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[Guide]Understanding Some Glogic.rcc Files

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May 12, 2008
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Index :


  • default.charclass (main rules of the game)
  • class.classconst (char values like pow dex int and their effects)
  • crowsale (items sold at npc)
  • genitem (item drops)
  • a_sample.bin / w_sample.bin (RV values for items)
2. ETC

  • Period.set (weather settings)

3. Item editor

  • How to use
  • Related informations

4. Skill Editor



  • default.charclass:

This contains the main rules of the game, open your ran file editor and load the file default.charclass

here the terms and their meaning :

wSCHOOLNUM : number of schools at char creation, better don't higher it, but you can make it 1 or 2 if there are not enough players to fill the schools in your server

strSCHOOLNAME00 : the name of school number 00 (default : Sacred Gate)

nidSTARTMAP00 : no its not like most ppl think the map you start if you play SG its the map you go to when you use campus card when being school00

bPARTY_2OTHERSCHOOL : ability to party other schools : 0 = can't pt 1 = can party

bCLUB_2OTHERSCHOOL : ability to guild other schools

fDISPRICE : the % of value you get back from an item when selling to NPC (tax rate doesn't get affected by this value)

fCHAR_HEIGHT : The "height" of your char, basically only affects the height of your name and guild box

wMAX_LEVEL : max lv of the game, when you reach it even if you have 100% exp you will not lv up

wLVL_STATS_P : Stat points per lv up

wLVL_SKILL_P : Skillpoints per lv up

fDIE_DECEXP : exp penalty (in %) when you die

wDAMAGE_GRADE : how much atk each refining grade of a weapon adds (3 is default)

wDEFENSE_GRADE : how much def each refining grade of an armor adds (2 is default)

fDAMAGE_GRADE : how much atk (in %) each refining grade of a weapon adds

fDEFENSE_GRADE : how much def (in %) each refining grade of an armor adds

How does the game choose which value to use (% or fixed number) :

Simple :

+1 ~ +4 is ALWAYS the fixed value so +8 def and not +40% def
+5 ~ +9 is the highest value that is taken if +18 def at +9 is more than the +90% then it takes +18 def, if +90% is higher than +18 def then it takes the +90% def

wRESIST_FIRE_GRADE : how much fire def each grade of refining adds

wRESIST_ICE_GRADE : how much ice def each grade of refining adds

wRESIST_ELEC_GRADE : how much elec def each grade of refining adds

wRESIST_POISON_GRADE : how much poison def each grade of refining adds

wRESIST_SPIRIT_GRADE : how much fire air each grade of refining adds

Note : the game will not take any decimal numbers for the values of refining

wBODYRADIUS : affects area damage (its the body radius of your char more body radius = more chance to get hit by area damage) will not change the chars size

fHP_INC : base Hp recover of a char
fMP_INC : base Mp recover of a char
fSP_INC : base Sp recover of a char

fLOWSP_DAMAGE : damage you do (in %) when you got too low sp
fLOWSP_HIT_DROP : hit rate you have (in %) when you got too low sp
fLOWSP_AVOID_DROP : Avoid you have (in %) when you got too low sp
dwACCEPT_LOWERSTATS : how many stats less you can have to wear a weapon (standart 10 pow/dex/int less still can wear, change this value to change it)

fDAMAGE_DEC_RATE : how much damage is reduced by 1 def (at PK) default is 75000 better don't lower it, just make it higher if its possible to reach 600+ def in your server, because this causes an immortality bug when your def is high, to avoid that bug, higher the value to 100000 or higher

fCONFRONT_TIME : Duel max duration time
fCONFRONT_ELAP : time to wait till can reduel
dwCONFRONT_MAX : max duel numbers
fCONFRONT_RESET : time till can duel again after reaching max duel amount
fCONFRONT_ONE_DIST : size of arena in duel if its 1 vs 1
fCONFRONT_PY_DIST : size of arena in duel if its party vs party
fCONFRONT_CLB_DIST : size of arena in a club duel

nCONFRONT_WIN_LP : life pt award if win duel
nCONFRONT_LOSS_LP : life pt penalty if lose duel
nCONFRONT_CLB_WIN_LP : life point award if win club duel
nCONFRONT_CLB_WIN_LP : life point "award" (?) if lose club duel (put in a negative number to make it a penalty)

Note : the 2 lines got the same txt but its not the same thing! the first line is when you win the 2nd when you lose

fEXP_RATE_TABLE : how much exp you get (in % of the max mobs exp) by killing mobs depending on your lv (- lv = you're too high lv + lv = your too low lv)

fPARTYEXPRANGE : how far you can be from the mobs that got killed and still earn exp in a party

aPARTYEXP_ONE : how much exp you gain from mobs in a party (it gets divided by the number of pt members)

aPARTYKILLEXP_ONE : how much exp each party member gets (1 = 100% 0.5 = 50%)
PLEASE NEVER CHANGE THIS it would make it unfair if number 8 gets less exp than number 2 in party

dwCLUB_DISSOLUTION_DAY : how many days you got to wait to dismiss guild
dwCLUB_JOINBLOCK_DAY : How many days you got to wait till you can join new guild after leaving one

GLCLUBRANK_E { 30, 0, 1000000, 15 }
GLCLUBRANK_D { 45, 0, 2000000, 20 }
GLCLUBRANK_C { 60, 0, 3500000, 30 }
GLCLUBRANK_B { 80, 0, 5000000, 40 }
GLCLUBRANK_A { 100, 0, 7000000, 50 }

A = level of leader .
B = sorry I don't know about this one, maybe number of alliances (alliance system wasn't implented in ran yet) .
C = gold to pay for makeing guild / upgrading.
D = max member number.

fEXP_SCALE : exp rate

NOTE : no mob can give more than 65535 exp, if your exp rate is 500x and the mob drop 132 exp it gets 66000 - 65535 = 465 exp
so some mobs give 50% while others that are higher lv give 0.10%
thats what I call crappy, if you want more exp LOWER THE EXP NEEDED FOR LV UP instead of maxing an exp rate its USELESS

This might help you : [Tool]Exp_Table_V1.1

divide the number of exp needed per lv up by the number of your exp rate of the server, then it will be TRUE 500x exp and thats really fast

fITEM_DROP_SCALE : the chance that a mob drops any item at all
fITEM_DROP_LOWER_SCALE : the chance that a mob drops a rare item

Note : if the chance of droping rare items is too high then mobs will stop droping items like pots or not that rare items like rings

fMONEY_DROP_SCALE : money drop rate

nPK_TRY_BRIGHT_POINT : attr penalty for starting a hostile action
nPK_KILL_BRIGHT_POINT : attr penalty for killing somebody with a hostile action
nPK_TRY_LIVING_POINT : life pt penalty for starting a hostile action
nPK_KILL_LIVING_POINT : life pt penalty for killing somebody with a hostile action

fNONPK_ITEM_DROP : chance to drop an item (as player) when killed by mobs
fPK_ITEM_DROP : chance to drop an item (as player) when killed due to FPK

fPK_JUSTNESS_TIME : time to wait till hostile action ends (need stop hitting)

fPK_POINT_DEC_PHY : % of damage that you hit at pk (dex and pow only) (100% = same damage than at mobs)
fPK_POINT_DEC_DAMAGE : % of damage that you hit at pk (int only) (100% = same damage than at mobs

fMAX_COMMISSION : Max tax rate
fEARNING_RATE : % of money from the tax that goes into the locker from war room (1 = 100% 0.8 = 80%)

: max distance from the CD man to the PC while authenticate
fCDCERTIFY_TIME : authentication time

bSCHOOL_FREE_PK_ALWAYS : permanent pk time (0 = off 1 = on)
bSCHOOL_FREE_PK_Z_FORCED : Force PK free towards other school (0 = off 1 = on)
dwSCHOOL_FREE_PK_TIME_START : Pk time start hour
dwSCHOOL_FREE_PK_TIME_TERM : Pk time end hour

: % of chance to drop an item (as player) when killed due to free pk

bMONEY_DROP2FIELD : ability to drop money (as player) by pressing the gold sign at inventory

fGRADE_RATE : chance of refining to success
fGRADE_RESET_RATE : chance of revert
fGRADE_TERMINATE_RATE : chance of vanish (boom)

Thats all for the default.charclass if I forgot any important (mind the word important) option tell me, cos even I don't know EVERY single aspect of this file

  • class.classconst

Welcome to my guide how to edit the base values of the classes please be careful when editing these to avoid a disturbance of the balancing (in other words don't make any class superior)

Well get your ran file editor and open one of these :

class0.classconst (fighter values)

class1.classconst (swordman values)
class2.classconst (archer values)
class3.classconst (qigong values)

here is the explained list of the terms in there :

fWALKVELO : walk speed
fRUNVELO : run speed

fHP_STR : How much HP per Vit point you get
fMP_SPI : How much MP per Int you get
fSP_STA : How much SP per stm you get

fHIT_DEX : hit rate per dex
fAVOID_DEX : avoid per dex
fDEFENSE_DEX : def per dex

fPA_POW : melee (close fighting value [affects your ATK]) points per Pow
fPA_DEX : melee points per dex

fSA_POW : missle (range fighting value [affects your ATK]) points per pow
fSA_DEX : missle points per dex

fMA_DEX : energy points per dex
fMA_SPI : energy points per int
fMA_INT : energy points per "int" (its a stat point that you can't add, it was left out when they made the game)

fCONV_AP : sorry don't know what this is
fCONV_DP : sorry don't know what this is
fCONV_PA : atk per melee point
fCONV_SA : atk per missile point

wBEGIN_AP : AP you have when you make char (don't know what is AP)
wBEGIN_DP : DP you have when you make char (don't know what DP is)
wBEGIN_PA : melee value you have when make char
wBEGIN_SA : missile value you have when make char

fLVLUP_AP : AP gained per lv up
fLVLUP_DP : DP gained per lv up
fLVLUP_PA : melee gained per lv up
fLVLUP_SA : missile gained per lv up

sBEGIN_STATS : stats when make char
[5 34] [18 12] [0 7]
1)Pow 2)Vit 3)Int 4)Dex 5) left out from the game 6) Stm

sLVLUP_STATS : stats gained by lv up

thats all for this part

  • crowsale

In this guide I will teach you how to edit the items that are sold in an NPC shop

so here we go

take a crowsale file from your Glogic example : Inven_Helper_3.crowsale
that is the file from merchandise (the npc at school entrance and market)

szSaleType : tab name (name of the little label that says what kind of items are sold)
many files don't have a tab but when you open them you NEED (!) to make a tab name otherwise you get an error msg when trying to put the edited file in your game

there are 2 types of shop files, one like this is simple where the items are in the shop in the row where you put them (first in the list is first in the shop window) the other type asks you to put each items slot

lets start with the simple (like in Iven_Helper_3.crowsale)
cInventory [5, 0] [0] [0,0] [0,0,0,0,0]
5,0 is the ITEM ID that you can find in your itemstrtable or by opening the item editor

the [0] defines if you can buy per pieces or type in a number :
[0] : type a number
[1] (or higher) : buy 1 get 1


Now I know what those extra boxes mean :
cInventory [5, 0] [0] [0,0] [0,0,0,0,0]

the last 2 boxes [0,0] are for the refining state, [7,0] = +7 weapon [0,7] = +7 armor

and the [0,0,0,0,0] is for the resistances
fire ele ice poi air

hope this helps if you wanted to sell +7 +9 or even +20 at a shop ^^

now lets move to the other version of crowsale files :

inven1_0_3.crowsale (welfare merchant)

cInventory [1,3][84,12] [0] [0,0] [0,0,0,0,0]

[1,3] is the place where the item is in the sale window 0,0 is the left top corner
1,0 is one more to the right
0,1 is one more to the bottom
the 2nd box [84,12] is the item ID just like before
[0] is again like before, to buy per pieces or type a number

Never forget to put a tab name after editing

Note : To delete an item from the NPC selling just delete the line that makes the NPC sell it

Note : if you put more items than a sale window can take, the items that are too much will not appear

Note : The price of the items is set at the item editor, so if you want change it, get your item editor and look under "Price"

  • gen item

This guide will teach you how to change the items that are dropped by mobs

first of all you got to know that there are 2 kinds of genitems

lv xx.genitem
q_lv xx.genitem

lv xx.genitem is basicly the items

q_lv xx.genitem is the fate boxes droped by mobs

lets start with the fate boxes (its shorter)

go data/GlogicServer and extract from your GlogicServer the genitem files

in the q_lv xx.genitem you find lines like this :

QTITEM 9,1 0.8

the first number is the item ID (find it at itemstrtable or inside your item editor)
the other number is the chance of dropping these (in %)

note : this value is not affected by your servers drop rate

thats already all I have to say about q_lv xx.genitem

now the real thing : the normal genitems :

there are 3 kinds of lines :

GENRATE : chance of dropping ANY item at all (affected by your servers drop rate)


how many items will the mob drop? the first number is how many they are and the 2nd is how much % chance you got that it happens

example :


when the mob is supposed to drop an item it got 50% chance that he drops 4
30% to drop 6 and 20% to drop 8

Note : this value isn't affected by your servers drop rate


1st value : the gen num of your item(s) (you can change the gen num of items with your item editor)

2nd value : the chance of droping THAT item (its affected by your games lower drop rate)

Note : each genitem file can only make a mob drop up to 9 different gennums, means only 9 groups of item per genitem file otherwise it makes a server error and the mobs with that genitem file will drop NOTHING at all

some basic gen nums :

191 : Refines
196 : Resistance refines
95 : EP3 weapons Element +
94 : EP3 weapons Element
45 : EP3 weapons non element
184 : books lv 147
183 : books lv 127
466 : lv 193 set (+) or chg
465 : lv 190 set (+) or chg
464 : lv 185 set (+) or chg

Note : items with gen num 0 will not be droped by any mob

don't forget putting the genitems back into the Glogicserver to get them into the game

  • a_sample.bin / w_sample.bin (RV limits)

this is the interesting part of the guide that many ppl don't even know!!

I'm sure you noticed that some items got more max RV than others

lv 45 armor can only reach +10.00% RV

while lv 165 armor can get +20.00%

here is how you can change these values and even add own new values ^^ :

in your GlogicServer are a1_sample.bin a2_sample.bin a3_sample.bin a4_sample.bin and w1 2 3 4_sample.bin too
let me tell you :

a1_sample : RV for armor lv 44 - 120 (CHG)
a2_sample : RV for armor lv 44 - 120 (+)
a3_sample : RV for armor lv 165 - 195 (CHG)
a4_sample : RV for armor lv 165 - 195 (+)

w1_sample : RV for low lv weapons or non element weapons
w2_sample : RV for middle lv weapons
w3_sample : Rv for high lv weapons
w4_sample : Rv for top weapons

open these files with your ran file editor and you get some strange window that gives you no idea how to use

here is how it works :

1st of all

all that is with // can be ignored, it doesn't affect the file

so you are left alone with only max 4 lines

OPTION_1 100.0f, 2, 15, -10

1st value (100.0f) : chance of having this RV

2nd value (2), kind of RV
3rd value (15), max value of that RV
4rd value (-10), min value of that RV

so in this case 100% chance of having an ATK RV of max +15% and min -10%

list of kinds of RV :

1) Def RV
2) Atk RV
3) Hit rate
4) Avoid Rate (energy rate)
5) HP (only for A lv armor and few weapons that add HP)
6) MP (only for A lv armor)
7) SP (only for A lv armor)
8) HP recovery speed (careful don't make this too high, 1 = 1% of your max hp recoverd each second!)
9) MP recovery speed
10) Sp recovery speed
11) hp mp sp recovery speed
12) Atk practrice : refining grade of a weapon when pick up
13) Def practrice : refining grade of an armor when pick up
14) Range
15) Sp consumation
16) Reistances (some armor got 11 resistance instead of 10, this is the reason)

Note : max is option 4 is you make a 5th it will NOT work

to change the bin file that a weapon or armor use you need the item editor!!

if there are questions left, ask me, thats all I got to say about RV limits

2. ETC:

  • period.set (Weather regulation)

at GlogicServer is a file thats named period.set

open it with a normal txt editor (yea not with the ran file editor)

there you will find this

// 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12
m_dwRAINRATE 00,05,10,15,17,17,17,17,17,15,15,10,05
m_dwSNOWRATE 00,25,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,25
m_dwSPORERATE 00,00,05,15,35,15,00,00,00,00,00,00,00
m_dwLEAVESRATE 00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,15,30,20,00

the numbers of the first line (00 - 12)
is the number of the months

m_dwRAINRATE : chance of having rain
m_dwSNOWRATE : chance of snowing
m_dwSPORERATE : chance of having spores flying in the air
m_dwLEAVESRATE : chance of having falling leaves

at month 00 (does not exist) it doesn't affect if you put any value

Note : the weather DOES affect the game,
Rain makes ele weapon stronger and fire weaker
Snow makes ice stronger ele weaker
falling leaves make ice weaker

there might be more affects but I didn't notice them

thats all for the weather
comments, critics, and suggestions for new guides are welcome

3. Item Editor:

  • How to use the item editor
A) Getting started :

To get the item editor to work you need first
- comment.txt
- item.isf

here the comment.txt

but for the item.isf if you take the one from smarkies at the stickies, that one is crypted and cannot be edited

Anyway.... put the item editor inside your server folder and put the item.isf and comment.txt inside your Glogic folder

then double click your item editor to start

B) Editing item values :

if all went right you should see the list of all your items

lets go to 000/01 : the novice wood sword

rightclick it and go "item edit"

then you see a window with almost all system aspects of the item. lets explain each first ^^

ID : the number to identificate the item, don't worry you don't need to change it

Value Grade : I don't know why this is so important but rare items got valuable, and mvp items got solely, but it doesn't make the item look different o.o

Trade :
Sale : sellable at NPC?
Drop : dropable? If its not dropable its at same time not possible to put it at locker
Store : can sell at induvidual store?

The Purchase Price : thats the price of that item at NPC and also you get 30% of the price back if you sell it (see 1.1 default.charclass to see how to change the 30%)

Limitary : this triggers if the item should have a limitation date or not

Costume: this triggers if you can fuse the item with an armor piece (like a costume)

Event(item) : this is supposed to prevent you from having that item twice, if you try to have 2x the same event item it says you can only have 1 item of that kind

Gen type ID : the gen num (see 1.4 to know how to use this)

Base time / limit num : I think this got no effect in the game but I'm not sure...

Iventory size XY : this is supposed to tell the game how many slots an item takes in the iventory but I don't think ran supports this feature

Iventory icon : this is the icon used for the item combined with "shape of iventory"
0,0 = top left icon
1,0 = one more to the right
0,1 = one more to the bottom

Shape of field : how the item looks like when you drop it (example : a bag or a box)

Wear fight : what graphic is used when fighter wear it
wear fencing : what graphic is used when swordman wear it
wear archery : what graphic is used when archer wear it
wear spirit : what graphic is used when qigong wear it

Request attribute :

Light : need attr -20 or higher to wear / use
Dark : need attr -21 or lower to wear / use
Light + Dark : attr doesn't affect the item

Class : what class can wear / use this item?

School : what school can wear / use this item?

item type :
what type of item is it? Weapon (armor is also used as "weapon"), consumable (pots), random gift box, gift box polish dose (refine) or else

consumable : does the item vanish after use? (like pots)
if not its like budy trasmition card

Request lv : lv needed to use or wear the item
Pow : pow needed to use or wear the item
SPR : int needed to use or wear the item
STR : vit needed to use or wear the item
Dex : dex needed to use or wear the item
Int : Int is not the int you might think its a value that got left beside of the game do not use it

STA : stm needed to use or wear the item
Fight val : Melee value needed to use or wear the item
Shoot val : Missile needed to use or wear the item

A term of validity : how long does the item last (if you put a limit don't forget to activate limitary)

skin effect : effect on the weapon or item when wear (like ele effect of ele weapons)

Target effect : effect when use the item (only for fire works)
Partner effect : 2nd effect when use item (only for fireworks)
Random Opt : which RV file should the item use (see 1.5 to learn more about RV)

thats all .

now if you dare press "Next" to see more info of the item

we got again a full page of info to go through, ok lets start :

Wear position : where do you wear it? (only for item type : weapon)

by hands : both hands : make animation like when swordman got big sword (use both hands to wear)
Right hand : wear the weapon in the right hand
Left hand : wear the weapon in the left hand
large : slows the char down when wear
broom : needed for quest to clean dormitory

Attack attribute : shows the game what kind of weapon it is bow sword or blade or else

attackable distance : range of the weapon
damage low high : min and max damage of that weapon
required sp : sp consumed when atk
hit rate : hit rate of the weapon
defence : def added by the weapon
avoid rate : avoid rate added / deducted by the weapon

drugs consumption :
Type : if its a pot what does it heal? if its a card, is it back point start point or campus card if its another type of item does it have resu function?

Max pile : max item of that kind in 1 slot
volume : how much hp sp or mp does it heal (only for pots) or how many stat points does it reset (only for obli)
Ratio volume : is the value of volue in %? if yes, then click ratio volume

Trouble cure : negative effects healing like fire ele or else

Addition effect : can add up to 4 extra effects to the item
None : nothing
Hit Rate : + hit rate
avoid rate : + avoid
damage : + atk
defence : + def
physical strenght : + hp
Magic power : + mp
durability : + sp
stats energy : + pow
stats strenght : + vit
stats energy : + int (yea its twice the same name careful about this one)
stats agility : + dex
stats intelligence : thats the stat that got left out, don't use it
stats endurence : + stm
close atk : + melee
defend rate : + missile
energy rate : + energy

Question item (fate box / destiny box)
if its a question item (destiny box) then you can chose the effect here

resistance : the base resistance of that item (air fire ele poi ice def)

abraisive : if its a refine what does it add and is it for weapon (arms) or armor (costume)

above : can it refine till +9?

Rate of change effect : that is to set a hp mp or sp recover to the item
Rate of change : Hp mp sp recv in %
Volume of change : hp mp sp recover in hp/mp/sp per second

State Trouble effect (for weapons only) : element of the weapon :

-paralisys (ele)
time : how long does it last
movement : how much speed do you lose / gain with this effect
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it
delay rate : how much delay (cool down time) do the skills gain or lose when you are ele'd

- Faint :
time : how long does it last
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it

- Petromechanical (stone) :
time : how long does it last
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it
Movement : how much speed you lose / gain due to this effect

- Burn (fire) :
time : how long does it last
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it
atk : how much hp do you lose per second due to it

- Freeze :
time : how long does it last
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it
movemnt : how much speed do you lose due to it
atk : how much % more damage you get when freeze by this

- Chaos (make damage 1/2 when got chaos)

time : how long does it last
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it

- Poison
time : how long does it last
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it
atk : how much hp do you lose per second

- Curse
time : how long does it last
percent : how much is the chance to get affected by it
atk : how much hp do you lose per second

Skill : what skill do you learn with that item (65535 = none) (type in the ID)

Note : you do not need to make the item lv or pow req when you make a skillbook the game will automatically use the requirements from the skill itself

Present box : what items do you get when you open it (gift box)

random box : what can you get by opening it (will get only 1 )

you can edit any aspect of the item like this

  • Related info

this is a list of things you should know about items/itemeditor :

- the itemeditor is not able to make a 2x exp rosary
- the max gen item value is 600 (if i'm not mistaken o.o)
- don't overdo the edits : your max pow dex int vit hp is 65535 never go above that value or it starts back at 0
- the item editor is unable to set if an item can be refined or not : default not refinable
- if you want to make an item that can be refined, copy a weapon or armor
- yea even rings can be refined if you copy an armor and change it into a ring
- mind that Hp recover : 1 means 100% per second 0.01 = 1%
- if you don't want an item to drop make the gen num 0
- any item added with the gm char editor will be undropable

4. Skill Editor:

Since people wanted to know how to use the skill editor, here is the explanation :

like for the item editor you need the comment.txt and the skill.SSF to run it

after you started it, you can make a new skill by clicking the right mouse button and click Add

so lets get to the important part : explain each of the skills aspects :

ID : the ID number of the skill (don't change it)
Grade : the Rank of it (affects the place of the skill on the skill list when you press K in game)
Master lv : lv at which the skill is masterd (don't make higher than 9 otherwise you can't master the skill and I think it makes an error)

type : passive or active
- apply :
Melee : close fighting
missile : distance atk
magic : magical atk (using energy)

Target :
self : affects yourself
target : affects the target
from self till target : self explanatory
Specified location : click the ground (like for a buff) to activate
area (for area damage) : target self (the area damage is arround the target)
target area : the area damage is arround the area you clicked
continuous area target : don't know about this one
cone target : the skill hits all the mobs in a cone (or a circle) depending on how high the angle of the skill is

Part : (which people should it hit?)
Towards my side : hit whole party (like buffs)
Towards enemy : enemy only
towards everyone : everyone can be hit by it (like mp boost or BA)

Damage hold over time : how long do you want to wait after hit till it makes damage

Vital energy : def/air def to reduce damage
fire : fire res to reduce damage
ice : ice res to reduce damage
electrical : elec res to reduce damage
Poison : poi res to reduce damage

Possible distance of target : how far can the target be and still can start the skill

State trouble :
what effect does the skill cause (elemental effect) like stone ele or poi

Side effect : a list of effects
Hit percentage transformation : Hit rate change
Avoid change rate : avoid
atk change rate : atk
defend change rate : def
Hp change percentage : + hp recv (in %)
Mp change percentage : + mp recv (in %)
SP change percentage : + sp recv (in %)
HP MP SP change percentage : + HP MP SP recv (in %)
atk change percentage : + atk (in %)
def change percentage : + def (in %)
close atk rage : + melee
shooting rate : + missile
energy : + energy
hp increasing rate : + max hp (in%)
mp increasing rate : + max mp (in %)
sp increasing rate : + max sp (in %)

Special effect : a list that contains some other effects

Pull/Push (cancel)
Reflex damage : I don't know if ran supports this I don't know what it does
Revive : only for resu skill
Capture HP SP MP : like vampiric atk or vampiric arrow (drain targets hp)
Share HP MP SP : never tryed don't know what it does
Prevent abnormal condition : make you immune to certain elemental effects
Avoid abnormal condition : maybe the same as prevent I don't know why this is good
Penetration : breaks through defence
Shooting range : adds range
Moving speed : + move speed
Dash : I don't know
Transparent : I don't know
Check transparent : I don't know
Attack speed : + atk speed
Skill delay : + skill delay (of course also can - skill delay)

Left handed tool : leave EMPTY otherwise can never use the skill
Right handed tool : what kind of weapon needed to use the skill

then there is another list of effects a skill can have :

HP SP MP transformation : + HP MP or SP (like healing skill)
HP SP MP transformation frequence : + hp mp or sp recv rate (in%)
defence transformation rate : + def (in %)
detoxify : heal elemental effects (like ele fire etc)
magic power rate : + energy

the rest I already explained on "side effects"

Now how to generate the skill effect

Note (important) : Skills lv 7 - 147 are PROTECTED and even if you try to change their effect it will not do anything, the skill will have no effect at all if you change or it will not change the effect

so : if you want make a skill with a new effect => press "add" at the list, and start from 0 don't copy skills otherwise it will not work

Character sub ani : the animation the char does when it uses the skill (look up at other skills to see what animation to use)

Target P. : Target party (the effect that comes to each target mob)
Self P. : own person (the effect that comes at you when use)
To target : effect that flies till the mob(s) you hit (only for projectiles effects like arrows)

Self Body : these are different kind of effects that change your "skin" (like make it get like stone, or electrified, or blur like in BA)

Target body : same thing only for the mobs not for you

now how to regulate when the effects shall come :

Mobilizing : effect comes directly when the skill starts
Hitting : effect comes each time you hit
at the effects ending : effect comes after the projectile reached its target (only use if you used a projectile in your skill otherwise it will not work)
Goal's instalation : only for buffs, its the effect that is there till buff is over
NULL : effect will never appear

the 2nd page of the skill editor should be self explanatory
you just put in the values of delay (cool down time) range num (keep it 1) value (damage value note : need to be a NEGATIVE number to do damage) duration time (for buffs or elemental effects only) angle penetration degree (how deep it breaks through the def) and the target number

for each grade

then underneath you see a list of what the skill consumes arrow talisman hp sp mp or even EXP (it does work but its not good)

better don't make skills that eat exp for this reason : if you got max lv, you keep 0 exp, then you can't use that skill anymore!!

Party consumation condition : eats hp sp mp from the WHOLE party

Credits: Jolin88 (The one who made this guide)c
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

thanks for this sir abry, i have a copy of this guide but when i reformated my PC i forgot to make a backup of it, thanks god you repost it... thank you very much sir
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May 12, 2008
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

I know jolin doesn't want what i did (repost of this), but sorry because we had no other choice. This really helps lots of PPL who want to know more about their glogic.

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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

Thank you for this Perfect Guide.. >.<

ty ty ty
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

I have Problem...how to fix this error "FAILURE TO LOAD FILE"

ITEM Editor and MobNpc Editor


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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)


What the other gen num except this things:
191 : Refines
196 : Resistance refines
95 : Ep3 weapons element +
94 : Ep3 weapons element
45 : Ep3 weapons non element
184 : Books lv 147
183 : Books lv 127
466 : Lv 193 set (+) or chg
465 : Lv 190 set (+) or chg
464 : Lv 185 set (+) or chg

because i have some gen num that i dont know. like 141.
and if possible where can i find the gen num of a items?
coz i want to drop some scrolls or rare items from mobs for my players^^.

thanks for advance.
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

i got problem 2...=(
Abry - [Guide]Understanding Some Glogic.rcc Files - RaGEZONE Forums

Abry - [Guide]Understanding Some Glogic.rcc Files - RaGEZONE Forums
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

Maybe you don't have file re download it
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

many many tnx for this sir abry,

good luck to ragezoner
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

Now i understand where should i change my in-game setting or else...
Thnx Sir Abry n Jolion88 for giving us guide..:):
Excellent Guide~!!:thumbup: 9/10....hehe
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

Thx sir...nice guide..
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Re: [Guide]Glogic.rcc (Repost)

Thread has been added to sticky.

This is one of the Important guides here on Ran Online's Section .

Additional FAQ

Where can i edit Mob names?

Where can i edit Item Names?

Where can i edit Skill Names?

Where can i edit the Help

these files are all inside glogic.rcc, open it with REditor.exe
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