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Mar 3, 2007
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hi hi,

i was quite an addict at ragnarok online since the beginning of the beta test few year ago.
well 2 years ago i started helping a friend to run a private server and i came up with some new quest and things like that but was most intrested in playing.

not to say that life is long and somehow boring when standing in front of a compy, i stopped all of this out of a sudden then took a rest of 1 year, and now i'm back online but more intrested in how to create my own server and not only ragnarok one, i wanna take a look at other mmorpg.

so beat it, i will maybe come here time to time in order to share information cuz you guys looks to have quite a good understanding when it comes to this matter.
looking forward to have fun and not falling back in addict mode ( don't think this will be possible or my gf will stab me in the back while facing my compy :stab: )

have fun all because fun is one of the most important thing.
Not open for further replies.