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[Help]CDN Server Error For WarZlauncher src by HunZ Server

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Apr 26, 2011
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Log for r3dlog is
000000.000| Input Devices enabled: Mouse, Keyboard
000000.116| VMEM As seen through DDRaw: 832
000000.116| VMEM As seen through WMI: 0
000000.174| We have 1081 MB texture memory
000000.175| r3dFont: Creating Verdana 10pt
000000.177| r3dFont: Finished creating Verdana 10pt
000000.177| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 12pt
000000.181| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 12pt
000000.182| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 10pt
000000.183| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 10pt
000000.183| r3dFont: Creating Tahoma 9pt
000000.183| r3dFont: Finished creating Tahoma 9pt
000000.783| Starting updater, v:1.1.2, cmd:
000000.784| Checking for new updater
000001.156| Checking for new updater - finished
000004.332| Checking for game update
000004.335| Checking for game update - finished
000004.336| Opening game data
000004.336| r3dFS: there is no volume file WZ_00.bin
000004.336| r3dFS: there is no volume file WZ_00.bin
000004.336| Opening game data - finished
000004.336| current build version=1, updater data version=1193083948
000004.336| Building update list
000004.336| OpenFromWeb
[B]000004.373| r3dFS: file list file http://***.***.***.***/wz/data/wz471D042C_00.bin is corrupt[/B]
000004.374|[B] FailUpdate: There was a problem downloading from CDN server
Check that you have a working internet connection and you are not behind a proxy or firewall.[/B]
000004.375| Exception! EResult=2
000004.401| CUpdater::Stop()

How to fix it ?
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