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helloz ppl =D

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Feb 8, 2007
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well, i'm not sure what i should write right here lolx!
anywayz, i'm an old visitor of this forum because i was trying to make
my own server but just for personal perposes coz my machine can't
handle heavy loads...i just wanted to learn what's behind Mu coz i'm
playing this game quite long and i was curious!

however, that back there were no guides for routers and even if i tried,
i couldn't make it work behind my rooter. So i'm back here coz i saw
guides for routers! i don't know if these guides are here for a long time
but i'm sure they weren't when i checked for last time (that's about a year
or more :p)

um...what else should I say? maybe my studies? I'm student of University
of Sunderland. University location is England but i'm studying from Greece
through State University of New York. I'm studying Computing and i'm abit
before Bachelor so I don't have specific specialties. I know about HTML,
Databases, C++ and a bit of networking (i have to admit that networking
is not one of my favorites :p maybe that's why i couldn't set up my own
server through rooter haha!)

That's all I guess! oh, I'm from Greece and I'm 20years old!

at the moment I'm trying to setup a server but I have a felling that it
will fail for once again! but who cares...It's just an experience!