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Jul 11, 2007
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For all this time of me being here, I don't remember making an introduction, so I might got ahead and make one now.

Been lurking RZ since 2005-2006. Did not become a member till 2007 as I needed to download MonsterSetBase.txt for MU Online, and in order to download an attachment, I had to be a registered member.

Been here'n'there. Lurking in MU Online section, then found out about such game called FlyFF, moved onto FlyFF. Seen how pretty much FlyFF section evolved. Seen a lot of people get promoted/demoted. Seen a lot of drama, of course. ;)

Later on moved on with my life, did not have time to mod anymore, so I've resigned. And been a member since then. Contributed the most I could. Thats all.

Anyways, on a good note, trying to learn Terminal now, playing not enough dota and still deciding what I should do with my life..

Cheers for your time.
Feb 14, 2007
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So where have you actually been (Besides being banned due the drama)

Anyway it's good to have you back anyway hopefully are you now able to stick around a little bit longer without being banned for no reason anyway - I remember when your account mine got changed too from Spruitje to brousil sprouts and when i was banned my name got changed to Flameingskull and all that non-sense.