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help a nb BR att vs2003

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Mar 7, 2023
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  • hello everyone, I'm a big fan of your work a few years ago(7) when I tried to create my first flyff server without understanding the minimum of programming I was successful in creating my first flyff server leaving it online on my own pc with an active website, source of covvvvie v15 clean. someday I found these files again and I want to learn more with it, I would like to know if I could update vs 2003 to 2008 because I use win 7 and I can't compile.

    if someone can help me showing me the way i will be very grateful

    thank you in advance and sorry for my english i am brazilian

    Before I forget, I don't want to change fonts for a newer one because I use win7 and I haven't found a clean one that works for me, as I said, and I want a clean font because I've read many of you saying that a clean font would be the best way to get one server