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[HABBO] Prime Community's online reality in development, recruiting

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Mar 3, 2007
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We need all sorts of people that can help our hotel in any way. Currently since we're in development we don't have the website support so showcase or properly organize multiple departments for the amount of people we're welcoming to be part of the staff, which is endless depending on what people are willing to help with, which is how a true community should be.

We are currently in a BETA stage where we haven't advertised at all until we get everything sorted out. We are close to opening a STABLE version with 200+ custom furnitures on an R63 server platform. We have custom SWFs which has made our interface unique and stylish.

We need developers, promoters, socially connected people, visionaries, philosophers, anything. We plan on opening a radio, adding more custom music to the juke box selection, and for V2 ALPHA which we will start developing after 1.5 we will mainly need developing help. We will be porting over groups to our MYSQLi edited version of UberCMS also known as LightCMS/illuminaCMS PRO which was a continued development of UberCMS. It's quite fast and a great base to add new features onto. We also need SWF developers for new furniture, clothes and music as that's always needed and obviously promoters.

What will the community vibe be like?

With our social connectivity already, we are connected with a lot of original Habbo players from as far back as the V14 days. We've seen it all, and a lot of them have lost hope or interest in Habbo because of where it has gone with features and community. To interest them to come back, I need like minded people.

Our music will only be unique music with morally true and insightful lyrics that are positive and with which people can learn from and grow.

Our customs and furniture will be organized within the catalogue so that rares should be valued properly in our eyes. ( i.e. Original HC rares will be valued at a high value. Where as a custom dice master or HC Sofa will be less. )

What type of people is Prime Community looking for?

We are looking for mature individuals with experience. We don't have time to tell everyone what to do, so we're hoping to find people who know what they're doing and can prove themselves to be trustworthy as will we since that's only fair. If you know what you're doing and we establish an understanding that we have the same interests for the community, then what more has to be said? Just go out and do whatever you need to do. ( Safety & moderation will be provided with a handbook/guide lines at a later date )

Interested in helping the community?

Great! We will ask you for permission to see your previous RZ posts, threads, etc to confirm your activity and qualifications. We need true references and proof of any experience to consider it valid.

Add our Skype: PrimeSXCommunity

When you add us on Skype, send us your profile link for RageZone and any valid references or people who can vouch for you.

Corey (Champion)
Prime Community Founder
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