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Mangos [Help / Ideas]

Initiate Mage
Dec 11, 2007
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I have been going threw various db editors such as...

Items and resources:

Quests and Creatures:

Where I am going with this is... None of these seem to work to great with 2.4.2...Could I doing something wrong or are these just out of date for a newer db. Also I think we need a section just for db editors and what version of the db they work for, also if you are making a repack it would be nice to test some of these and see if you can pack them with it (Tested).

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated! (as long as you know what your talking about).
Junior Spellweaver
Aug 15, 2007
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A new section just for editors? Silly, there aren't enough editors for that. Quice works just fine with 2.4.2, make sure your using the latest version.

Also, the release section might be what you were thinking of (has all programs, compiles, binaries, etc for mangos)

Make sure you have all your latest SQL patches applied , you get them with your compile. The current revision is 6378 (2.4.3)