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Habbo hotel files that can be used for functional OHF (Old Habbofootball 3v3)

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Feb 21, 2016
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Hi everyone. I'm looking for any client/emulator that can help me run a simple hotel that will be possible to play a game called "Old Habbo Football" on.
Back in the day, atleast on nordic hotels - something called Habbofotball was really popular (not the version with a real football, but where you had 3v3 players. One person would defend in the middle of the map and two others would play as forwards trying to break through the other teams defense)
In order to get this to work clicks have to be functional like it was back in the 2013-2017 era of habbo hotel.

If anyone knows anything about how to make this work as intended and are willing to help - im willing to pay for the help!
If you think you can help me you can add me on discord: 2p#2462 and we can have a chat.

Here are some videos for reference:

I will thank you dearly for any help or information you have that will make this possible, thanks!