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[HELP] FUCKMS 117 Mihile

Junior Spellweaver
Feb 27, 2012
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There are alot of posts about this problem, but there isn't really a solution so here it is again!

Mihile skills cannot be maxed, i'm using FuckMS, and ya.. all 'solutions' in other posts are right in my source, as far as i can see.

So, please anyone who fixed this, post your fix down here? Or tell me what i need to do.. Yes i can code.. and i think i can make a solution for this if i know where to look --'

Thanks in advance,

Mugaru :sleep:
Elite Diviner
Jul 1, 2010
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If you have to ask how to fix it and then say " i can code" aren't you just lying to yourself?

Last time I checked, it works fine unless this was the old revision

I think he means like he can do basic basic coding, but he can't track down a problem, or similar. Like maybe he can understand some Java or replicate code easily. I used to consider this "coding" too :3
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