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WZ [Help] how to implement new version items

Initiate Mage
Jun 1, 2008
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I've been trying to figure out how to spawn or create the new items I've added to my server. I've gotten the items from v127->v116 but idk if its a java thing or an wz edit thing that wont get the items to load up with the server when i start. I've read the bat before i added the items and it says 26300 items loaded or something along those lines, and than after i added it still says that same amount. Is there a process i've skipped such as dumping the new items into the sql database or is it just the editing? Any help would be very much appreciated! :) Yes, the xml's in the server matches the client wz,and hair styles work fine just not the items.
Jan 11, 2013
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I need help on this also v127-v111 the items do not appear, if you manage to figure it out please help!
Skilled Illusionist
Dec 7, 2012
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Did you Import the v127 items into your v111 wz file?
As in when you using harepacker, on the v127 you press Dump, Storage/Distribution Purposes -> I want to create Multiple XMLS

than when your placing it in the v111 you press Import in the right category its suppose to be in and after importing it dumping it into the wz directory? and than saving the wz file after your done?