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[GUIDE] Adding Additional Field Server + Hexing.

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Jun 7, 2008
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First go to your RanServer Folder and copy the FieldServer.exe then Rename it to what ever you want.
after that go to your CFG Folder which is inside your RanServer Folder and copy the Field0.cfg then
rename it to Field1.cfg now open the file using any text editor (Notepad will do) and change the
following :

server_name Field to Field1
server_service_port 5101 to 5102
server_field 0 to 1 // field number

when your done doing that open your Agent.cfg and look for something like this

// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// Field server list
// field_server [channel] [field num] [server_name] [ip] [port]
field_server 0 0 Field 5101

and add this bellow:

field_server 0 1 Field1 5102

just change the ip and channel to your own ip and channel....

now to be able to make that work go download Hex Workshop HERE
install and run the hex workshop..

when your done open the copied Fieldserver.exe with Hex Workshop
and you will see something like this :

Tenzou - [GUIDE] Adding Additional Field Server + Hexing. - RaGEZONE Forums

now in the same window Press CTRL+F and new window will pop up..
in the new window.. put the following..

Select Type: Text String
in the Value: field.cfg
(or the name of the field.cfg in ur cfg folder..)
coz some server files have diffrent name for their field.cfg file..

so make sure that you enter the correct name..then Press Ok
and something will show up like:

CFG file load error...field.cfg with highlight in it..

then change the field.cfg to field1.cfg or the name you put in server_name inside the copied field0.cfg file..

now after doing all those procedures run your server and look if theirs a error..
then tell me if my guide solve your problem or if you get some error..

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Oct 26, 2007
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Re: [GUIDE] Adding Additional Field Server

nice guide :busted_co
Dec 21, 2005
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Re: [GUIDE] Adding Additional Field Server

This kind of method isn't shared before...
Therefore, I'll edit the title and put additional info...
I'll put this one on important threads.
Please make this topic clean.
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