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Gshop - itens can´t be use

Newbie Spellweaver
Nov 6, 2009
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Hi, sorry for my bad english, i am brazilian.

ok, i have this problem

1 - i downloaded 3 files : elements(server).data, elements(client).data and gshop.data.

2 - i open, elements.server.data to look for the 20145 id ( ) Joyful edition pack.
this is there on 71 section, itens usables.

3 - i open elements.data(client) and do the same, iten 21045 in 71 section.

4 - i open gshop.data, and the iten 21045 not found.

5 - then, i edited gshop.data using gsame editor, add new item, iten id 21045,surface i copied from another id., saved gshop.data

6 - i uploado elements.server to my server , in gamed/config/elements.data

7 - i uploaded gshop.data with new iten in gamed/config/gshop.data

8 - i copied elements.data(client) and modified gshop to my client data.

9 started the server

10 started the game

11 then, i can see a new item on my gshop, pressing "o"
and i buiyed for 1 cubi.

thats perfect, but, the problem is now.
when i click on right button, he say "this iten can´t be used.

so where i wrong/missed?