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[HABBO] Hiring a partner to help with hotel

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Apr 11, 2023
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Hello people, I've recently come back to the Habbo retro scene. I have a emulator all up and running with a domain. I'm looking for someone to help me build the emulator and CMS. All bills will be covered by me.. I have a decent server with DDOS protection and a domain all setup and ready to go.

Running ArcturusEMU with ATOMCMS/HK, Running on a Linux server.. All setup correctly.
Currently needing to add public rooms, adding content to CMS, Texts, Sorting Cata, Graphics and loads more. Needing someone who at least knows there way around Emulators and other related stuff. The available position can be along side me as admin, I would like someone to apply who is fairly knowledgeable and also willing to learn. Please English speakers only.

I'm not looking for any immature kids just to get that out there.

The domain is for now

I am not looking to close this down after a month, its going to be a long term project so serious people only. Thanks for reading :)