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Feb 5, 2007
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Hi everyone!

Let me begin by saying that i'm not very good at introductions, and that my english may not be that good, as i'm from Brazil.

Anyway, as i said before, i'm from Brazil. For the past 10 years i've been playing various MMORPGs, mostly out of curiosity, but once in a while some would caught my attention. Actually i'm into L2 and giving WoW a try.

Also, for most of the games that i played for more than 6/7 months, i've became interessted in how the servers for those games worked. So, for those games, i've set up a private server at my own home, just to do a little messing up :p

Now, i'm trying to set up a L2 server. I've got some great experiences with L2J and L2DP, but i wasn't that satisfied with the results. So, when i came across a private server running Hero1711's server and datapack, i began to search for info, and ended up here.

Well, that's it. Wrote a lot just to say that i ended up here searching for info on Hero1711's work.