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Google Nexus 4

Experienced Elementalist
May 5, 2012
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Yes. I am currently using it. Got it around 2 weeks ago. Its an amazing phone. Great camera and battery life. Plays games very smooth. I recommend it.
Dec 1, 2007
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I've currently got the Nexus 4 and it is easily the best phone I've ever had.

Stock 4.2.2 is seriously awesome, and because it's stock Android you'll get updates and a strong developer community behind it, so even custom ROMs put the latest updates within a day or two.

I'm currently running AOSPA3.0+ and it is awesome, doesn't lag for me at all, plays any game I've put on it, battery lasts over a full day with heavy usage, which I couldn't do with the HD2.

The device is awesome to hold, the quality feels amazing & the back of it is just awesome to look at and run your hand over when using the phone.

Only thing annoying is the HDMI techonlogy, it uses some SlimPort type thing and the cable is $30 but doesn't ship to Australia, and if you want the other cable where you can charge it and have it hooked up to your TV at the same time then it's another $35, and with shipping from a third party provider it's about $100 just to watch movies on the TV :(

The device is very good for the price.
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Aug 6, 2009
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I own one as well. Had it since decemeber (I think) and it's great. Comes clean stock from factory.
You don't even have to root or install custom rom on it. But if you do you can get even more out of it.
If you get one try paradroid with pi. You get full screen for apps and just use pie for home/back/menu controls.
Very neat.