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Habbo Help - A few issues..

Junior Spellweaver
Feb 9, 2013
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I think I have managed in the past few days to go from total newb to over 2 gig of downloads and a working cms/sql/server.
I use a combination of ubercms, r36b sql with several additions, & one particular flavor of Butterfly Emulator. I even have it public for testing. However little things bug me, like the ability to show my habbo on the me page, why I cannot see any public rooms or main habbo rooms that are suppose to exist in the rooms menu, and why when I click goto your room (the top most button for users room) it never takes me anywhere. I can however make a room under the menu and goto it whenever I like. I'm proud to have worked out bugs for the shops menu and many other things that eluded me in the past few days all on my own.
So I don't feel like a total newb, but in comparison to some of you whom have had these projects under their wings and made modifications to make their projects their own, and not a copy of someone elses past dreams. I would just like to ask the community for help in making mine bug free with at least the few issues I mentioned here. Im not expecting to make a live habbo environment that is 100% bug free, just I think I need a bit of assistance with the simple things. I'm sure its user error.
Anyhow, My Skype is prodigyrick or post here if you have a solution.
Thank you for the being a community I have learned so much from!