Kitten: ........
Tupac: I can't fight like this my face is all ruined!
DTB: duck this im hiding in the broom closet

*just then when all hope seems to be in the hands of a broken crew, a new hope shines upon the gay house*

*Hydra comes running out into the garden with Bazi's head wedged up his butt whilst holding Omen as a sword of death*
Hydra + Bazi + Omen: Power Rangers Power Up!!!
Rannie: That is the most gay thing i have ever seen...

*a huge explosion followed by another guitar solo somehow played by sic who is now randomly standing on the roof with a huge amp with a japanese woman singing the backing vocals*

Rannie: .???
Pink Ranger: Ok rannie your evil daying days are over! *gay pose with arms in air*
Blamange Ranger: thats right, were gonna take you down! *gayer pose with legs spread and "ok" sign*
Naked Ranger: Yeah were gonna go down on you!

*everyone looks at Omen even sic stops playing his sweet butt guitar solo*
Everyone: uhhh omen?

Naked ranger: duck off dont blow my cover now!
*long uneasy pause*
Everyone: ....ok... ome.... naked ranger do your stuff!

*sic begins a whole new a 7 times faster guitar solo the japanese woman cant keep up and explodes*
*the power rangers dive forwards in a Flying V only to be met by 3 increcibly loud shots*
Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 15, 2004
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Morphix: OMFG N00BS, i had perfect aim with meh awp....
Rannie: you camping witch!
Morphix: right ur having it kn0w ima knif0r j0, liek teh pr0
*morph dashes forwards like a pr0 only to be team flashed by mental coming to the rescue*
Morphix: ahh kant cee!!!
*totaly stressed out morph types kill in the console dropping to the floor lifeless till the next round*
Rannie: lmao u just got pwned by your own team!

*meanwhile Ex is beginning to wake up and mental is behind rannie accessing her mech unit!!!*

Mental: omg im pwning you!
Rannie: nooooooooo get off me you pervert!

*with her power source stolen rannie is forced to turn back to a regular sized woman with a huge over sized mallet that came from nowhere and obviously wearing only a red bikini*

Rannie: you may have beaten my mech but im about to DOS your head!
*rannie smashes mental over the head and he procedes to grow a large pink lump on his head and faint sideways with little swirls for eyes*

Rannie: I am invincible!!!

*meanwhile don is searching for the broom cupboard key, finally he just kicks the door down to find a crying gohan in his soiled underpants*

DTB: get outa her ya fucktard i wanna hide!

*gohan runs outside too see a rather saucy looking rannie and mistakes the sun for the moon (awww bless)*
Gohan: omg the moon! your about to get pwnd lady!
Rannie: moon?
Everyone: moon? wtf? oh yeah hes in a different timezone!

*gohan suddenly grows hair all over and grows into a huge oozaru monkey*
*suddenly the sky clouds over and lighting begins too fall everywhere including the roof where sic is friend like a kfc flame grilled super hot burger*

Steely: lmao here comes the forum monkey
Gohan: WTF!? ill have you know all my posts are good and constructive
*steely gets off ex and wakes him up with a slap round the face*
Steely: nah u are just teh spamm0r

*a long and heated 18 page long thread ensues with gohan finally giving up and going back to cry in the broom cupboard*

Gohan: Hold me don, hold me like uve never held someone before
DTB: ok gohan!

*don procedes to hold gohan with his feet*

Exclamatio: ok wtf is going on!?
Rannie: you again!
Exclamatio: heh you beat me once but now im stronger!

*a really bad voice over starts with lip sink going totally out of the window and both voices totally changing*

Rannie: I dont even need this overly sized mallet! *throws mallet away* show me your kung fu!
Rannie: ???
Rannie: my hiten mitsuragi ryuu style will make you wish youd never been born!!
*ex jumps up and flips off the wall landing on rannie with a crushing knee strike*
*rannie falls back to the floor kicking up sending ex right into tupacs face*
tupac: leave me alone!
*ex shakes off the strike and pulls out a huge samurai sword facing rannie without blinking for like 10 mins*
Rannie: hmmpf *pulls out equaly stunning samurai sword with kickass writing on*
Rannie: prepare to meet your maker EX!
Exclamatio: YAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
*both swords meet and rannie is sent 15ft back skiding through the dirt*
*seeing ex with a smug look on his face she dives forwards and strikes down hard, blocking strong ex is knocked to his knees*
*both swords are pushed againts each other, getting closer and closer ex and ranns face are now above their swords, staring into ranns eyes ex cant help but look down too take a peek at her skantily clad body*
*siezing the opportunity rann kicks ex right in the nads sening him crying to the floor, stood above him ready to strike she hesitates*

*he throws the rabbit crap right at rannies face but suddenly ex leaps to his feet*

*inevitably the rabbit poo pepepr ex all over his body, he walls to the floor*
Exclamatio: urgghhh..... i....i...
Sic: phone...an ambulance...my hernia....urrgghhh
Rannie: !!! no! you fool what have you done!
*she picks ex up in her arms, both swords lying beside each other in the grass*
Exclamatio: i.....i.....couldnt let it...
Rannie: quite, dont speak. save your strength
Exclamatio: but... i.....i
*ex nearly starts to cry anime style as the camera pans out and Rannie breaks into song soon followed by ex who is all of a sudden wearing a full texedo and singing perfect tennor*

Everyone: ok this is really fucked up lets go inside and get some beers!

*ex struggles to pick up his sword and he puts and ex scar and rannies cheek, he drops the sword and faints as rannie begins to cry at the loss of ex (some random person points out the samurai x/rurouni kenshin ripoff there but no1 cares hehe)*

-=later that day=-

DTB: hey Rann u never did eat the rabbit poop did you?
Rannie: uhhhh... ummm look i brought crates of real beer for eveyone!!!
*everyone forgets about the rabbit poo and how it was originally turtle poo*

--== ATTENTION: This Is Gay Brother orgy in the pool, right now! ==--
Cap: *gets erect and hides it with a pillow*
Dtb: *gets VASS*
Steely: Supa Mannnn
Tupac: *Mr T voice* I aint gettin on no plane!
Ex: Chamoan mother fucka!
Rannie: keenechiwa!
Power rangers: ITS MORPHIN TIME
Sic: did some1 say morphine? my hernia is killing me
Kitten: Me Ducking Ow
Neo: Shake it like a porariod picture
Gohan: *turns into somthin from DBZ*
Nik-C: I want a bigger part next time!
Mental: Lets H4X teh pentgon!!111
Andy: I am pissedddd 2 fax!