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Feb 28, 2007
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Hello. I am a freshman living in the US. California to be exact. Well, if you came down here, you would think it's mexico instead of the United States. I've been coding various things for about 3 years now, but despite the longevity of my programming "career", I'm still not exceptionally good in any one of those fields. I know I need to pick one field and stay with it, but it seems a problem for me. I know Java, C++, Allegro(C), HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS.

I play RuneScape, and I have been for 2 years now. I joined this forum so I can learn about RuneScape servers :). Uh, don't know what else. Yeah, I took C++ programming over the summer at my high school and finished with a 99.7%. That's about it. (?)